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Sutherland Placement Paper


1.what is system restore ?
It keeps the mirror image of the system ... when the system crashes,
can bring back the system to the point to which the
system restore point was made...system restore option is availabe
on windows xp and windows ME....path :
start>program>accesssories>systemtools>systemres tore

2.what is restore and backup
Backup is used to take the backup of large file which cannot be
on single floopy....backup option will ask you to put
another floppy once it completes the saving of data in first
floppy...backup option allows to use more than one flooppy to store
large size.... Restore option work in the same way as backup, it
restore all the data that are saved using backup...path -
start>program>accesssories>systemtools>backup> ; backup or restore

3.how will u connect new device to computer
The connection may be hot swappable or plug and play....if the
connection is hot swappable then we need to load the driver
program and restart is not required..if the connection is plug and
,then it will automatically load the driver program and it
require restart.

4.what is msconfig
msconfig is an system configuration utility...it has
system.ini,win.ini,boot.ini,services,startup ...all system files are
modified in
msconfig...path - start>run>msconfig

5.what is registry

hardware and software part of the system are are stored in
regisrty...we can get into registry editor my typing regedit in the
window...the changes that we make in registry will directly affect

6.what is virus
its an unwanted program or mallaeous threat that piggy bags with the
application and spread in the computer...

7.who will u install and uninstalll software

to uninstall any software - start>settings>control panel>add or
programs> select the program to uninstal ( change or
to install any software , insert the CD in drive , click on setup
for online installation, get online and download the software and
click on setup

8.how will u do system restore in win 98
system restore is availabe only in windows xp and windows
restore can be done on win 98,2000 by typing
scanreg in run window..

9 .diff between win 98,xp

windows 98 support fat 16 and fat 32 file system ...it doesnot
ntfs file system...no firewall...no system restore
win xp support ntfs file system..it has inbuilt firewall...it has
system restore

10.what is device manager, how will u go to device manager

device manager control all the hardware devices of the computer like
adapter,monitor,sound,video and games controller.
path: right click on my computer icon on desktop ,select properties,
then select hardware and click on device manager
or start>control panel> adminstrative tools> computer management>
device manager

11.how will u create system restore point?
start>program>accesssories>systemtools>systemres tore....clcik on
restore , give name for restore point, it willl create
the backup of that time as an point ..

12.what is disk cleanup,how will u do ?
disk clean up will clean all the unwanted temporary
files,cookies,histories etc...right click on drive ,select property
and click
disk clean
or go to start>program>accesssories>systemtools>disk cleanup

13.what is defragmentation

It arrange the cross-linked cluster....it arrange the files in such
manner that we can access the file in faster mode...
start>program>accesssories>systemtools>defragmen tation

14.how will u find full syetm information
start>program>accesssories>systemtools>syetm information.....OS
name,system name ,system model etc

15.what is safe mode
safe mode will boot the operating system with minimum
the F8 key while the system starts..u can find the
option save mode..click on it to boot under save mode

16.what is LKGN-last know good configuration
LKGC- least know good configuration , it will boot the system with
know good configuration

17.what is recovery disk, rescue disk
when the system do not boot up or cannot start windows, we use
disk ... refer goole.com or ur friends for this

18.how will u close all running programs of windows?
use Alt+Clt+Del key...end task all the running application

19. what is virtual memory

virtual memory is small space in the hard drive which is used to as

20.quest on hardware like serial port , parallel port ,
printer,monitor are connected to parallel port.....mouse ,keyboard
connected via serial port

20 how many hard drives can be connected to single computer
4 hard drives can be connected through IDE controller

21.what is scsi -SCSI devices can communicate independently from the
CPU over the SCSI bus. This is due to the fact that
each device has its own embedded controller. Data can then be
transferred at high-speeds between the devices without taking
any CPU power. IDE, likewise, uses controllers on each device, but
cannot operate at the same time and they do not
support command queuing

22.what is jumper

jumper are used in hard drives in order to select hard drive as
or master...generally they are used to reset the power (i

23.what is IDE or EIDE

integraed development environment or enhanced IDE..its used to
hard drive

24.minimum configuration to install winxp,98 ..
search the net or A+ book

25.what are the Hkeys in registry
HKEY_current_user,HKEY_local_machine,HKEY_user,HKEY_current_ config,HK

26. what is computer management and how willl u go there
it manages system tools,device manager,storage,servies and
application...double click on control panel>adminstrative toool>
computer management

27.what is event viewer
event viewer has application,security, and system....it keeps track
all events happend to the system i.e) event like
application,security, and system.

28.what is doctor watson
29.boot process for windows

30. waht are the 3 files in boot process

32.differnt bbetween windows os and macintosh
macintosh has CPU in the monitor itself.....refer net

33. types of virus
boot sector virus, file virus , in memory virus

34. file system -ntfs,fat16 and fat 32
NTFS-new technology file system
FAT-file allocation table
NTFS allow file compression and encryption
FAT dones not have file compression and encryption, fat16 have 2^16
address line,fat32 has 2^32 address line

35.what is bus,address bus and data bus
36.what is temporary file,cookies
temporary files are created while browsing the net, these files
normally have the adress for the internet web link....cookies have
the address of webpage and cookies allow low internet traffic..
37.what is cell,sector,cluster,track,platter
cluster- collection of cell,
sector-collection of cluster
track- collection of sector
platter-collection of track

38.Ram,rom memory
RAm-random access memory - temporary memory, volatile memory
ROM-read only memory-permanent memory, non-volatile memory

39..general questions on operating system, memory , hardware

40.extension of the files etc.

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