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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » Patni Placement Papers »Patni Placement Paper

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Patni Placement Paper


Pattern:(All are elimination Rounds)

1) Screening Test --> out of 750, 450 been selected for Aptitude.
2) Aptitude Test --> 50 questions in 1 hour.
3) Technical --> 50 question on Java/Jsp in 40 min. JSP was bit easy.
4) GD --> It was bit easy, was on general topic.
5) Tech/Per Interview --> All about Your Project which u mentioned in ur resume and on JSP.

Test Pattern:

1. Apptitude:
refer any good book.
many problems on percentage and profit/loss from rs agarwal.

2. technical:there are 2 options VB AND ASP or java AND JSP

i took vb/asp.

q related to actvex dll/exe.-- go into details

objects in asp.
get/post method

asp was simple but vb was a bit tricky.

(1) Apptitude Section

there is 3 subsection under it...arithmatic,general/analytical reasoning,english.
time factor is very important to get thru each section has 35 questions each
n this is a 1hr test n 20 minutes r allotted to each section well if u want u may give extra
time to anyother section but believe it s not correct way each section has its own cut off.
so u will have to go through all section with equal consideration.
english is simple ..some error detection sentences,fill in the blank. but major
part of english section consist of eng comprehension.there were abt 18-20 question
of comprehension out of 35 qus of eng.
reasoning is very simple but rememeber one thing as it is simple u may like 
to do all questions from that section..DONT DO IT.
give extra time to english n arithmatic section,comprehension takes lot
of time but REMEMBER to get thru these 2 comprehensions r must.
Arithmatic is also easy n my suggession is that dont attempt data interpretation question 
as they take lot of time.
n important thing is that there is 1/4th negative marking in all the section.
so be carefull.
in my openion if u attempt 20-25 from each section CORRECTLY then 
surely u will be able to get thru.


its depent on the attitude of candidates.if u r able to make healthy 
atmosphere in the group having convinced upon one common solution of 
the topic the 7-8 will be able to get thru out of a batch of 12. otherwise
it may be possibe that only 1-2 or none candidate is selected.
dont deviate from the topic say some thing specific to the topic n try to not 
take the topic in antother direction.if n speak only 2-3 good sentences logically related to
the topic ,its OK rather thatn speaking anything illogical n far from fact.
ATTITUDE is very important ...try to not to be AGGRESSIVE but not to be submissive.
n check who is not speaking ..promote that person to speak anything by drawing 
the attention...by that u will be able to show your team management skill..
but for that u should have spoken something before this.
that is MAJOR key to success.but its not possible always so speak 2-3 logical 
sentences with good communication skills.n conclude the topic.
n one more thing is that....
u may put ur suggession to the panel......
the we can break down the session like...
1 fact n definition
2 problems associated with the fact
3 solutions to the problems
4 conclusion
so the we can give equal consideration to all aspects to the topic.
n if u r able to impose THIS....ur chance to get thru will BRIGHT.

(3) TECHNICAL test

tech/test consist of various potion like
there r basic qustions in that but do it carefully question may be confusing..
u may confuse in the options.....
in java were 25 question.
10 question were of fill in the blanks...NO OPTIONS.
but there were very basic like Synchronised keyword,Runnable interface,
String Buffer Class,Mutable Class,MouseListener Interface etc.

(4)Tech/Personal interview

its combination of both tech/personal.
be prepare with your final year project. go thru it thoroughly
n prepare with basic question.
u may asked to tell them ur AREA OF INTEREST. so prepare 2-3 subjects thorighly (basics)
n some typical HR question ur hobby..but REMEMBER one thing if u say 
ur hobby is cricket so u should have enough knowledge of cricket..n current
score of match (if india is playing at the time anywhere)
so this is all about PATNI COMPUTER SYSTEM.
they may have test in a week or two.

Here is the question pattern for PCS
There are four rounds of test.
Two written test(aptitude & tech in (eithr of c or c++ or java or 
cobol or ASP or VB or oracle PL/SQL)) and two round of 
interviews(tech & HR)
I have appeared tech test as PL/SQL. Here i m sending sequential 
answers of the aptitude test.
This test is for 1 hour with 40 questions.
The answers from 1 to 40 are respectively
1. An aircraft is flying at a height of 3000m from the ground at 
an average speed of 400 km/hr while descending.It has to travel 5 
kms before it can touch down the runway and start operating its 
break system.It will take less than 10 seconds to reach the touch 
down point.
How far it is from the touch down point if it had been on thye 
a)5 kms b)4 kms c)3 kms d)none of these

2. water is continuously poured from a reservoir to a locality at 
the steady rate of 10,000 litres per hour.When delevery exceeds 
demand the excess water is stored in a tank.If the demand for 8 
consecutive three-hour periods is 
10000,10000,45000,25000,40000,15000,60000 and 35000 litres 
respectively, what will be the minimum capacity required of the 
water tank(in 1000 litres)to meet the demand?
a)10 b)30 c)40 d)50

3. Jhaveri invested in Upendra&Upendra,Celco and Winger shares at 
Rs. 300,Rs.200 and Rs.5 per share respectively.He bought 100 
shares for Rs.1000.The number of Upendra&Upendra and Celco shares 
he bought are respectively
a)23.17 b)17,23 c)17,60 d)15,25

4. a certain organization has three committees.only two persons 
are members of all committees,but every pair of committees have 
three members in common.what is the least possible no of member of 
members on any one committee?
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)none of these.

