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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper-13 Aug 2006

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Satyam Placement Paper-13 Aug 2006


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM - Placement Paper - 13 Aug 2006

I got selected in Satyam Computers on 10th Aug, it was on-campus. Approximately I think 300 people took written test out of which 177 got cleared, then had a GD, in that they took 73 out of which finally 52 members were selected. For me to get through satyam..this site helped a lot..abt questions pattern..etc...so even I want to share my experience so that many freshers like me can have a good idea abt things.
As u all know the pattern is
1. Written test
2. Group discussion
3. Technical+HR interview

Written test has 15 questions, time 30 min, 1 correct answer carries 1 mark, 1/4 negative marking for wrong answer so we should be careful in marking. Mark only which u r confident of. I exactly solved 7 questions...and I was confident ..I got cleared the written test......so I think mostly the cut off would be around 5-7, coz my friend has ticked only 5 but she got cleared.
It contains of logical aptitude, some quant problems..easy ones. So with right preparation u can clear it. The following r the questions which I remember.

1. The ratio of the ages of two persons three yrs ago were 3:4, and the ratio of their ages three yrs hence will be 5:4, what is the sum of their present ages.( numbers not exactly)

2. A boat travels downstream of 60 kms in 6hrs. if the speed of the stream is 3 km/hr in how many hrs can he travel 16 kms upstream(Ans 4 hrs).

3. Cost of basmati rice per kg is rs 24. another rice of 25kgs costs 36rs/kg. how many kgs of basmati rice should he mix with that of another rice so that after selling the mixture at 40rs/kg he gets a profit of 25%
4. 1 pyramid problem
C B 122 A 35 27 2 7 10 3

I hope u can do this...bottom row..its add two elements double them add1 u will get A, but for second row it is add them, double them sub 2 from them u get B, no need to calculate C..u will have unique options so u can tick.

5. 1 problem on probability I think....like a boy has so coins in his pocket. He has 5penies, ets... Then when he draws two coins...the sum will be.. something like this....I did not attempt it so I don't remember.

6. There r family members A,B,C,D and E. there occupations r farmer, trader, doctor, teacher..lawyer. something like this......and statements i.e conditions were given. That A is doctor, dauther in law of B is teacher....there is only 1 married couple etc. finally who is the trader

( it is ok...u can solve). 7. It was an argument, some 4 to 5 sentences of an argument was given.and a conclusion is made in it..so he gave 4 options and asked to tick the option which would best support the conclusion made in argument....tht was the sentence which was missing in that argument..based on it he made a conclusion. So u can make it out.

8. Even this was same like above ..an argument.... but now he asked to mark the option which strongly weakens the argument....that which does not support the conclusion or argument made in it.

9. It was a puzzle like above..similar.....that there were books of chemistry, physics, maths,, bio, social..so on.. .and they were kept in E and F something like this...i don't remember.

10. Even this was a puzzle.....abt room....like 75th door,.,80th door,,,,, 100th door..something like this It was very big. I did not solve.

11. (quant) the maximum length of rod that can fit into cuboid is 6*squareroot of(77). The length bredth and ht r in a ratio..6:5:4. find the total surface area of cuboid.(ans 5328).

12. One was on compound interest....a man deposits his bonus of 2000 when he receives on jan 1st into his account.. which is compounded annually..@8%. Having put the amt that yr..wat will the amt be in his accnt on jan 1st 1982 after depositing his bonus of that yr.

rest I did not read ...sorry.

then we had a GD.
10 people in a batch. I was good at GD so I could clear....but imp is u have to speak out ...
contribute atleast 1 imp point to the group or atleast..if u don't have any....listen to everyone..and finally summarize it ok. Our topic was

Beauty and Brains go together.
Other topics were..current ones
Abt Sachin..his injury
Abt Saurav Ganguly inclusion in match
Media and its effects on youth
Ban on cell phones. ....and so on

After that there is no need of ur resumes...but just have a copy with u ..ur photograph etc...they give us a form to fill which will have all the details,fill honestly and don't make it complicated by writing too much in it..just write basic things in few words.

