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Home » Placement Papers » Persistent Placement Papers »Persistent Placement Paper 5

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Persistent Placement Paper 5


Persistent Paper

Interview on this Persistent System P Ltd.
as a fresher they take a writen exm. of one hour of basic read throught the MCA 
like -DBMS
-Data Structure
-General Apptitude
-A . I.
-Operating System
one more exm of two prog in c (One Hour)

Test Pattern:-

Test will be totally based on computer science syllabus(all and all Technical test) . It will test u on basis of Computer algorithm,Operating system,programming,DBMS,General.

Test is divided in two parts 

1.Objective type Question :-Duration 1 hour

2.Programming Ability( u have to write two C programs for given problems-2 program):duration 1 hour

1.Objective Type Question:-

It has 5 types ,Each type contain 5 questions.No negative marking

Type1:-Computer Algorithm

(don't waste time doing paper work for algorithm my suggestion is first for DBMS GENERAL ..well if u r confident for algorithm go for it.) 

1.In what option the binary search will not possible to search 43





2.how many comparison required for merging two ordered list.


Type2:- Programming(in c) (it contains 10 question u have to solve any 5)

(u must have fundas in programming .....) 

1.Typical what will be the outpt.

2.One simple question on macro

square(x) x*x

a=10 b=20 

if called as printf("%d", square(a+b)); what will be output 


Type 3:-Operating System

1.one small problem on process time completion .OS scheduler is round robin with 1 sec interval.4 process is given with their arrival time .asked to calculate the completion time for process p.

2.which is odd one

given 5 algorithm and find odd one.


Type 4:-DBMS

Type 5:-General.

2.Programming test

( I don' t whether the problem will remains same or not for successive test.but pattern will be same.) 

Q1. U have to write the function for matrix addition using link list.It is called "sparse matrix" .The structure for the element is as follows.

Typedef struct element{

Int row;

Int column;

Int value;

Element * next; 


If value contains zero then there should not be node assign for that.U have to also check boundary condition in your program.

Function is:

SparseMatrix SmAdd(SaprseMatrix m1,SparseMatrix m2)

( Revised concept of linked list and have a look at coding.....)


One boy has to climb steps. He can climb 1 or 2 steps at a time. Write a function that will returns number of way a boy can climb the steps. Int WaytoSteps(int n)

(eg:- suppose number of steps is n=4 ,the function will return 5 (one-one-one-one ,one-one-two, one-two-one-,two-one-one, two-two) 

(I cant solve this problem )

well,all the best ...go through basic concept of computer science and c programming....

The paper consists of 2 test.

Test 1 -- consists of only technicalobjective questions, 

It has six sections & each have 5 Qns. 

The sections are -- 

1. C Programming( in which some C Qns are there)
2. Theory ( Qns from Compiler toc etc.)
3. General( Qns from probability etc.)
4. OS(Qns from OS, like 5 processes are given with their burst & 
some scheduling policy is also given, now find out when process P is 
5. Database ( Qns from Normalisation, Transactions etc)
6. Data Structures

Qns are pretty simple. one Knowing only the basics can be able to 
clear the exam. Just go through C language part in some detail.

Test 2--- Consist of only 1 Qn for program. In this we have to make 
a C program.
Qn is that there is a binary tree , a node having three pointers --
Left child, right child, parent. Now the problem is to delete the 
tree in top-down fashion ie First delete parent & then child.

In previous paper, the Qn ask in this section is that---
To take a string from the User & then arrange the characters in 
that string in ascending order like if user enters "babcac" the 
program should print it as "aabbcc"

The test is very simple just go thru the basics of OS, DBMS & data 
structures. & concentrate over C programming. It is very essential

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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