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OnMobile Placement Paper 02 AUG 2004


Onmobile Paper

1. if the date is written as MMDDYYYY, and then 10022001, ie)oct 2 2001 is a palindrome. which is the immediate palindrome before that date.

2. there r 2 trains travelling at 100 MPH each. there is a 200Mile tunnel. the trains travel in opposite directions. when the trains enter, a supersonic bee starts at the tunnel, touches the other train, comes back touches the first train, turns again and touches the other train and so on until the trains collide. Find the distance travelled by the bee.

3. It is 12.00 o clock. Find how often the minute hand meets the hour hand. 

4. Find the maximum product using positive integers the sum of which is 100. Dont know if i am sure with this one. sorry. i didnt do this. 

5. in a train Art is found dead. hours later 4 people are queried, 

Blonde says i am innocent, i didnt speak with Art 
White says i am innocent, Blonde spoke with Art 
Old says i am innocent, the brunette killed Art 
Brunette says i am innocent, one of the men killed Art 

The inspector says simple, 4 true statements, 4 false statements. 
I know the killer, very simple!!! 
Find out the killer. (only one is involved.) 

6. 2 maths geniuses meet after 20 yrs. 
one says i am married. and have 3 daughters. the product of their ages is 72. the sum is the same as the house no. 
other says, but I cant find it out. 
The other says. . simple. ok, my eldest daughter has just started the piano classes. 
Find their ages. 
This one is there in previous question papers also. 

7. 5 sea pirates have 100 gold coins and want to share it. They propose a plan. 
The senior most one has to propose an idea, if at least 50 % agree, the coins r shared accordingly. else the senior is killed and the next senior most is asked to present a plan and so on . 

note, all the guys r very clever and very greedy and dont want to lose the coins, and dont want to die. Form a way to share the money.

I didnt do this....no time 


1. the answer is 08 31 1380. 
i worked it out like this.. before 2001, 2000 cannot be taken as MMDD becomes 0002. 
also anything after 14 century cant be considered as 1401 would mean 1041, there r only a max of 31 days a month. so the century nos must be only 13(reverse for 31)so the yr is 13xx. now 1399to 1391 is not possible as reverse means 99 to 19 but max no of months is 12. so 1390 becomes 09311390... but 9th month has only 30 days(lucky i remembered it).. so 1380 is the most recent palindrome ... which beocomes 08311380.

SOln is 08 31 1380. 

2. this one i really screwed up royally. it took me 25 minutes to solve.. i took the average speeds, the distance travelled by the trains and the bee, took ratio of speeds and distance, subtracting it from the tunnels length for every time the bee touched the trains. phew lot of calculation.. and got the ans as 1000.

But when i rechecked it a thought struck me... so silly of me. The trains collide at the middle. ie)after 100 miles. that means after 1 hour. so the bee travels for 1 hour touching each train till they collide. its speed being 1000 mph, it travelled a 1000 miles.. only a simple logic of few seconds... but i was looking for a complex answer and wasted a lot of precious time. my advice is not all puzzles r hard, there r some easy ones too. if we go with the mindset that all r hard, v overlook the easy path. dont do this mistake like me.

3. at 12.00 the minute and hour hand are together. but at 1.00 they are 5 mins apart. so in 60 minutes the gain is 55 mins for the min hand. to be together it has to gain another 5 more mins. so the time taken to gain 5 mins is 

So the time taken to meet again is 65.454 
So the hands meet every 65.454 minutes 

4. sorry no time to see this and dont remember it correctly. 

5. the blonde killed 

6. i wrote 6 4 and 3 

7. no idea pllls let me know. 

the answers r what i think and may be wrong. soo pls do let me know in case i am wrong. 

Some Previous Questions 
Note: The questions may not be complete. They are just to give you an idea of how the test will be.

A, B, C are three persons. among these 3 persons only one is having a key to open a treasure. Each person always either speaks truth or lies. The three persons made the following statements.

A: I have the key

B: I dont have the key

C: B dont have the key.

Among the three, atleast one always speak truth. Find out who got the key?

(4 Marks)


A train is travelling from A to B. During its travel it met with an accident after travelling for half an hour. After the accident it travels with 3/5th of its original speed and arrives the destination two hours late. If accident occurs 50 km farther it will arrive the destination by 40 mins late. Then find the distance between A and B?

