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Home » Placement Papers » Sasken Placement Papers »Sasken Placement Paper 2

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Sasken Placement Paper



Sasken Exam 20th Jul 2004

Pattern : C(10 Qs) + Aptitude(10 Qs) + Discpline based[CS/EC](10 Qs)

Duration : 1 Hr

C questions

1.Consider the following declaration:-

char const *p = 'd';

Which of the following is not a permissible operation
(a) *p++
(b) ++p
(c) (*p)++
(d) All

2.What is the output of the following code:- 

void print_arr(float **p)
printf(" 0 %f 1 %f 2 %f\n",p[0][0],p[0][1],p[0][2]);

void main()
float arr[2][3] = {{0,1,2},{3,4,5}};
float **fl_arr;
fl_arr = (float *)arr;

(d)segmentation fault

3.What is the output of the following code:- 

#define putchar (c) printf("%c",c)
void main()
char s='c';
putchar (s);

(a) c
(b) 99
(c) Compilation error
(d) Execution error

4.What is the output of the following code:- 

void main()

(a) ABC\\
(b) 1
(c) ABC\4
(d) ABC\3

5.What is the output of the following code:- 

int compute(int n)

void main()

(a) 6
(b) 9
(c) 12
(d) 13

6.What is the output of the following code:- 

void main()
int i;
int i=100;


7.What is the output of the following code:- 

void main()
int a[]={9,4,1,7,5};
int *p;


8.What is the output of the following code:- 

void main()
int a[]={10,20,30,40,50};
int *p;
p= (int*)((char *)a + sizeof(int));


9.Which code will run faster




(a)First code
(b)Second code
(d)Compiler and hardware dependent


1.How many 2 digit numbers are there which have 8 as
the unit number in it's square.

2. B is 8km East of A. C is 6km North of B. D is 12km
East of C. E is 16km North of D.
What is the distance b/w A and E.

3. x+y = z

4. 2<x<3 , 7<y<8
Then which is the greatest
(a) (x^2)y
(b) 5xy
(c) x(y^2)
(d) 5(x^2)y/12

5. A is taller than B, D is taller than D, D is
shorter than E.Then which of the following is correct.
(a) C is taller than E
(b) A is taller than C
(c) D is shorter than A
(d) B is shorter than C

6.A small passage was given and 4 options which
summarizes it was given.The best was to be chosen.

7.Another passage was given and 4 inference was given
and correct was to be chosen.This one is very easy.

8.Which of the following is a parellogram:-
(a)130,50,130,50(angle in deg)
(d)a & c

9. In the following series (an - 1)^2, 1 is the first
term.Which are the next three

Computer science

1.Deadlock occur when
(a)Some resources are held up by some process.
(d)None of these

2. A prefix expression can be equal to a postfix
expression reversed only if
(a)It is left associative
(b)It is commutative
(c)It is right associative

3.How many lines will be printed in the following
Pascal pgm
[I don't remember the Pascal version,so I am giving C

void print(int n)
printf("%d",n);//println(n) in Pascal version.

4.Maximum number of nodes in a tree with n levels.
(c)2^(n-1) - 1

5.Complete graphwith n nodes have
(a)n-1 edges

6.If d is the degree of a node in a graph and n is
number of vertices then number of edges in that graph

7.A grammar was given and 4 strings was given and the
one which was not possible was to be chosen.

8.A problem related to ethernet in which a station
sending a frame is of p probablity.There are m
stations to send pckts.4 option was given.It was a
mathematical kind of question related to probablity.

9.Which of the following layer in the OSI model does
error handling
(a)Data link
(d) a & c

10.A network problem in which Data rate,Propagation
delay,and distance was given and it was to find how
many packets will be in the line.
Choices where
(b)Not possible to find with given data


Interview [For CS students]

There is Tech as well as HR interview. Tech interview
is the important one.

Tech interview questions

They will ask about the project.They will ask general
questions about it and most probably will not go into
the implementation part of it.So one must have a
general idea about the project done.

Interview is mainly based on Data Structures.Some
questions are as follows:-
- What is a tree,its application,order for
insertion,deletion and traversal with worst case
- What is a graph,its application.
- Height of a tree
- Balanced tree and how to balance a tree
- Minimum Spanning Tree
- Dijikstra's, Prim algorithms
- Define a structure for a linked list.
- Binary search and its analysis
- Heap sort and its analysis
- What is a heap and its application
- Cache and its working
- Memory(IO mapped)
- Recursive fns and types, its adv and disadv.
- Compiler(grammar) 

*****C debugging questions like

(1)What is the problem with the following code

int * f(int a)
int i;
Ans-> We can't return address of auto variable as it
is allocation is made in stack which is deallocated
when the function returns.

a.h b.c c.c d.c
int i=0 #include"a.h" #include"a.h" extern int
i;void main{.....}
| | |
b.o c.o d.o 
Compilation Phase

Linked to get exe. 
Will there be any problem in any phase.If yes then
where and what?
In linking phase as there will be multiple declaration
of i.

*****You will be told to write some code like

(1)To find string length by using recursive function.
(2)To find fibonaci series by using recursive
(3)To write code for malloc so that allocation may be
made fastly.
(4)Write a fn prototype which return a pointer which
points to an array of 10 ints.

HR Interview

- Introduce yourself
- Why should we take you
- What you know about Sasken and etc.

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