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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005,Ghaziabad

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Satyam Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005,Ghaziabad


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM-Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005-Ghaziabad

Satyam home

what are the three type of anamolies in DBMS

How to overcome the anamolies

What is normalisation?

How many types of NFs are there and explain the NFs

What is redundancy?

What is primary key and explain?

What is difference b/n unix and linux OS

What is fragmentation and types of fragmentation

What is data baseschema?

What is thrashing

two questions on paper presentation

-what is nanotechnology

-applications of nanotechnology

What is node

join two nodes

consider 2 lists,WAP in java such that if one list is in use,the other list is opened with a message displayed abt the first list What is the difference b/n static and dynamic memory allocation

what is null pointer

what is pointer

Write recursive program for fibbonacci series

How is dynamic memory allocated

& and + (Which has high preference)

What is NuLL inC(defined variables and key word)

What is DQ? advantage

Which can be accessed fast(array or linked list)

Tell abt register and static storage classes

Tell whether a float variable can be stored in register or not

New Click here to Download 2021 Latest placement papers of this company New



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