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Get 30,000 Interview Questions & Answers in an eBook.

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New

Home » Placement Papers » Syntel Placement Papers » Syntel Placement Paper

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New


Syntel Placement Paper


Syntel Placement Paper


Syntel Paper pattern:

Verbal(25 questions), Quantitative (45 questions), analytical (30 questions)

For verbal refer to Barons most frequently used words...
Quans : R.S Agarwal (Quantitative Aptitude)...
Analys: Barons...

SYNTEL Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 5


Ratios and proportions, Train problems, Simple and
Compound interest, Area Volume problems, Ages problem

Venn Diagram problems, Graphical problems ( e.x Bar
chart ) , Seating arrangement problem, Flow Chart.

Next round is Interview:

Basically a General Interview

Questions on ur Project details, Questions on personal

Patteren is same as set no 1
1.English ( 25 ques, 15 mins)
2. Aptitude.(45 ques, 30 mins)
3. Reasoning and a flowchart(30 ques, 30 mins)
some of questions i rememberd are
( English)
1 celeberate:marriage::
a. window:bedroom b. lument:barevemant
c. pot:pan d. face:penalty

2. neglegent:requirement::
remises:duty cognet:argument
easy:hard careful:position
3 Germ:disease::
man:women doctor:medicine
war:destrustion shopkeeper:goods
4 bouquet:flower::
skin:body chain:link
product:factory page:book
club:people page:book
product:factory picture:paper
select most oppsite word from the list (there are 5 options)
1 sedate answer=a. unify, b. inmmunize, c. recupenate, d. stimulate, e. injure
2 sequester ( options not known)
3 equanimity
4 apathetic
5 dislodge
some questions repeated from aptitude (earliar)
1 One monkey climbs a poll at the rate of 6mts/min
and fell down 3mts in the alternately. Length of the poll is 60 mts ,
how much time it will take to reach the top?
a. 31 b.33 c.37 d.40 (ans: 37)
2 Two successive discounts of 20% and 15% is equal to a net
discount of .....
a 30 b 35 c d

3 A person starts with the speed of u/1 kmph and returns with
the speed of u/2 kmph, what is his average speed.
4. X men work for X days to produce X products, then Y men can
produce Y products in ---- days.

We had a Syntel test. The test had 3 sections:
1. English (25 questions in 15 minutes).
2. Quantitative Ability (50 questions in 30 minutes).
3. Reasoning (25 questions in 30 minutes).

For English, practice the Test Papers of Barrons GRE Guide. The entire paper was copied word-by-word from there. Also few questions were a repeat from the old papers.

The toughest part was the Maths section. TIME IS A REAL CONSTRAINT. Practice to attempt questions real fast. The questions were of R S Agarwal pattern. Some of them were a repeat. I remember few questions:

1. If A can do a work in 12 days, B in 24 days and C in 6 days, then how many days will they take to finish the job together.

2. Travelling at 3/4 of his speed, a man is 20 minutes late. Calculate his original speed.

The reasoning part was easy. Most of the questions were on the alphabet series. Like if the alphabets of English are reversed then which would be the letter from the 7th and so on.

Try to attempt 50% questions from each section if you wich to get a cll for interview. Trying to attempt all the questions is foolishness.

Then they give Section 1- Verbal-15mins

Lastly,Section 3- Logical Reasoning.-45mins.

The questions are quite easy,if u go thru RSAgarwal u wud be able to answer the questions but the problem is u need to be really really fast in answering the question...Verbal was also quite tough u need to go thru GRE book I guess....Logical Reasoning was quite cool for most of the questions the choice 'a' was the answer so didn;t have to bother going thru the other choices.I wasn't able to complete the paper as I told u Speed is essential...

To be specific there were qns on

"Trains","Compound Interest"(4-5 qns in this),"Time and Work"(if A does in so many days,B does in so many days how long will A+B take kinds!),"Proportion"(if u mix so much sugar in -litres of water what is the percentage of sugar in the soln...!),

a,b are prime nos, a=b+2 is a an odd number(yes/no?)

I think the answer is Yes.

In Verbal give antonyms for waffle,dissonance,Chagrin....

Relations:- Sartorial:Tailor ; Feud : ----------;

and Some fill in the blanks.

They selected some 38 ppl for the Interview by 1.30pm .I got selected for the Interview.Interview was held the same day.

Interview was purely HR he asked questions like;

Brief me about what u have done after ur 12th

What do u consider as ur Strengths

What was ur project on?

What are ur software skills?

Are u strong in ur Technical Skills(I said yes,he didn't ask me tech. qns.)

The placement was for the position of "Programmer",placement will be in Mumbai or Pune.

1st one month will be Training on Mainframes,Languages etc....from 9am to 11pm!!!!!

Then u wud be put into live projects.

3 sections
No Negative Marking
Section I - Verbal - 25 qns - 15 mins
Section II - Quantitative Aptitude - 30 qns - 45 mins
Section III - Logical Reasoning - 30 qns - 30 mins

Total 85qns - 90 Mins

Section - I - Verbal - 25 qns in 15 mins, refer Barron's GRE guide.

Fill up the sentences
Find the Word that has to be replaced
Form a Sentence and find the last word

Section - II - Quantitative Aptitude 30 qns in 45mins - please refer Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal to prepare.

few qns i remember are

The highest Score in an innings was 3/11 of the total and the next highest was 3/11 of the reminder. If the scores differed by 9, find the total score.
a) 151 b) 161 c) 121 a d) 101 e) 137
Ans: c
A boy was asked to multiply a certain number by 53. He multiplied it by 35 and got his answer less than the correct one by 1206. Find the number to be multiplied.
a) 37 b) 67 a c) 87 d) 97 e) 107
Ans: 67
A Problem like this not exactly the same but on same model.
If the manufacturer gains 10 %, the wholesale dealer 15 % and the retailer 25 % then the cost of Production of a table, if the retail price is Rs.1265
a) 632.50 b) 800 c) 814 d) 834.24
Ans: b
A trader marks his goods up by 50% and declares two successive discounts of 20% each. What is his overall gain?
a) 10% gain b) 4% gain c) 4% loss (A) d) 10% loss e) No loss No gain
Train Problems - 3 as finding speed of train, how many secs it will cross each other etc.

Age problems -3 , find mothers age,fathers age etc.

Statistics Problems(probability) as A-this much , B-This Much, A n B-this much and A u B - ?

Angle Problems which deals with triangle - 3 problems.

Section III - Logical reasoning - 30 qns in 30 mins.

Tower of Hanoi Problem - Ans : 7

problem on fig. find the shaded area, square of size 14cm.. ans: 42

problem on symmetric fig ;; ans less than the 1172(check) .

Blood Relation Problems - 3

Then a passage is given on blood relation and 4 qns asked
how many male: ans -4 and few etc.

Find odd man out of the given series - 3 problems
pretty simple put A-Z and number them 1-26 and then u can find easily odd man out.

Find the missing letter - was a bit tough to establish relation - 3 problems

u have 3 figure -based on the figures ques asked.. easy one..
eg: Fig Triangle means Strong Fig Square means Tall Fig Circle means Fair.
Ques asked is find the number that represents Strong Tall and Fair persons.. easy one ..
ANs : 4
ANother question Women,Sub inspector,graduates - Ans: 3

An Flow Chart - GIven Units - 250
find final Value with formulae - (units*1.25) and few calculations like this Ans:506.25

And two tedious flow charts couldn't remember them and the answers.




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