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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper 7

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Satyam Placement Paper 7


Satyam Paper

In Satyam computers GD topic was as given below and they asked
total 50 qns of flow chart and some basic computers concept. 25
questions were from given 50 problems and rest 25 were from java,n/w .
But try to mug -up all given 50 qns and answers bcoz u will get 
25 questions directly from these 50.
There intervws are only formality . But GD is most important. Bcoz .Itopped in written test but didnt clear GD
Anyway All The Best
Some computer qns:;
Qn No.are not in seq
1: Full form of CASE:: computer aided s/w engg
2: UML:: Unified modelling language
3: ANS:: Ring Topology
Rest I forgot.
GD Topic:::::::::::::::::
gd topic:
it will be same for all groups

on a mid may at about 10 a.m. ur plane crashed at a desert at
rajsthan.u r at 70 miles from ur destinatin.u r along with two pilot and u
r in simple dresses,road shoes and every one has a handkerchif. the
temp at the hill foot is about 113 f. u r provided with 15 articles
and u have to choose to whom u will give more priority in order to reach ur
destination..accordingly u have to serial 15 articles.
aricles indivisual score !team score
1. flashlight(4 battery) -----9--------
2. magnetic compass ----2------
3.area map ---3--------
4.top coat &n! bsp; --6-----------
5.sun glass -5----------
6.cosmatic mirror --7------
! 7.water bottle --4--------
8.vodka ---15-------
9.parachute --1---
&nb! sp; -----
10.a book entitled with
desert animals ---14------
11.plastic rain coat ---9-----
12.jack knife --8--
&! nbsp;----
so u have to fill up the remaining in which way i've filled up.they
give u 10 min to read the case study and then 5 min oto fill up the
column.then disscision will go on &a final conclusion will be drawn at the end that u've to fill up 
in 3rd column.

although i qualified the written but i could not clear the g.d.
i'm sending the qps below.DON"T WORRY THE QN NOS R IN EXACT 
SERIAL (qns acording to qn no, butt we written it here &there).i'm also giving the
some ans .u better check it once again.

1) 1. Value of N and! K is100
2.N is divided by K and the integer part of the quotient is stored in I.
3. N is divided by K and the reminder is stored in K
4. I is multiplied by itself to get the new value of I
5. if the value of I and J are equal then N is printed
6. add 1 to N
7. if the value of N exceeds 999 then stop.
8. go to step 2
The result of the above logic is
a) 124, 248, 369 ....b) 101 , 204, 309, .....c) 111, 222, 333, ...d) none Ans. (b)
1. Sony =0
2.jimmy =1
3.Add jimmy to sony to get new jimmy
4. add sony to jimmy to get new jimmy.
5. if jimmy is equal to 34 then stop
6. go to step 3
What is the value of Sony when the logic terminates.
a) 15 b) 18 c) 21 d) none Ans:d(check)
get the cost of the iteam (C)
1.get the no of iteams (N)
2.multiply N by C to get total cost (TC)
3.if Tc is above 10000 then discount (d)= 5%4. if TC is less than
10000 but more then 5000 and C is above 85 then D=4.5 %
5. If Tc is less than 5000 and C>65 and N>50 then D=4%
what will be the discount if 40 items were purchased each costing Rs 58'
a) 5% b) 4.5% c) 4% d) none Ans: d (check)
4) the average age of a class of 45 is 20 years. The age of the teacher is 30 years. The average age of the 45 people together is
1.j=z * l /* here * means multiplication*/
2.m=j+ 30
3.z= 20
the above logic represents the solution of the given problem. 
the correct sequence is
a)5-3-1-4-2 b)5-3-1-2-4 c)5-3-2-1-4 d)none Ans: b(check)
2.add 1 to k to get the value of z
3.p= quotient of z divided by 10
and some statements are there...
8. Go to 2
the result of the above steps is
a)11,22,33,.....b)21,32,33,..c)12,23,24...d)none Ans! ...(b)

6) A long flow chat FN=10-----> k=10-----> divide FN by K and 
...........the number of values that are printed are
a) 9 b) 19 c) 29 d)none Ans (a)

1. cost of iteam C= Rs 50
2. total cost TC= 0
3.number of iteams purchased =1
4.TC= TC+C
5.if the reminder of N divided by 5 is 0 then reduce Rs. 10 from C
6.increase the value of N by 1
using the above rule, how much money should one pay after buying 12 iteams
a)480 b) 510c)540 d) none
ans.....(d) check the answer.