5. one bottle is half-full of oil and another bottle with twice 
the capacity is one quarter full of oil.if water is added so that 
both the bottles are full and the contents of both are then poured 
into athird bottle that is empty and large enough to hold the 
contents of both,what fractions of the contents in the third 
bottle is oil?
a)1/4 b)1/3 c)3/8 d)2/3

6. don and his wife each receive an 8 percent annual raise.if don 
receives a raise rs.800 and his wife receives a raise of rs. 840, 
what is the differencer between their annual income after their 
a)40 b)460 c)500 d)540

7. if x+y+z=9 and both y and z are positive integers greater than 
zero,then the mzx value x can take is?
a.7 b.3 c.8 d.data insufficient

8. if 5 tomatoes are worth 8 oranges,5 oranges are worth 4 apples, 
7 apples are worth 3 pineapples and 7 pineapples cost rs.203,then 
the approx price of each tomato is
a.16 b.5 c.19 d.none of theses
ans: a.16

9. in the relation x>y+z,x+y>p and z<p which of the following is 
necessarily true?
a.y>p b.x+y>z c.y+p>x d.insufficient data

10. if x,y,z are three +ve integers such that x is greater tahn y 
and y is greater tahn z,then which of the following is definitely 
a.x% of y is greater than y% of z
b.y% of x is greater than z% of y
c.z% of x is greater than y% of z
d.all of these(ans)

11. amar,akbar,antony eat lunch at the same restaurant everyday.if 
amar orders a dosa,then akbar also orders adosa.either akbar or 
antony always orders a dosa,but never at the same lunch.either 
amar or antony or both order a dosa.if antony ordes a dosa ,then 
amar also orders a dosa.youy can conclude that:
a.amar, akbar,antony always order adosa.
b.amar and antony sometimes order a dosa,akbar never does.
c.amar and akbar always order a dosa,antony never does.(ANS)
d.amar and antony always order adosa,akbar never does.

12.ramesh,ram,kareem and mohan collected coins of different 
countries.they collected 100 together.none collected less than 
10.each collected an even number.each collected a different 
number.based on these,we can say that the number of coins 
collected by the boy who collected the most could not have 
a.54 b.64(ans) c.58 d.60

13. let p,q,r and s be four statementssuch that:
if p is true, then q is true;
if q is true,then r is true and
if s is true,then at least one of q and r is false.
then it follows that:
a. if p is true then s is false.(ans)
b. if s is falsae both q and r are true.
c. if at least one of q and r is false then s is false.
d. if q is true then s is true.

14.players a to z play a league match in which every player plays 
a match against every other player. a win earns 2 points,a draw 1 
point and loss 0 points.there were no draws,and no two players had 
the same total points.the rank list of the players happens to be 
the alphabetical list itself.which of the following statement is 
a.n wins over m b.m wins over n(ans)
c. m did not play against n d.none

15.an article costing rs.160 is sold at 15% discount on a mark-up 
price.what is the selling price after discount?
a.170(ans) b.200 c.150 d.220

16. if jacob sold a watch costing rs.400 to john at 15% profit and 
john sold the same to sudhir at 15% profit,what is the price paid 
by sudhir?
a.460 b.510 c.529(ans) d.560

17.in a shop 80% of the articles are sold at a profit of 10% and 
the remaining at a loss of 40%.what is the overall profit/loss?
a.10% profit b.10% loss c.15% profit d.no profit,no loss(ans)

18. if an article with marked price of rs.400 is sold at 
successive discount of 10%,25% and 15%,what is the price the 
customer has to pay?
a.360 b.300 c.230(ans) d.270

19.the sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3:5:7.if the 
pereimeter is 60 cms,the longest side is
a.7 b.30 c.28(ans) d.14

20. an article with cost price of 180 is sold at 15% profit.what 
is the selling price?
a.198 b.200 c.204 d.207(ans)

21. what part of x*x is power(x,2/3)?
a.60% b.66.7% c.69% d.can't say(ans)

22. 15% of 75 is the same as vx% of 450.find x.
a.1 b.2.5(ans) c.3 d.5

23. if the selling price of an object is rs.2300 and the profit 
percent is 15,what is the cost price?
a.1995(ans) b.1945 c.2000 d.2645

24.70% of x is greater than 1/3rd of x by 110.what is x?
a.100 b.200 c.300 d.350(ans)

25.the age of a and b are in the ratio 4:5 and of b and c in the 
ratio 3:2.the youngedt of three is
a.a b.b c.c(ans) d.can't say

26. a man buys postage stamps of denomination of 30ps. and 50 ps. 
for rs.10.00. he buys 22 stamps in all. find the no of 30ps. 
stamps bought by him.
a.5(ans) b.6 c.17 d.8

27.the ages of a and b are in the ratio 9:4. after 7 years the 
ratio of their aghes will be 5:3.find b's present age.
a.18 b.8(ans) c.7 d.16

28. if 28 is divided into two parts such that one fourth of the 
greater part is equal to one third of the lesser part,then the 
greater part is
a.16(ans) b.18 c.20 d.24

29.a man and a woman, walking together start out by boyh taking a 
step with the left foot.in order to keep together, the man whose 
stride is longer,takes two steps while the woman takes three.how 
many steps will the woman have taken they are both about to step 
out on the right foot for the first time together?

