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Kanbay Placement Paper


Here is some few questions . I hope it will help u a lot.Almost 440 students appeared in written test , 52 got selected for GD,35 were called for PI , no of selected candidates is yet to be known . They have 5 sets ( KAN 0401 , ,,,,,,,,, KAN 0405).The difficulty level of all the papers are more or less same.I am giving you some questions from KAN 0405.
Refer to : Bayron's GRE
R.S. Agarwal

1) In a triangle ABC AB=10 , AC = 12 & BC = 9.the angle bisector of angle A intersects BC at D . if we construct two square taking BDEF and CDGH then what will be the ration of their areas. (ans : 1.44 )

2) If x is 90% of y how many % is y of x? (ans 111.11 )

3) The probability of living of Amit in 2050 is (1/7) while that of his wife is (1/6) . What will be the probability that their child will have at least one parent living in 2050. ( ans 2/7 )

4) The denominator of a fraction is greater than its numerator by 2.If unity is subtracted from numerator and unity is added to the denominator then the ratio becomes half . Find the fraction? (ans 5/7 )

5) In a race of 120 mt. A can beat B by 24 mt and C by 20 mt and in a 100 mt race C can beat B by 1 sec . What is the time taken by A to complete the 120 mt race ? (ans 24 sec )

6) A started counting from 1 and pronounce every alternative number while B start back-counting ( in decreasing order) from 32 . What number will they pronounce at the same time ? ( ans : no such number ) www.coolinterview.com
( This is a sitter , most people mark it as none of these as some numbers
are also given in the options )

7) One right angle triangle(with sides 6-8-10) and a circle was given.We are asked to calculate the area of the circle .
(ans : 6.25pi )

8) The sum of three times of a number with twice the second number is 33 and , sum of three times of the number with five times of the number is 51 . What are the numbers ? (ans 7,4 )

9) Which number is greater 1000^1001 or 1001^999 . ( ans 1001^999)

10) One problem on complex number ( not in my paper )

11) If 15 apples and 7 mangoes cost same as 12 apples and 12 mangoes then What is relation between the price of a mango & an apple
(ans : apple cost more than mango)


1) If ABCDEF..XYZ are written in reverse order then which leter will be at the right side of O.

2) In the arrangement ABCD..XYZ what is the 9th letter from the right of the leter wich is the 9th from your right.(ans J)

3) How many minimum no. of colors are required to paint a cube so that no two adjacent sides have the same color.(ans 3)

4) Analogy : Soft : sponge ( ans : Sharp : Knife)
Fury : Ire ( ans : Laugh : Joke)
Dam : river ( Signal : traffic)

5) A word is given . we were asked which word can't be formed using the
Alphabets of the given letter . very easy , just requires some visual observation

6) Another problem of same type. www.vyoms.com

7) B is poorer than A.C is richer than A but poorer than D.E is the richest.Who is I in the central position if they are arranged in richest to poorestorder.(ans C)

8) C is between B and D.B's left position is occuipied by A.E is at one extreme.
If distance between C & B is same as that of C & D.Then which is the true statement.(ans AB < BE )

9) Some inferential questions are there.
The different options are :
a) Definitely true
b) Definitely false
c) Probably true / probably false
d) Inference is irrelevant
e) None of this
Stmt : All wives are women.
Inference : All women are wives.
(ans : c )
Stmt : Either he is happy or he is sad.
He is happy.
Inference : He was sad yesterday.
(ans d)

10) Statement : Most of the pens in this shop are costly.
What is the right conslusion you can draw from it. (options were given)
(ans : The store has some cheap pens)
11)Another arrangement of 6 or 5 houses in a row----couldn't remember.
What is the neigfbour of F?
(ans. only B)

12)Some series is given , asked to find the last two numbers?


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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