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Home » Placement Papers » Patni Placement Papers »Patni Placement Paper-20 AUG 2004

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Patni Placement Paper-20 AUG 2004


PCS Paper (20/8/2004).

1. Raju had some amount of money with which he can purchase either 40 oranges or 50 mangoes. While going to market he kept 20% of the money separately for taxy fare. He purchased 20 mangoes for the remaining money he bought oranges. How many oranges did he purchase.
2. There 500 ml of acid from which 3 cups was taken and poured in to 500 ml of water. Now from the mixture 3 cups was taken back and poured back in to the container which contained acid.
Now (a) Concentration of former is greater than later (b) Concentration of later is greater than former (c) equal (d) indeterminent.
3. There is a triange of sides 10,8 and 6. What is the length of a rectangle haviing equal area of the triangle and having breadth 8.
4. The sum of reciprocals of two numbers having their difference 5 is 9/14. One among the number is ...7 and 2.
5. a, b, c and d are collecting rubbles.
1. total number of rubbles with all of them is 100.
2. Every one should have a odd number.
3. One should have atleat 10 rubble.
4. the nunber of rubles with difeerent persons should be different
The maximum possible number that the person have more rubbles is -----
(a) should not exeed 64 (b) should not exceed 60 (c) should not exceed ....
6. I purchased 72 chikens some years back. The bill was old and i could only this much _67.9_.
At what cost i purchased the chicens...means per unit cost.(it's 5.11)
7. A and B income is in the rato 5:3, A,B,C, spend in the ratio 8:5:2, If C's expenditure is Rs 2000 and B saves Rs 7000 what's A savings?? ((1500 check it out))
8. A B and C are three tv channels. 85% of people watch A , 75% watch B and 60% watch C. 20 % of the people watch atleast 2 channels . 5% watch no channels. How many watch all the channels?
9. How many numbers divisible by 125 can be formed from the five numbers 2,8,3,7,5?
10. Some prob on Akbar, Amir and Anthony..about ordering dosas...sorry couldn't exactly reproduce...
11. 2 questions was there from the quotient, divident, divider and remainder type
number x when divided by 739 had a quotient 99 and remainder 738. what's x.
one more was there...
12. What number must be added to 1/x to make it equal to x.
Ans. (x2-1)x
13. A thing was sold at loss, for Rs 60.(IMPORTANT::: Not loss of Rs.60, but the selling price was Rs.60). It it would have been sold at price of 81 and the profit would be 20%
of the loss. What's the original price of the object
Ans. calculate.
14. one person start run on 11am. with 4 Km/hr and another man start at 1:30 pm with 1 km/hr in first hr,2 kph in the 2nd hr, 3kmphr at 3 rd hr and so on. at what distance they will meet.??Also at what time they'll meet?
15 one disk of 20cm radius, out of that 4 disk of 5cm are cut ,
find the ratio of left out area to the cut area...3:1
16. (X)+(1/X)=3 then (xsquare) + 1/(Ysquare) = ??
17. see divisibilty rules.. which no is divided by both 9 and 11??
18. only one question of this type 
p,q,r,s, 4 statments r there , if p is true hen q is true, if q
is true then r is true, s is true then at least of q and r 
should false then what is correct ??
19. a box contain 4 small bos, each small box again contain 3 box,
again these box contain 2 box . total how many boxes ?
20. between 100 to 200 how many no are divisible by both 3 and 2
and 100,200 are i1

They had 4 rounds viz:-

1) Aptitude test
2) Technical test ( C )
3) Group Discussion
4) Personal Interview.

Each round is an elimination round.

For Aptitude test,
there were 40 questions to be solved in 60 minutes.
Questions were based on geometry, profit and loss,
percentages and arithmetic.

For technical test,
it was completely on C. 
There were 30 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.
For most of the questions, a few lines of code were given,
and the output/result of the code was to be determined.
There were 7-8 True - False type of questions.

For Group Discussion,
they divided us into groups of 10, gave us a topic,
and we had to discuss for 20 minutes. At the end of the it,
the instructor would select 1 person who should summarize 
the entire discussion.

For Personal Interview,
They made us fill up a form, and then generally asked us about
our answers which we had given.
Questions include : Strengths/ weaknesses,
career goals, about being transferred to another location etc.
Moreover, i was also asked about the type of books i read and
current affairs.
They also go through the resume in detail and asked
about extra-curricular activities.