30. for communicating with its satellite,NASA has only two coides 
is equal to 2 and<= is equal to 3.whenever the two symbols appear 
together the value is taken as sum of each symbol.for example 
<=<=*** is equal to 3+3+2+2+2=12.which of the following is equal 
to <=<=<=** minus <**?
a.<=* b.<=** c.<=**** d.<=<=(ans)

31. if i sell two articles, one at 20% profit for rs.100 and the 
other at 20% loss for rs.100, what is my net profit/loss?
a.4.16 profit b.4.16 loss c.8.33 profit d.8.33 loss(ans)

32. if 85% of the population of an ant colony is red, and of these 
45% are females,then what % of the total ant population are male 
red ants?
a.46.75(ans) b.40 c.33.66 d.66.66

33. what is the cost price of an article sold at rs.199 after two 
successive discount of 10% and 15%?
a.260(ans) b.200 c.234 d.220

34. if A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days and A alone can 
do it in 15 days,how long will B take to do it?
a.25 b.20 c.15 d.30

35. if 12 men working 2 hours a day take 10 days to complete a 
job, how long will 8 men working 6 hours a day take to do the same 
a.5(ans) b.8 c.12 d.3

36.a mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 5:1. another 
mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 2:1.what is the 
ratio in which two mixtures are added to get the mixure in the 
ratio 5:2
a.5:2 b.2:5(ans) c.2:7 d.3:2

37.x:y=7:11, y:z=1:7.what is the least possible integral values 
of x given that z is 11x.
a.3(ans) b.9 c.7 d.10

38. pqrs is a rectangle having area 50. rx=1/4sr.what is the area 
of pqxs?
a.37.5 b.42.5 c.12 d.3


40.what is the area of a circle having the same perimeter as that 
of a square whose area is 121.
ans: 154

the followqing questions are not in order as the original.but the 
aptitude test is in the same order.

Some of the PL/SQL questions i have remembered are below
There are 50 questions in 40 minutes. first 25 are multiple and 
another 25 are true or false.
1)A package without body is possible.(T/F)ans:T
2)Subprograms have equal scope as variables.(T/F)
3)Can a cursor be closed for two times(T/F)ans:F
4)Transaction function can be used in trigger(T/F)ans:F
5)DDL can be used in trigger(T/F)ans:T
6)A trigger name can have the same name as that of its base table 
7)In a PL/SQL block a variable and a table name both are same then 
which will get highest precedence.
8)Is PL/SQL reserved words can be used in SQL
Ans:It can be used with quotation.
9)How to write a single quote in SQL
i)"" ii)''' iii)''
10)Can a labeled go to statement goto the inner loop(T/F)ans:F
11)Which are the mandatory parts of PL/SQL procedure.
12)SQL%ISOPEN for implicit cursor is always evaluateto 
13)Any variable not declared in the declare part assigns value 
14)For cursor %NOTFOUND and for PL/SQL 
NO_DATA_FOUND(exception)gives the same result.(T/F)ans:T
15)If exception occured in the exception then it will
i)raise in the same block
ii)raise in the outer block
iii)not raise in the same block
16)PMON command is used for__________
17)Select * from emp where emp_no=1;
If exist then dbms_output_putline(".....")
else dbms_output_putline("error")
end if;
what will be the output choices are there
18)If for Update lock is absent then will there any error in the 
following statement
select * from emp;
choices are there.ans is there will no error
19)Can a inbuilt exception be redifined by a user(T/F)ans:F
20)var table.value%type;
insert into table(value) values(var);
for var in reverse 4..6
insert into table(value) values(var);
end loop;
insert into table(value) values(var);
21)can a function overloaded differed by
i)the no of parameters and its type only
ii)their return type
22)Raise_application_error is used for..........
23)In SQL SGA area the parser tree and exceptions are stored which 
are used for multiple applications(T/F)ans:F
24)PRAGMA_EXCEPTION_INIT(mssge,code no)......
25)exceptions are executed at
i)compile time
26)When a subprocedure will be declared within a procedure?
i)at the end of the declaration
27)Record1 and record2 are declared.each record has two fields 
with same datatypes.
a)only i is legal
b)only ii and iii are legal
c)all are legal
d)none is legal
28)Trigger syntax declaration without the option for each row is 
29)Tablespace contains physical data(T/F)ans:T
30)Rowid is a pseudo column of every oracle table(T/F)
31)Lpad and Rpad have default pad character is space(T/F)
32)when %ROWCOUNT is 0 what will happen
i)NO_DAT_FOUND exception will raise
ii)%FOUND will be false

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