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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper-16 July 2005,Vizag

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Satyam Placement Paper-16 July 2005,Vizag


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM-Placement Paper-16 July 2005-Vizag

Place :Dr. L.B.College,visakhapatnam.
date :16,17 of july

constraints: 2006 outgoing batch 65% in BE/MCA

No. of Applicants: 1738
No. of App. shortlisted in written test:238
No. of App. shortlisted in GD:74
No. of ppl selected after HR/TECH : 22

The process went as follows I am mentioning it cause i
thought it will be some use to u.


On 16 there was only written test. I consisted of 15 questions and lasted for 30 min. It was conducted in 3 batches with 3 diffrent sets of papers. (I was in the first batch) Correct answer : +1
wrong answer : - 1/4
some questions I remember

1. one man was sitting on a pavement and lookin at cars the first one was red,second was orange, third was yellow so what will be the next car?
a: green (vibgyor in reverse)

2. mother and six children combined average age is 22 if only children considered the average age get 5 less so what is the age of mother?

3. Rita's mother is the only daughter of mohan. Samatha is Rita's cousin what is the relation with mohan.(blood relations)

4. some pattern matching

5. 256
20 x 10
12 10 y 6 4
9 8 7 z 5 4 3
what is the values of x,y,z

6. (a)x+y=20
what is the value of x

(i) is statement a alone is sufficient
(ii) is statement b alone is sufficient
(iii) statement a or b is sufficient
(iv) statements a and b combined is sufficient
(v) given info is not sufficient.

sorry cant rem more

Exam time : 9.30
Results : 4 PM

day = 17

Today was the second day

==>2nd round is Group discussion

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ duration : 10 min
no. of participants: 10

Topic: computer usage by children below 12 good or bad

other gd topics:
2)Cell phones ban in colleges
3)If a lumpsome of money given how would u spend them
4)Is china threat of India

No of ppl selected from our batch: 2
there were 4 girls and 6 boys
one guy immediately started the discussion without any introduction(hmm i thought of introducing myself but as it had been already started I recited) then two or three ppl started to argue then (I was the fourth) I had some good points so I have put forward but in mean while one guy(who initiated) started shouting at every one. No one was listening to any, so kept mum, every one is sayin "order in group" one guy was not giving any chance to others, After I put forward the strongest points I asked a girl who was tryin to speak to put forward her point and lated one guy asked me to speak(tryin to show his leadership skills i guess) then I talked for a while and asked some other to speak. every one was arguing and were blunt. It was total chaos I did'nt knew what to do 'cause if I shout it will have a negative impact if I dont no points will be awarded. so I have put many of my points I thought to every one especially those who were listening.
Later the invigilator asked each one of us to conclude so every one had their chance. each one of us did that in a sentence One guy who did'nt allowed any one to speak did it in a paragraph :) that was it. Me and the guy who spoke long ie the paragraph guy were selected.

time of gd: 9.30
time of results: 1.30

Those who were selected in GD were asked to fill a application(actually a resume in their format) of all the details.

==> third round was TECH & HR:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the panel consisted of two one was a tech (senior member of technical team) and the other was a HR(member of HR team) I was the second person to be interviewed, The Hr started by asking questions from the resume(so be clear with what u have mentioned in ur resume) Later the tech guy asked abt my fav subjects so he has asked questions relating to that, and on project or s/w that I have developed. Hr asked abt my ambitions, what do u know abt satyam, and similar gen questions. Tech guy brushed abt all subjects maily from c,c++,unix Hr guy asked me to speak for two min abt the paper presentation which I have mentioned. and Hr asked abt some other details hobbies n stuff like that. Hr guy asked why I want to join satyam n any programs I have conducted. blah blah blah the interview had lasted for only 15 to 20 min.

they have said the results will be announced at 3 pm but it was 9:30Pm

after that the moment of my life which I have been waiting for came atlast, the final selected candidated were announced and there came my name and number it was a moment of triumph and bliss, we were asked to go into a room and wait. Later all the members from satyam cordially invited us into THE FAMILY OF SATYAM they spoke abt few things of satyam(to my surprise they spoke the same things which i have told abt satyam in hr interview) and gave some details and conditions like pay scale contract period etc., etc., with a bid good bye! it was time for celebration.

so, guys it was really a gr8 exp. for me, it was my first interview and I am happy for getting through it. I have shared all my experiance as I thought it may be some use to u guys.

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