Well, i am glad that i made it.
As for the experience, i feel, any one can make it.
The only thing that should be kept in mind is, i guess,
one should be prepared.
I don't mean that one has to do extensive preparation,
but just brushing up of important topics in maths,
revising concepts of C, learnt earlier should be enough.
As for GD/PI, confidence is important.

There was only aptitude test of 40 questions with negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer.I could recollect only few of them .

1.(0,-1) 2.(0,-1,1) 3.(0,-1,-2) 4.indeterminate
2.if a+b+c < 1 then ab+bc+ac = ?
1. <1/2 2 >1/2 3.1 4.none of these.
ans <1/2.

3.if a man earns Rs20 on first day and spends Rs15 on second day ,and earns Rs20 on third day and spends Rs 15 on fourth day and goes on on which day he will be having Rs 60.
ans. 17th day. (similar to sakuntala devi monkey puzzle).
4.int a tennis tournment there are 137 players .to decide the winner among them how many matches should be played among them.such that if a player losts the match he is not eligible for the next round.
5.if there is only 1 kg weight with you in how many minimum weighings u would weigh 31 kg.
ans 5.
6.between 1 and 100 toatl no of numbers divisible by 3 ,9 and 27.
7.between 1 and 100 toatl no of numbers divisible by any two of 3 ,9 and 27.
8.between 1 and 100 toatl no of numbers divisible by exactly two of 3 ,9 and 27.
9.between 1 and 100 toatl no of numbers divisible by all the 3 ,9 and 27.
10. if m and n divisible by 5 then which of thw following br not necessarily br true.
a.m-n divisible by 5.
b.m^2 - n^2 divisible by 25.
c.m+n divisible by 5.
ans:- d
11.between numbers 10 to 99 how many numbers can be formed with the combinations of 0,1,2,3,4.
12. M*n= -1 then m+n=0 if m ,n are consecutive odd numbers.
13.if three cubes are numbered with 1 ,2,3 onthere faces then what is the probability of drawing the cubes on after the other cubes with replacement threee times for N=1,2,3.
14.the perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 45.if one of the side is the side of an isoceles triangle of perimeter 40 then what is the
lenght of base of isoceles triangle.
15 AA is two digit number then m times its cube of AA has 1 in its tens place then what is m.
16.the twonumbers (23__)^32 and (12__)^ 33 has 6 in the last digit what is the missing digit.
17.once 3000 students went ot amusement park.there are three kinds of trips of Rs 1 each .in which 800 students tokk all the three trips and 1400 students took atleast 2 trips and no student took more than one round. if the amusement park collected a total of Rs7200 then find the total number os students who took no trip.
18.The ratio of white balls to black balls is 1:2.If 9 grey balls are added then the ratio of white:black:grey is 2:4:3.Find the number of black balls.
19.15x^2 -ax +60=0
if one root is square of other then find a.
20.82*83*84*....89 what is the digit in units place.
ans 0.
21.if A and B run on a circular path in opposite directions of constant speeds with different velocities from P and Q. First time they meet 800 mts away from P and second time they meet 700 mts away from P, what is the lenght of the circular path.
22.venn diagram on English French and Germany.
23.Venn diagram on news papers.
24.if a,b,c,d,e are in group discussion with following group rules what is the probability of a talking before b.

1.In the first level u have to complete arithmetic test.questions 
are very simple based on profit and loss, speed and distance etc 
if u prepare rs agarwal u can easily clear it.
after completing this within 1 hr they anounced the slected 
candidates .

2. 2nd round technical round. questions are from JSP, EJB and 
IPLANET SERVER. to complete this u must be thorough in JSP Basics 
like syntax of expressions,drectives etc, and EJB also they 
concentrated on basics only they asked questions abt message 
driven beans also.

3.in the interview they asked abt the projects and some questions 
from JSP,Servlets, Core JAVA they will ask questions basing on 
whst u tell them for the question WHAT ARE U R CORE SKILLS? and 
Projects i.e if u kept EJB project certainly they will ask 
questions from EJB.

1) Aptitude 

(R.S. Agarwal - They tressed more on profit and percentage calcualtion problems)

2) Technical test in C++ (Very interesting - hitches and glitches from C++ were asked)

3) Group discussion (It was not supposed to be an elimination round)

The topics were,
Should remixing of old songs be done? 
some topic was there which was related to current education program. I don't remember it exactly.
4) Technical interview (They asked only on C and C++ .... not even your BE project etc)

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