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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005,Ghaziabad

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Satyam Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005,Ghaziabad


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM-Placement Paper-10 Jun 2005-Ghaziabad

hi frenz, Around 800 appeared . 240 thru to GD. 117 thru to INTERVIEW, n around 50 selected finally.
I am giving you the models of questions in written test.
Total 15 questions(1 mark each) r given 30 mins with 1/4 -ve marking. All r objective.

> If SCOTLAND = 12345678, SAT=453, DON=128, and SALT=3782 then C = ?
SAT,DON,SALT are not the exact words that were given but similar
. LOGIC : C is not ther in any of the words other than 'scotland' and also 6. so C = 6.

> 3 persons travelling in a train.Mr.SMITH,Mr.JONES n Mr.ROBINSON they r ENGINEER, FIREMAN n BRAKESMAN, but not respectively. Also travelling r 3 ladies with same names Mrs.SMITH, Mrs.JONES n Mrs.ROBINSON.

1. Mr.ROBINSON lives in DETROIT.
2. BREAKSMAN lives in midway of CHICAGO n DETROIT.
3. Mr.SMITH beats fireman in a game of billiards.
4. Mr. JONES earns $20000 per annum.
5. BREAKSMAN's nearest neighbour earns exactly 3 times that of BREAKSMAN.
Like this conditions r given and question asked is who is the ENGINEER?
I don't remember the exact conditions.
Question is just tricky but not so tough to analyze.

> A question on number series. Using the relation of the first series find out E?
57 58 118 357 1432
205 A B C D E

> A large question almost a page. Very simple to answer. Some 20 facts r given n a question below
which is not relevant to facts. So answer is NONE.
Just go thru the facts in rapid fire n answer. Answer this question only at the last if time permits or else u will be stuck with it.

> Inferance question.
Children r frequently used in drug business.
I. Children r smarter than grown ups.
II. Children can be easily convinced n r not suspected.
III. when they become young they can be easily trained.
Like this 3 stmts r given and asked that which of the stmts r implicit.

> A square , rectangle, circle n triangle r drawn in a overlapped manner n some number r given in the intersection parts( like venn digrams).
square - cultivated area
rectangle - desert area
circle - electricity present
triangle - medical facilities
how much area is cultivated with electricity present but have no medical facilities. like this 3 questions r given, the easiest one.

>1. A = B+C
2. D = A+F
3. E = B+D
4. G = C+E
5. B = D+A
6. C = G+F
like this 6 stmts r given(not exactly the same) n asked which of the stmts can be executed parallely.

> A C prog to shift an array towards left is given with some blanks in the place of while conditions. Have to fill the blanks.

> A problem which can be solved easily using venn diagrams.

> A sequence of 4 diagrams is given n have to find out the next diagram in the sequence.
they test ur logic thats it.

GD : Each group consisted of 8. In my group everybody spoke well, that is y 6 were selected out of 8.
topics same as given previously.

>UNO's portion in keeping peace (My topic)
>Is CHINA a software threat to INDIA
>US-IRAQ war etc.


Most of them had HR & PROJECT DESCRIPTION. but they didn't asked me a single question on my project. I had interview for more than 30 mins.
Both tech & HR interviews r combined, for me there is a panel of 3 (HR+TECH+other). the other person is a lady who selected me in the GD.

HR questions:

Q : Tell about yourself? My Ans: my name, my qualification then said i like competitive environment thats y i have chosen Computer science field then my hobbies.

Q : My scores r X-85%, Inter-85% n in engg. - 70%. He asked y is this drop? My ans : My class highest itself is 77%.

Q: y didn't u get that mark? My ans: Internals made the difference because they carry about 20% of marks.

Q: y didn't u get more marks in internals? My ans: I don't like to flatter my leacturers for just 1/2 or 1 mark. ( this may not be a reasonal answer)

Q: I took long term for EAMCET. y is this break after Inter? My ans: i told i took longterm. I explained y i took. First i got 6227 rank for that i got MECH seat but i more interested in Computerscience field, i took long term n got 509 rank. then also i got MECH seat in REC but i have chosen CS field.

Q: Eloborate the terms u have used previously "COMPETITIVE environment"? My ans: I want to enjoy my success out of healthy competion but not winning in a competion of 2 participants. That is y i dropped after Inter for getting my competitive field Computer science.

Q: y do u want join in SATYAM? My ans: read some thing from company website and told the same.

Q: What do u expect from company? My ans: nice work, good environment and ofcourse the salary.

Q: prioritize? My ans: Environment then work and then salary.

Q: Do u mind working in Bhubaneswar if u r placed ther? My ans: I don't mind abt the place i work wat i mind is only environment n work given.

Q: Strengths n Weaknesses. My ans: hard working and grasping power are my strengths
Unnecessary consciousness about my self and poor at byhearting things.
Technical Interview: The questions will proceed according to your answers. No standard order.

Q: what r the prog. languages u had? I told Assembly,C,C++,JAVA,VB,VC++

Q: Which generation of language is Assembly? I told 2 gen, since firstly they used to enter i/p in binary then to simplify the work Assembly is introduced.

Q: Assembly program execution is faster or slow? I told faster.

Q: What r 4th gen languages? I told i don't know

Q: What is STACK?

Q: Any other thing like STACK?

Q: why to use pointers?

Q: Which data type u use for pointers? data type of value which we want to point to. I said even we can have VOID pointers.

Q: What is the use of void ?

Q: Why do u need functions which return nothing?

Q: How do compile a JAVA program? Using JAVAC we compile and we get 'bytecode', then it is presented to JVM which interprets the code and converts it into machine code.

Q: what is interpretation?

Q: What is differernce between Compilation and interpretation?

Q: In RDBMS what is referential integrety? I told about foreign and primary constrains. he said it is no where relevant to my question. I was calm.
Thats what i remember from my tech interview. What i feel is u only ANSWER TO THE POINT ONLY.
then he has to ask something else or else he will dig deep from ur answers.
Again the HR took and started:

Q: What sports do u play, wat r other extra curricular activities do u have?

Q: wat is ur family background?

Q: Any problems faced during ur project not technically? want to test ur ability to work in a team.

Q: What is the tough stage u faced till now during ur whole education? thats wat i remember from my INTERVIEW. It went nice and i also answered very confidently but ... It was my first interview and after the interview was over i was very happy that i did so well to manage for more than half an hour before a panel of three. LUCK also should favour.Any way ALL THE BEST to all for your respective endeavours.

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