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Home » Placement Papers » Oracle Placement Papers » Oracle Placement Paper -2004

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Oracle Placement Paper -2004


Interview Question at ORACLE for JAVA platform holding 3 yrs of Exp

hi all,
This is my second mail to the group. I mailed to the group before going to the Oracle's interview ( 3 + yrs exp) & promised to the group that i will mail after completing my interview. unfortunately , i didn't get through the oracle as i was out of the run at the second round of technical interview.

Questions that remembered are,
Difference between Vector and ArrayList?
What is controller in your project?
How will u authentication a user?
Some servlet calls JSP and in JSP will initialize a servlet this way
Servlet1 s=new Servlet1();
and this in turn calls a jsp and this JSP calls another Servlet what will be the output?
Any 2 errors and exceptions?
Difference between SAX and DOM?
Have u ever used <xsl:include>. How to include an xslt in another xslt ?
How will u get connection in ur project?
Which loads driver classloader or JVM?
Difference between Statement and PreparedStatement?
ResultSet points to which location by default?
What is ResultSetMetaData?
Types of Drivers in JDBC?
Difference between 3rd and 4th type java?
What is class?what is object?
What is object ? what is instance? What is the difference between object and instance?
What is encapsulation?
What is polymorphism? Types of polymorphism ? how will u achieve all types of polymorphism?
What is the difference between vector and Array?
What is the difference between HashTable and HashMap?
Are servlets and JSP's threadsafe ? how can u make them threadsafe?
What is multithreading? What Is synchronized?
How can u stop a thread?
Is stop()=sleep()
How to kill a thread?
Describe the design of ur project as MVC ? Methodologies? Flow of ur project?
How will u make transactions with creditcard? Ie will u deduct money from the card
Immediately after making transaction?
How will u insert and delete with a single java connection when u have referential integrity?
What is serialization? Any methods in serialization? What is externalization?
How will u achieve threads?
How will u set priorities of threads?

These r all the basic questions generally u will face at the round which is easy to get through.

Coming to the second round where u have to thorough with ur current project and interviewer will go deep into the concepts that u r using in ur project...

some of them which i remembered..

How to implement connection pooling by ourself?
Will service all doget , dopost or the reverse?
How can u implement cocoon on ur own?
How can u implement hashmap if u r not having it in java?
What is the difference between static binding and dynamic binding?

below r u some questions generally we will face at the interview...

What is synchronization? Why is it used? What are its disadvantages?

How will u enforce synchronization?
How will u declare a synchronized block? What does this represent in the
Declaration of synchronized block?

Can u assign an instance of a class which implements an interface to an interface type?

What is servlet chaining?

Describe the life cycle of servlet starting from the request from a browser to the response it get?

If service method is used then doGet() and doPost() stand for what?

If we can access a sevlet through both GET and POST methods then which methods will u declare in
The sevlet class?

What is dynamic binding?Can u explain with an example?

Can u read all elements from an array?

If aaaa is an array then why aaaa.length why not aaaa.length()?

Is array an object?

Class A{

Public void meth(){

class B extends A{
Public void meth(){

public static void main(String args[]){
A a=new A();
a.meth();//which method will this call


if u want to call a method of class B then how can u achieve this?

What is static variable? What is static method?
Can u call a static method on a class object,can u access
Static variables through class objects?

What is the diffrenence between AWT and Swing?

How will u add a button to a frame?

Cant we add a component directly to a frame? Why?

What are the different types of panes available?
What are the uses of different types of panes?

What is a layered pane?

What is event delegation model?describe it with an example?

Public void Methos(){
Int I;

Int a[]=new int[10];

For(int k=0;k<a.length;k++)
S.O.P(a[ k]);
What will be the output of this method

What is the difference between getActionCommand()
And getSource() on event object?

If u have a table with columns empid,empname,salary,
Write a query to get maximum 5 salary drawing employees?

What is a tier? What is the difference between tier and system or computer?

What do u mean by portability?

What do u mean by platform independence?

Completely view of MVC and n tier architecture and differences?

What is the difference between JradioButton and Jradiobuttongroup.

If u add 2 Jradiobuttons to a panel and check the first one and then the second one
Then which one will be selected

What are the methods of authorization in jsp or servlets?

What is webapplication?

What are the various methods of declaring a TLD in a taglib directive in jsp?

What is TLD?

Implicit objects of jsp are available in destroy() method or not?

What is translation unit in jsp?

What is context in webapplication?

What are multiple and single processor servers? How session is handled
When the server is multi processor server?

If server crashes the threads will continue running or will they stop?
what happens to the sevlet?

Explain MVC pattern by taking any one component ex JtextField or Jbutton?

What is GridBagLayout?

If we want to change the entire path of the server ,where should we touch in a application server?

If we have 3 jsp's as model.jsp, controller.jsp, view.jsp then will it be a MVC architecture?

What is a classloader?

What is dynamic typing, static typing ?

Is java dynamic typed language?

What are the types of sevlet containers?

What is web.xml?

What is pooling of sevlets?

If we have two abstract classes A,B then can we extend both the classes in a single class?

What are the different types of thread priorities?

What is SAX?

What is the difference between SAX and DOM?

What is the difference between RequestDispatcher.forward(request req,response res)
And response.sencRedirect("url");?

What are implicit objects in jsp?

Why cocoon ?why not struts?what is cocoon?

How are u implementing session in ur application?

What is serialization? What are the methods in implementing serialization?

If u have a single table in database how to normalize it?

Is servlet thread safe ? life cycle of JSp?

What is the difference between checked exception an runtime exception?

Interrupt() method throws which exception?

Why jsp is used if we have sevlets>

Difference between a String and Stirng Buffer?

How to increment the capacity of a StringBuffer?

If String S="x";
Then what is S?

How can u set the priorities of thread ? What are the priorities available?

Difference between Vector and ArrayList other than Synchronization?

Which JDBC dirver are u using?

What are the drivers available?

What do u mean by precompiled statement? What is the difference between
Statement and PreparedStatement?

Difference between HashMap and HashTable?

What is context?

Difference between application server and webserver ?

Can we have a try without catch and with a finally?
What is the use of having finally?

If there is try{
Return x;

then finally will execute or not

what is the superclass of an exception?

Is sevlet threadsafe?

What is synchronization?

Sleep() throws which exception?

This is the oracle paper 

Technical section:

its very easy any one can answer 25 qns without preperation. some are
1. how compiler treats variables of recursive functions
2. what is orthogonal matrix?
3. given two tables and asked 2 qns on those table , 
one is on join and another is on NOT IN
4. given some qns on pointers( pretty easy)
5. given five qns on data structures like , lifo, fifo 
6. qtn on primary key 
7. how NULL in sql is treated?
8. given a doubly linked list and asked r->left->right->data
ans: r->data
9:explain const char *ptr and char *const ptr
remaining i didn`t remember


15 quant apti from rs agrval
15 verbal apti,
in this 4 are odd word out
and 4 are sentese ordering when jumbled senteses given
and 4 are reasoning

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