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Patni Placement Paper


PCS Paper

There r 5 sections;

5 questions in section1, 5 in section 2
8 marks in english (section 3);
section 4 TRue or False type

Section1: 5 questions.. (Mutiple choices) i.e select any one of the following for 5 questions;;
A) only 1 is sufficent B) only 2 is sufficent C) both nessary D) both are insufficent E) either is sufficent
1. .......... (Don't know) 
2. one composition contains... 5/4 L 6/14 L.... (Ans. both r insufficent) 
3. x fabric.... 6.50 per meter , 25% wholesale... (Ans: both r required)
4 & 5 don't know....

Section 2 (Analitical...)
1. Average 3years 45,000, 1st 1.5 times, 2nd 2.5 times.. (Calculate in this way... (x+1.5x+2.5x)/3 = 45000 i.e 5x/3 =45000 ) then calculate required value...)

2. Three vehecle speed ratio 1:2:3 & time ratio 3:2:1... Distance ratio ?? (Ans: 3:4:3.. check once)

3. some km/hr problem... (Ans: 150 km/hr)
4 & 5 don't know....

Section 3 (English - 8 marks.. mutiple choice..) Don't know...

Section 4 (True or Flase type..) 1. Square contains all angles , one object does not contain angles; 1.1 True 1.2 False
> 1.3 True

1>dbms 2>os 3>computer org.4>s/w engg.5>d/s.
data structure

1>show steps of iterations of bubble sort.
2>convert from prefix into postfix(same from tenenbaum)
also from postfix to prefix.
3>define linked list,sparse matrix,complete binary tree.how many 
nodes r there
in a complete binary tree.
4>convert from multitree to binary tree.
computer org.
1>define dynamic ram,virtual m/m,cache.
2>binary conversion and hexadecimal conversion of a decimal 
3>build full adder
using or-gate & nor-gate.write truth table.

1>definition of bios.thrashing
2>what is booting.
3>def of multithreading & multitasking.
s/w engg.
there were 20 multiple choice qs on s/w engg.
1>on coupling
3>relation between coupling & cohesion
4>iso 9001 model
5>winwin spiral model
there were total 33 qs.time 1hr.easy qs.17 aptitude,13 non 
3 flow chart.
here some apti qs.
1>average of age of some persons r given.1 person is excluded and 
add another person
so that average age increases by 0.5.find out the age of the new 
included person.
2>revolution per minute of three wheels r given.at the 
beginning,three marks on each
wheels r at the same level.they start moving simultaneousy.after 
what time the mark will be at the same level.
3>there was one question on owner-servant,whose answer is cannot 
4>1 cube inch=how much cubic centimeter.
5-9> qs on syllgism.
10>a shopkeeper giving discount y% and get profit of x%.what was 
his cost price.
11>243*47 what is the maximum number of digits in the product.
12>one qs on finding direction.
13-25>qs on non verbal.most qs on the direction of arrow.some were 
following certain order.choose the not following
the order.
26-28>based on flow-chart.answers were 15,b,b in order.
29>one question on number series.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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