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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Paper- ON 16th AT CHENNAI

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Satyam Placement Paper- ON 16th AT CHENNAI



hello friends
i am karthik kumar,  i attended  satyam  interview  on  16th march 2007  in  vel tech  college - off campus,  and  happy to  say that  i got placed  in  satyam... i am  eager  to  share  my  experience  with  freshersworld site  .......
interview  pattern:

16th mar 07 --- online test. (no  written).
17th mar 07 --- morning --- GD.
                         evening  --- tech HR + HR (combined).

friends on the day  before  i went  for interview  i prepared  myself, by  reading  the  experiences  of  those who  submitted  it on  this site. 
 so,  i hope  that  my  experience   will also   help  u....
1.  ONLINE EXAM - attended = 2000

16 march - my batch is scheduled  on  12 noon, but  its  delayed &  started  on  3 pm.
we  were  seated  in  the cs lab, where all  systems  are  connected  with  admin.
total questions : 15
marks : 30 (marks divided as per  tough  level as  1,2,3 marks.
i cant remeber  which question  carried  how much  marks, so i am giving  some of   questions  which  i remember,
also  there  is  no  agarwal  based  questions  all  general  questions . BUT  GET  IDEA  4M   AGARWAL BOOK
1. rivers  a,b,c,d,e  they wil give some conditions (a is bigger than d, e is biggr than c but short than d)  u should find which one is shortest.
    (easiest)--------ans : e
2. average finding  sum--- easy  to find  4m  the  choices given.
3. X runs at  4kmph, Y  runs at  4.5 kmph. at what  time  they  wil  get  separated  by  8.5 kms
    ans  :  17hrs
4 .number  series sum -  head  breaking (3 marks)
5. In a pond  there  was  2 lilly  on  31 jan 2000,  4  lilly on  1 feb 2000,  8  lilly  on  3 feb 2000, and  on 28 feb 2000  the  pond  was  full of  lillies,     to find  on which  day  there  was  8-digit  number  of lillies.    -------   i didnt  do  it.
6. in a  party  there was  10 members,each  one should  shake hands  with  others.....to find how many  hands  were  shaked. hint to do this : permutation & combination.
7. hari  has 75 rs.  he  went  to  market  to buy  greeting  cards  he  found  two  varietes  of  cards 2rs.  and  5rs.  he  need  to  buy  both  type,  and  should  spent  entire  74rs. how many possible  ways  he  can  buy  those   greetings
8. compound  interest  problem  to  find  amount


friends  skip  the  tough  questions  and  first complete  1 marks,then  2 marks, then  go  ahead  to  3 marks, i  left  two 3marks,
and  one  2 marks. the results  were  announced  i  got  my name  announced..

2.  GD - attended =  350
my  topic  was  "womens  r  mens -  who r better  managers" - we  discussed & selected  it..
my  panel  consisted  of  9 students, our  moderator   is  a lady, she  encouraged  us a lot
one guy  initiated  and  he talked  for  a minute
next  guy  started  and  talked  for  2 mins.  his  points  worthless, HR  stopped  him. (result : eliminated)
next  i  started  and  said  that  neither men or women, only  the  qualities  with  them  matters,
then  some  3  talked.......  later  i  mentioned  that  indira nooye  - CEO  of  pepsi  is a lady & she  guides  pepsi  towards  profit........
 later those  who  earlier  talked  again  quoted  their  points,  then  i started  &  i told a  story that  "A child went  to a balloon vendor
and  asked  that  which color  goes  higher, he replied  that the color  doesnt   matters  only  air  inside  matters".......
then  moderator  called  names  of  those  who didnt  talked  and  asked  about  their  views (result : eliminated)
----------------results came  after  lunch-------------only  3  got  selected,& i am the one in that------------
some other  topics:
old india vs  new  india
impact  of  media  on  youth
love marriages
bpo,s  in  india

1. dont make hr to call ur name,  to speak
2. speak  within  3-4  to  grab  attention  of  moderator
3. dont  talk  tooooo  much  total gd  time  is  5-10 mins.
4. give  eg.  or  small  stories  or  short  proverbs  only  if  it is  related  to  topic......

if  u cleared  GD  in  satyam (ur  gd  marks  also  is  considered  in Hr)   and  if ur  good  to  tackle  hr's   questions, then  easily  u can  clear  Hr....

3.  HR - attended = 152
they  will provide  one  satyam  form like  a  complete resume,  no need  of  ur  resumes, they  asked  to mention  current  arrears,one  of  my  collegemate  mentioned  his arrear and  his hr  told  that  him  that  he  wont  select  him  bcz  of  his  current  arrear -- even  he  had  1. 
also  the application  has questions   to  fill  like ----  why  satyam  shoul  hire  u, after 5 years  where can  i  see u,  wat  makes  u  to  aspire  to satyam.

i am a non-it  student  (E & i)  so  they  didnt  asked  about  C, computer based questions  but  its  my  case  dont  always  rely  on  this.....
hav  some  knowledge  on  C.
i  met  the  Hr  on  7:30  pm 
1st  he  asked  tell me  about  yourself ?
about  my  special interests r hobbies
y  software  y not  core ?
my  interested  topic  in  syllabus,  and  some  questions  on  it
finally  any  questions - i asked  about  training  and  the  domain.......

totally  my  hr  was  around   5 mins, but  those  who  went  earlier  faced  10 - 15 mins.
at  9:30 pm  they  announced  results---------i was  horribly tensed-------at last  the  moment  came- from  then  i  am a satyamite---------pay = 2.5  per annum------3 months training - hyderabad-


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