8)flow chat
every applicants takes 3 tests. the candidate is selected if he/she
secures 80 % above in the aggregate and 75% and above atleast two testes.
all tests are evaluated to 100 marks.
C=0------> Get T1,T2,T3------> Is T1>74.........
if a candidate scores 96, 78, 68 in the three testes going by the above
logic, his result will be Ans...(b) selected

9)flow chat R=8 and J= 5 ---------> print R------L= R+j ..........
the out put of the above logic is
Ans .... (d) none

10)flow chat
N= 100 -------> D=INT(N/100) ------> K=reminder (N/100) .............> print N
if the no like 244, 514,136 etc are to printed from the above logic ,
the ? should be replaced with ...

1. let the value of FN be 1
2. let the value of A be 2
3.Let the new value of FN be FN multiplied by A and add 1 to it.
4.Write the value of FN
5.If the value written is more than 777 then stop
7.go to step 3
if the expected out put from the above logic is 3,10,41,206,1237, then
the statement in the line 6 should be
(a)let the value of A be A multiplied by A (b) add A to A
(c)add 1 to A (d) ! none
ans.......(c) add 1 to a

12)flow chat
N=2----> R= N+1, --------> print J----> N=N+1----.is N>9 ?
J=N x R .
| ^ &n! bsp;
no ||-------------------------------------------------
the result of the above logic is
(a)6,8,14... (b)6,12,20,30 ...... (c)6,12,18,24...(d)none
the following qualification are necessary for recruitment of a librarian . the candidate must
1. have master degree in library science with at least 55% mark.
2.have one year specialization in IT
3.have at least 10 yrs experience in university In case the candidate
4.has 15 yrs experience in college, the case may be reffered to vice chancellor
5.has obtained less than 55% marks but has 13 yrs expr. in university
,the case may be to registrar
6.has PHD in library sc./documentation ,the conditin 1 may be waived.
gopal brahma has been deputy librarian of SLC university since 
1982 and has a master degree! in library sc.with 53 % . given the above rules
and Gopal's information,Gopal should be
(a)selected (b) rejected (C) referred to V-C (d) none
***14).flow chart ans:a
5.print K-J
6.let J=K
7.if R.8 then stop
8.go to 3 the result of the above logic is
(a)4,9,16,25.... (b)4,6,8,10.... (c)4,4,4,4.... (d)none
ans (b)(check)

**16>flow chart is remainder of
N=66---->D=N/2--->N=D+1------> N/2=0 ------>stop ^ !||no ! ;
|- ---------------|
after how much iteration will the above logic terminate
(a)8 (b)6 (c)7 (d) none ans.(d)
9.print T7
11.if T<8 then 2
which of the following value will not ptinted by above logic
(a)6789 (b)7890 (c)7900 (d) none Ans (b) 7890
q18)) Ans:c is j>10 hint: k=3,j=2......
flowchart Ans:a)200
flowchart Ans:a)21
Q21)flowchart Ans:a)10 (confirm the question)
q22) flowchart Ans:c(4x+8y)
q23) Ans:c)4-6-5-1-3-2
q24)flowchart Ans:b(17)

q25)a person distribute his pen among four friends in the ratio
Ans:b(minimum he should have)

1.let the value of N be 10
2.divide N by 10 to give quotient (Q) remainder(R)
4.if diff=1 then 6
5.go to step 7
6.display the value of N
7.add 1 to N
8.if N <100 go to step 2
the above logic will produce

Q27) flowchart Ans:b(36,45,25)

Q28) flowchart Ans:b(375)

