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Home » Placement Papers » Syntel Placement Papers »Syntel Placement Paper-23 Aug 2003,Kochin

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Syntel Placement Paper-23 Aug 2003,Kochin


SYNTEL Placement Paper-23  Aug 2003,Kochin

syntel questions shreds cochin 23RD august
section I: 25 questions (ENGLISH) in 15 minutes
section II: 45 questions (QUANTITATIVE) in 45 minutes
section III: 30 questons (REASONING) in 30 minutes

we were first asked to do section II and then section I.....


Qn 1.) (this was the first question)
Maximum numbers that can be formed using all the 4 digits 6 4 8 1 without repetition and which is divisible by 9.( ans none)

2.) Find the number of sides of a regular convex polygon whose angle is 40degrees.

3.) a+b+c=0, then roots of ax^2+bx+c=0 is
1.imag    2.real   3.coincidental  4.zero

4.) Difference b/w the compound interest and simple interest for
Rs.2500  for 2 years is given-----. find the rate of interest.

5.) there was one more question on S.I and C.I

6.) the minimum number by which 60 is to be multiplied to generate a square.
ans 15

7.)  A monkey climbs 6 mts  and falls 3mts in alternate minutes.Then time taken to climb a tree 60metres high?
a. 35   b.37  c.32   d.34 (think the answer is 37)

8.) (This was the second last question) A bucket contains z drops. and it leaks x drops in t secs.then the time required to empty the bucket(in minutes)?

9.) 6 pipes fill or empty the cistern. find the number of emptying pipes iff it takes 18hrs to fill and 18 hrs to empty..

10.)  the largest no: which is a factor of 1080 and 729

11.) No: of spheres of radius 1 that can be got from sphere of radius (or diameter don't recall) 8

12.) (think the last but three question)Travelling at 3/4th the speed a man is 20 minutes later then speed is??

13.) there are 6 keys and 6 locks. then number of combinations to be tried out to get the actual solution
a. 5^6  b.6^5 (don't remember the rest)

14.) choosing 2 people out of 10 in how many combinations can a particular person(some name) be always included..

15.) from  6 white balls and 7 black balls probability that 2 balls drawn at random are of the same color?

16.) if a sales man gets successive gain of 15% and 20% then his actual gain?
ans.  38

17.) a string of pearls such that 1/3 is lost  and of that 1/4th is missing, remaining is 20 then actual number of pearls?
ans.  40

18.) a man gets a gain of x%. but if he had sold at twice the cost price, what will be his gain?(question not sure)
a. 2x     b.200-2x   c.100+x (not sure of the options)

19.) a clock was 7mts behind the actual time on 3 p.m. on wednesday and 8 mts ahead of actual time on (not sure) 4 p.m. friday. when will it show the correct time?

20.) boat moves upstream in 6 hrs and covers the same distance downstream in 5 hrs. then speed of a raft floating?(accuracy of question not sure)

21.) (this was the last question)  no idea what it stands for.. some kind of notation like S(P(M((D(a,b),2))):P(M(S(D(a,b),.. options were
1. ab         2.(a-b)^2           3.(a+b)^2           4.none

22.) if x men working x hrs per day can do x units of work in x days, then y men working y hrs/day would be able to complete how many units of work i y  days?
ans.  y^3/x^2 (question in R.S. Agarwal)

23.) ( this was a question in the first page of the section II booklet) a cone with radius----- and height -----. a hemisphere covers the cone such that base of hemisphere meets that of the cone. then the enclose volume..(R.S. Agarwal consists of similar questions)

24.) there was one more question on volume and surface area..

25.)  1 Rs, 50 ps , 25 ps coins are in the ratio ---------, then the number of 50 ps coins if they sum to ------Rs. (similar question in R.S.Agarwal)

26.)  there was one more question on coins i.e. abt getting a change of 10ps and 25 coins for ------Rs.(how many possible combinations or so possible)

27.) x/y+y/x=40/21(don't remember the exact value, believe this is the one) find x and y

there were 2 questions on train and one was like:
28.)  a goods train starts and after 2 hrs a passenger train at 4km/hr starts and overtakes the goods train after 4 hrs, then the speed of goods train?

29.) 15hrs of boys work=6 hrs of women's work.  3/5 of the work is done by -----boys and -----women. How much time would be the question)

32.) there was one question on triangle

33.) a figure was given a square with four corners shaded and asked to find the area of the shaded portion.. ie area of square-area of the regular octagon..

  1.)    few questions on finding out the segment of sentence which is wrong.

2.)    analogy.
                       (few i can remember)
                       1.)   celebrate::marriage
                                    ans.  lament::bereavement
                        2.)   bouquet::flowers
                                      ans.    chain::link
                        3.)    germ::disease
                                     ans.     war::destruction
                       4.)   (remember only the answer)
                                  ans.       book::pages

3.)     to fill up the blanks in the sentences with the most appropriate words..

4.)    to find the word opposite in meaning
                     (few qns i can remember)
                                1.)       equanamity
                                2.)       sequester
                                3.)      dormant
                              4.)      apathetic


1.) (last question and the easiest) a simple flowchart whose steps are as follows. value of r and h are given, a and b=0 m=pi*r*r*h n=(pi*r*r*h)/3  if (m==n) do ------else b=4*pi*r*h print a and b [DON'T REMEMBER IF conditon is m==n or m<n]

2.) (second last question this was also easy) it was abt a set of people talking 4 languages and then qns were abt who could act as a translator to whom ..

3.) there were 3 questions based on an argument given... questions were to find out which statement in the objectives given could strengthen the argument or to weaken the argument..(bit confusing)

4.) blood relationship question (I remember all the statements given, though  not the question)
    10 people in a family A B C are husbands D E F are wives altogether there are only 4 women. each family can have atmost 2 children and C has atleast 1 child. D and G are related to A. E cannot be related to H and I and J are not related.....

5.) (this consists of the most confusing set of questions) a set of statements are given and then questions were asked, the statements were like
   All A B C D E F are  Q's
   All A's are B's
---------(better leave this question for the last)

6.) Alice works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
     B  does not work on Wed
    C   works only on Tuesday and someotherday(don't remember)
    D   does not work on Friday
    E    works on all days except on  the first Monday and Thursday
     then questions like who all will be available on which days..

7.) question based on venn diagram given ..read the question properly and then answer

8.) (first question) abt 4 buses with different seating capacity.and different charges. and questions were to find out the minimum number of trips required, the maximum charge, the second highest charge etc

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