(6 Marks)


A starts from x to y at noon. his friend B, starts from y to x at 2 pm and met him at 4:05 pm and then both of them reached their destinations at the same time. Find arrival time.

(8 Marks)


There are innumerable packets of neggets each of which contain either 3 or 6 or 9 nuggets. You cannot break a packet ( i.e., u can not have 1 or 2 nuggets, they are available only in packets of 3, 6 and 9). 

Problem is to find a number N starting from which it is possible to get any number of nuggets without breaking any of the packets.

(12 Marks)

Ans : There is no such number exists. It's not possible to find out. So, answer should be "Infinite".


An item x is available in 6,9,20 peices of packets. A customer purchased least N peices such that N+1, N+2, N+3.......peices also can be purchased. Find N.

(12 Marks)

Ans : 44 

(This answer is absolutely right. Find out a method how to solve it. If you have a method which works for all such kinds of problems, mail to me at : nchetana123@yahoo.com)


Three ants are present on the 3 vertices of triangle.They need to change their positions. what is probability of getting their positions changed with the condition that no two ants collide each other while exchanging their positions. 


You need to chose "n" numbers such that their sum is 100 and they give the maximum product when multiplied.


A business guy got 4 weigths and he can weight up to 40 kgs. What are denominations ?

Ans : 1,3,9,27


In a game where three dice are thrown, a player guesses a number. If the guessed number appears on only one die, he gets double amount. If the guessed number appears on two dies, he gets thrice the amount. If the guessed number appears on three dies, he quadraples his money. Find the probability to win triple or quadraple amount of the bet.

(8 Marks)


Tom, Dolly and Mouly are living in a street having door numbers 1-99. But they dont know each others house numbers.

Mouly asked Tom, "is your dno a perfect square?". He replied.

Again she asked, "is it greater than 50?". He replied. 

With this information she went to Tom house, but she could not find out his address. Then she realizes that the second answer is only the correct one.

Then dolly, who is unaware of the above conversation, asked Tom, "Is ur dno a perfect cube?". He replied. 

Again she asked, "is it greater than 25?". He replied. 

With this information she went to Tom house, but she could not find out his address. Then she realizes that the second answer is only the correct one.

If sum of door numbers of the three is equal to a perfect square multiplied with 2. Tom's door number is less than that of Dolly. 

Also Tom's door number is less than that of Mouly. Then find out the door numbers of all the three people.

(12 Marks)


Question Paper of the Written Test held on : 2 nd March 2004 at Bangalore 
Note: The questions may not be complete. They are just to give you an idea of how the test will be.

How to weigh 1 to 40kg (whole numbers) with only 4 different weighing stones on a simple balance. 

What are denominations ?

Ans : 1,3,9,27


A train travels from A to B .on the way from A to B,after traveling for 1 hr the train has an accident and the rest of the journey it travels with 3/5 of its original speed and reaches 2 hrs late. If the accident has occurred 50 km further it would have reached 40 minutes earlier. What is the distance between A and B ?


A murder occurred in atrain.The murdered is Mr X. The people investigated gave the following statements. 

Old Man : Iím innocent . I saw Blonde woman talking to Mr X 

Blonde Woman : Iím innocent . I didnít talk with Mr X.

Young Man : Iím innocent . The brunette woman killed Mr X.

Brunette Woman : Iím innocent . One of the men is the murderer.

There are 4 true and four false statements . 

Who is the murderer?


Ajay and Vijay divided some apples between themselves. 

Vijay says : You have more apples than me . 

Then Ajay gives Vijay one apple each for Vijay's age. 

Then Vijay says : You have 2 times the apples that I have. 

And Ajay replies that : it is fair since my age is twice your age. 

When Ajay leaves, Vijay takes as many apples equal to Ajay's age. 

Who has more number of apples ?


3 dice each with a number from 1 to 6 are rolled one after another. A person can bet mony on any one of the numbers If the number turns out on only die then he receives his amount along with the same amount as he invested. If the number turns out on any 2 dice then he gets his money back along with twice the money he had bet. If the number turns out on all 3 dice then he gets his money back along with trice the same money.

What is the probability of tripling and quadrupling his money ?


X puts some black and white balls in a bag. Y picks a ball from the bag and finds it to be black. He picks out another ball and finds it also to be black. He asks what would be probability of a third black ball for which X replies that it is 9/10 of the probability of the original trail. Y knows that there are atleast 7 balls in the bag originally.

How many balls of each color are there originally ?

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