Q29)a man has Rs. 128 in currency of one rupee........
Q30)when A is devided by B,it is reqd tro round of the result to the
nereast whole no,the logic is giv en below .give the correct sequence
1. divide A by B giving correct s! equence
2.substract INTERGER(A/B) from C and store theresult in D
3.if reminder (A/B) is 0 then stop
4.print INTERGER (A/B)
5.if D>.49,increase the value of INTRGER (A/B) by 1
(A)1,3,2,5,4(B)1,3,2,4,5(C)1,2,3,5,4(D) none

Q31)A cistren is filled by 9 hours.......
Ans:a)90 hours

Q32) Ans:c(42)

Q33) flowchart Ans:d(none)

When madan said that he was burn on 31-9-83,everybody 
laughed.the logical sequence of steps involved in reduculing madan's statement 
r given below

1.if the day of birth is >Y(month of birth)then wrong
2.since 1983 is not a leap year february has 28 days
3. store 31,28,31,....31 in an array y(12)
4.month of birth is not less than 1 and not greater than 12,
month of birth is valid

the right sequence of steps is
the logic to! convert a 3 digit number to a word is given, Ex 123 should
be written as One Two Three 
1. accept the number N
2. if N < 100 or N > 999 go to step 1
3. Split N into hundreds(H), Tens (T), & Units(U)
4. Store words zero,one,two,....... in array W(10)
5. print W(H),W(T),W(U)
6. Stop
The above logic is
a) incomplete b) complete c) complete but inefficient d)none Ans: b
given a number which is more than 99 but less than 1000, the logical
sequence of steps to say how many hundreds, tens & units are in the
given number is given below.identify the logical order.
1.get the number N
2.write quotient and the words 'tens'
3.write the remainder and the words "units'
4.write the quotient and the word "hundred"
5.divide the number N by 100 and get the quotiient and remainder
6.divide the remainder by 10 giving the quitient and remainder
(a) 1,5,6,2,3,4 (b)1,5,4,3,2,6 (c) 1,5,4,6! ,2,3(d) none Ans.c

step 1.no of toffees in hand (TIH)=2
2.no of picks (NOP) = 1
3. Multiply TIH by 2
4. Add 1 to NOP
5. If NOP is less than 4 then step 3
6. Print TIH
7. Stop
The value of TIH at the end of execution of logic is

a) 16 b) 24 c)30 d)None Ans: a

Q38) flowchart Ans:b (1,2,4,8,16,32,32,16,8,4,2,1)

Q39) flowchart Ans:b(2)

Q40) Ans:a)17

Q41) Ans:b(6 days)

Q42) flowchart Ans:b(I=468 , II=468)

Q43)the logical sequence of steps to calculate the average of N nos is
given below
1.let the sum(S) of N nos be zero
2.get the value of N
3.let the value of A be N
4.add N to S
5.add 1 to A
6.if A is not = N then go to 4
7. compute average by dividingS by N
the abouve logic is
(a)correct(b)incorrect(c)inadequate data(d)none
indet! ify the correct logical order to write ur name in reverse order
1.count the no of alphabets in ur name(L)
2.if L=0 stop
3.rerduce the value of L by 1
4.write the lth character
5.transfer control to the step where the value of L is reduce
(a)1,4,3,5,2(B) 1,4,3,2,5 (c)1,3,4,2,5, (d) none

six girls A,B,C,D,E & F have 10 marbles each. a & B take 4 marbles
each from D & E respectively. C gives 3 marbles to F who in turn gives 2
marbles to D & 4 marbles to E. E takes back the marbles she had given
to B and gives them to C. The equations r given below
1. A=A+4
2. B=B+4
3. D=D-4
4. E=E-4
5. F=F+3
6. F=F-2
7. F=F-4
8. C=C-3
9. D=D+2
10. E=E+4
11. B=B-4
1! 2. C=C+4
The above sequence of steps are
a)Complete b)Incomplete c)Incorrect d)none
Subtract 3 from the number X. Multiply the result by 3, Add 3 & then
divide this result by 3. The final result is
Ans:a a) X-2 b)X+2 c)X+1 d) X