Then I had my technical +hr interview. First 20 to 30 they mostly concentrated on /hr then as time went on they also asked many technical questions......as I was from computer science background, I got questions from my core subjects.


Me: excuse me sir-----he said come in.......i went with a pleasant smile. To my surprise he was the same person who conducted GD for me.....and as I did GD well he remember me....and asked me that....I think I'am the one who conducted GD for u......I said with a smile "yes sir".(I think that was a +pt for me)

Ti: tell me abt ur self , ur family background and ur achievements
Me: gave the answer.(mostly u can lead interviewer...so decide wat u should say and be prepared with some examples so that u can convince him make him believe things.)

Ti:wat is ur commitment towards Satyam....(like he asked for how many yrs u will stay here)
Me: as there was a bond of 2 yrs....i did not speak anything abt how many yrs but answed that......as long as both u and I feel tht I'am really contributing to the firm..and there is a consistent growth in my career I would be with u..and that's for sure..( I think he was convinced.)

Ti: wat if wipro comes and offers u 8laks......(I hope u all know answer for this).
I have written that I participated in many technical and cultural activities in college.. Ti: wat r the cultural activities which took part in Me:answered.

Ti:why is the graph of ur percentage like this ....(10th less..inter more..again engg less-------so he asked like that)
Me: sir I think u need not consider my inter marks because if u see my 10th percent and engg percent....they r almost same...and as I'am from CBSE background it helped me a lot...coz we have more of a practical thinking than SSC people...they r mostly bookish....so for me inter is not at all a count sir....(I don't know wat he thought but friends I don't mean it seriously...its only to convince that interviewer I spoke like that......not to underestimate state syllabus people mind u).

Ti:do u prefer to work on any platform specifically like JAVA....etc???
Me: no sir....I'am not rigid in my ideas ...i'am very flexible...i will work in some area then when I feel I attained some perfection I would shift to the other...that is how I want to learn many things.....i'am not fixed to any one subject sir.

Then he went to technical..

Ti: tell me wat r the subjects u r good at???
Me: I'am comfortable with c and c++ sir.
But he did not jump into that......he asked me questions from operating systems., datastructures, c, c++( he did not ask me dbms.....thankgod I was not that through with it...but for my frnds they also got questions in it...like write some queries etc) And he asked the basic concepts of this subjects....for ex-he asked me in OS abt CPU scheduling algorithms,dining philosopher problem, semaphore, round robin algorithm, binary search,,,linked lists, stacks , queues...examples for them, and structure in c ..concepts of c++. That's it

. So frds....be prepared with the dbms , OS, datastructures, and ofcourse c and c++(this is only for CSE and IT people). I answered everything.....then he said
Ti: I'am done with my interview do u have any questions for me??
Me: sir first of all I was very impressed with the ppt of satyam sir, so wat do u feel is the most challenging thing for anyoung graduate like me who enters into satyam....

Ti: I think commitment....and contribution
Me:so do we need to learn anything more by the time we enter the firm I mean courses like .net , advanced java etc

Ti: all that is ok......but don't waste money( I got his point here...wat he means in saying don't waste money is they will train us in wat ever they require...they will cover everything in their training....but u should be in a position to receive them).
Me:sir after three months of training will we really be able to handle the projects sir???

Ti: yes...
Me: that's it sir......thankyou.....thankyou very much sir.( I left the room).

So it was as cool as this, just 20% of preparation...70%of confidence and 10% of spontainity( u should be able to answer immediately even if u don't prepare for certain question) will lead u there.....its not same for all the companies....but for Satyam its like that.......depended on the company u should change u preparation guys....i hope u know all this....that's it ......that was my experience....i failed to get selected in CTS and WIPRO but finally did with Satyam......so all the best for all the freshers who r searching for a job........hope u all will reach ur destination. ALL THE BEST......and also share ur experiences..it will help many.

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