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OnMobile Placement Paper


OnMobile Asia Sample Test  Paper.
  1. A cube is white in color..but it is painted black on all sides..if this cube is divided into 125 smaller cubes..how many cubes will have minimium 2 sides painted black?

  2.  find the odd word out..radar,redivider,...motor...
    ans: motor cuz when reversed ..it is rotom...

  3.  in a race omani, pakistani & nepali r discussing medal prospects...following waz their discussion...
    1) if nepali wins bronze, then i'm sure 2 get silver...
    2) if omani wins gold then i may get silver...
    3) the gold will be won by pakistani or me...
    all the statements were right..find who won gold, silver & bronze...???

  4. There r 4 paintings...
    1) painting 1 is not a oil painting...
    2) painting 2 has the guy gliding or on motorcycle...
    3) painting which is on tampera & tht on acrylic r on different rows..

  5.  professor Z waz killed by 1 of his students...A,B,C,D...following were statements given by each 1 of them....
    A: if B is guilty then C is innocent...
    B : if C is guilty then A is innocent...
    C: if B is guilty then D has nothing 2 do with the crime....

  6. Mohan And Alock Live in a street. Alock's House no is reverse of Mohan's house no. The Sum of there house
    nos is a perfect square. Difference of their house nos is a perfact cube. Mohan's house no is less than
    Alock's. Tell Aloke's House No.

  7. There r some balls of five different colors in a box. 10 of each color. How many balls u have to take out to ensure that there r atleast 3 balls of the color.

  8. white and black Birds r sitting in a telephone wire.At least one from white and one from black.Color must repeat after every 4 and 7 birds.. What is the max no of arrangement

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