47.Given a sentence which has only lower case letters and which endswith
a period (.), you r asked to count the number of vowels & consonants.
The logical sequence of steps r given below. Arrange them in correct order.
1. If character = a,e,i,o or u increse VC by 1 else increase CC by 
2. Print VC,CC
3. Read a character
4. If character read is . then go to print VC,CC
5. Go to read a character
6. Stop
7. Initialise VC & CC to 0
ur logical sequence of steps r
a)7,3,4,1,5,2,6 b)7,4,3,1,2,5,6 c)7,3,4,! 5,1,2,6 d)none
1.number of units consumed(NUC) = Closing reading - Opening 
2. if NUC is less than 100 units then 5
3. if NUC is less than 200 units then 6
4. if NUC is less than 300 units then 7
6.CHARGE = 100+(NUC-100)*2
7.CHARGE=300 +(NUC -200)*3
8. Print CHARGE
if the opening reading is 785 and the Closing reading is 865, 
a)80 b)60 c)-60 d)None

ans: d


ans: c)3,7,1,2,5,6,4



ans:b(prints multiplication table from 1 to 10)

Full Selection process

1) Written Test->15 qns/30 mins/with negative marking [ 700 students wrote-300 got through ]
2) Group Discussion->Satyam's Main Elimination round [ 142 got through ]
3) Interviews,HR and Tech at the same time [ 85 got through finally ]

Written Test

The written test consisted of questions which tested your core logic.The quesitons are all written in a twisted way,so if you are nervous in the beginning itself,then time may go VERY FAST.Write the test as if there is nothing to lose and in a relaxed manner;you will get through very easily.These are the questions i remember.

#1)You will be given about 9 sentences like..
1) This sentence is.
2) After this sentence,4 sentences may follow
3) This sentence is being referred to by 2 other sentences
4) This is the first sentence in the paragraph
You had to identify the correct sequence of sentences.For eg:,its damn sure that (4) is the first sentence..likewise you had to writte the complete order 

#2) A sentence was given and you had to calculate the number of a's, b's. c's.

#3) A quantitative question based on speed and distance

#4) Another very easy quantitative based on numbers

#5) There was some material in bags of different weights...like 18kg,15kg,20kg etc...Two persons bought a total of 5 bags,but the total weight bought by one was double the weights of other person.Find out the weights of individual persons.

Hint:dont go for complex formulas and all.Check out the choices given and see which choice corresponds to "one person having double the weight of other"

#6) A large paragraph was given.And the numbers in it was given in base 3.You had to calculate the number of 0's,1's,2's and express them in base 3 itself.

#7) A supermarket tagged the item price ,based on the following code(iam giving you a sample only,i cant remember the exact values)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For eg:Rs769 was coded as ROD.

Now one day,they changed the code to:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Next 4 questions were based on this.

Under the new code system,whats the code for Rs 482?-->BTF

#8) Similar question..they gave the code and asked to write down the price

#9) A salesman made a mistake and coded the system according to old-code-system.You had to find the difference in price if it was coded in the new-code-system 

#10) There are a few alphabets common to both the systems.Identify those[ans:here it isTSP]

#11) There were 4 guys [say A,B,C,D] and they could send e-mails to each other through these ways.

A can send directly to C
C can send directly to D
A can send directly to B
D could send directly to C

Now,they asked whats the best way for A to send mails to B..!Ofcourse the answer was A to B directly in this case,but they may fool you with indirect paths.

#12) One had to make a fence with poles 5 feet apart.But when he did that,he found out that there were 4 poles extra.So he relaid the fence with poles 7 feet apart and all the poles fit in correctly.Find out the length of the fence.

70ft / 77 ft /73 feet/none of these.

I guess the answer is none-of-these,because the answer should divide completely by 7 and at the same time,leave a remainder of 4 when divided by 5.

I dont remember the rest of the 3 questions.

Group Discussion

They divided 300 into 30 groups with 10 each,though there were some extra people in some groups.The topics were 'Importance of UN in world peace','Environmental Pollution','Sports'..[the team had the option to select].This is said to be the main-elimination-round of Satyam,so make sure you speak something.Dont get tensed because,even for me,this was my first GD and i went in as if there was nothing to loose.And i spoke about 2 sentences thats all.Also keep in mind the basic rules of GD.It also depended a lot on the group performance.Even if you are getting stuck somewhere and think that i GOT TO speak something,dont jump in and interfere,because if the group performs moderately well,then a large number may get in.From our group of 12,seven got selected,whereas in other groups,as little as 1-2 were selected.We guys were not super-guys-with-excellent-communication-skills,but normal people who could manage some english!And dont show off,for sure you will get eliminated.


Interview was both tech and hr.Iam just giving you the questions which i got and many others which i overheard from others.


*Describe about your project
*What makes Java,platform independent?
*Whats bite-code?
*Default kernel of redhat 7.2?[2.4.7-10]
*Difference between C and C++
*Whats a volatile and transient modifier?
*Does JAVA have pointers?[yes they have,but its implemented internally]
*Difference between C++ and JAVA?
*Whats the equivalent of JAVA in internet today?
*Whats JNI?
*Main data types in C[auto,register,extern,static]
*Whats object-orientation?
*How does JAVA implement multiple inheritance?[extends classes & implements interfaces]


*Why do you want to join Satyam?
*Describe about yourself
*Your long term plans

The recruitment process consisted of 3 rounds.
1. Written test
2. Group Discussion
3. Interview

1. Written test was of 30 minutes, 15 questions. +1 or
-1/4 (negative correction was there)
The paper was of Logical Aptitude
Some questions were very easy like-
one-third of a number is also half. (Ans.3/2)
arranging the sentences in a sequence.
counting the number of a's, b's, i's etc in a sentence
decoding the codes.(some numbers and corresponding
letters for them will be given - very easy - new code
and old codes will be there)
5 ltr and 3 ltr, will be there 4 ltr has to be
Some questions were confusing. Don't attempt the
questions if u r not sure.

I think for this paper, you can't have a book to
refer. It depends on how u analyse the questions at
that time. Be cool, don't get tensed.

2.Group Discussion for those who clear the test.
I got the topic-"Why is Indian Hockey limping"
You have to speak and tell something different(
hightlight a point which is not made by other members
of the group). I think they see leadership quality, 
Taking Initiative etc.

I came to know the two other topics, which were -
"UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".

If u clear this round u will move on to interview.

3. It consists of HR and technical interview.- both
will be held at the same time by two people
In HR interview they ask questions like - tell about
yourself, your parents, brothers, sisters. why should
I recruit u?, What r your interests, hobbies-quesitons
on that.

In technical interview I was asked questions on -
circular linked list, OOPs features(encapsulation,
inheritance etc.), How a C program will be executed?
(First preprocessing, compiling etc.), Difference
between Java and C++, about bite code, threads and
process, applets, Virtual functions, abstract class,
public, private, protected, etc. 

I heard that some people were asked questions on
DBMS, microprocessors, C, OS

Questions on your project.

While answering be confident, if don't know the answer
admit frankly.

the selection procedure :
it includes 3 rounds: written+gd+Interview(hr+tech)

written test: 30 min test, 15Q's of analytical ability with -ve marking of 1/4 marks.I f u ans 6-7 Q's correctly, then u will hav high chances for qualifying,i met people who attempted 6-7 q's and i saw them thru. Barrons GMAT would be a great help for the aspirants.

GD:7-8 people in a group,they will allot 12-15 min.,for me it was 12 min. 10 min for citing views and 2min for conclusion.My topic was , " whether the brand name is a way of life or not?, the other topics were as follows:

India gifted the WorldCup toAustralia or not?
gd shud be the part of selection process..?

Follow the basic rules of gd and do hav a say in the conclusion.... and Please do not interfere!!!!!!! GD is the man elimination round for the Satyam..so B careful

HR+TECH: This is the easiest and the coolest part of the process..Basically Q's o ur Project and basics of C,C++ and Java.Most frequently asked Q's
Diff. b/w C++ & Java,conectivity of VB with Database,etc...

Note: IF u are unable to ans few Q's..say sorry..dont try to beat around the bush..I fu are not answering 2-3 Q's it does't mean..tht ur going to fail..while interiewing hey basically check ur comm. skills and confidence. so b confident.

PS: Satyam is going to recruit again next month..its a massive recrui. drive so oppur. is there..

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