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Verifone Placement Paper



Verifone test Questions : 

There are two parts : 

1. Aptitute test : 15 Minutes, 20 Questions 

Some questions are: 
(not in order) 
1. A question (first one)on addition of fraction of inches 
a. was the answer 

2. There were 36 chairs. how many ways can they be placed such 
that all rows have equal no. of chairs and atleast three chairs 
are there in each row and there are atleast three rows. 
5 ways. 

3. There are 27 balls, of which 1 is heavier. given a balance 
how many times you need to weigh to find out the odd ball. 
3 Weighs. 

4. Product of three consecutive nos. 210. What is the sum 
of two least numbers 

5. If the area of the sqaure is increased by 69 % how 
much the length of the side will increase? 
6. if the sum of five consecutive nos. 35? how many prime nos 
are there :
2 primes. 

7. if the length of the rectangle is reduced by 20% and breath 
is increased by 20 % what is the net change ?
4 % decrease 
8. A question on sets. 
There are some 20 Basketball players & 30 Football players, 
and 25 cricket players. 1 of them plays all the three games. 
8 of them plays atleast two games. They are 50 altogether. 
How many of them plays none of the games. 
9. A question on directions. 
B is 20 miles east of A. D is 30 miles east of C. E is 10 miles 
north of D. C is 20 miles north of B. How far E is from A? 
Some 3 questions on Reasoning like, 
10. If you say that giving stock options to employees increases the 
productivity of the company, which of the following sentences 
support it. 
A) Giving stock options increases the morale of the employees 
11. Gamblers comes to the Amusement parks. There are some Amusement 
parks in each city. There are some gamblers in each city. So 
what can you infer. 
A) Amusement park always have gamblers. 

2. Technical Questions. 

i. Electrical & Electronics : 15 Questions 
1.A Circuit with nand gates. (ans. may be XOR) 

2.CMRR. relates to (options not in order) 
voltage follower 
non invering amplifier 
inverting amplifier 

3. Given a circuit , give the ouput. 
(ans. may be triangular wave.) 

4. o/p of an assembly code. 
mulitply by 11.

5. how to handle asynchronous events. 
a) polling 
b) interrrupt 

ii)Data Structures, Algo., & Complexity theory : 5 questions 
iii) OS : 5 questions 
iv) Networks and Hardware: 5 questions 
v) Databases and Misc.: 5 questions 
vi) C Pgm. : 5 questions 
some more 10 questions. 

1. if W is a sequence of strings without a and W' is its reversal 
then WaW' is accepted by: 

Context Free Grammmars 

2. Whether all recusive pgm can be writtten iteratively? 
3. What data structes you will use if you want to go to first record from 
the last and vice versa? 
doubly linked circular list 

4. Given 10000 nos. and 48MB Memory. What is the complexity of the 
efficient sorting algo.? (the algo. is not mentioned) 

5. Given a C code and ask what it does? 
code was something similar to Bubble sort and that 
particular code does the sorting in Desending order and the complexity 
is O(n^2)(which is the next question). 

A code like this is given. 
a. for(i=0;i<num;i++) 
b. for(i=num;i>0;i--) 
Assuming no code optimization and assume that the microprocessor 
has flags etc. which one is correct. 

b will execute faster. 

7. If there are too many page faults what is the problem? 

8. To ensure one pgm. doesnt corrupt other pgm. in a Multi-pgm enviornment 
what you should do? 

9. Which one you will use to implement critical section? 
Binary Semaphore 

10. Which one is not needed for Multi-processing. enviornment? 
options are: virtual memory,security,time sharing,none of the 

11. Which one is not done by Data link layer ? 
bit stuffing, LRC,CRC,parity check 

12. Which one is not related to Data link layer? 

13. Which one is not suitable for client-server application? 
tcp/ip,message passing,rpc,none of the above. 

14. What is SQL. 
Procedural Relational DB Query Language. 

15. Indexing in databases give you 
options were like 1.efficient deleting and inserting 

16. int a=1,b=2,c=3; 
What is the output? 
17. Scope of Static Variable ............ 
in a file. 

18. for(i=0; i<=10;i++,printf("%d",i)); +- (+- is there in the questions) 

20. Real Time Os should have 
a)fast context switch 
b)Virtual memory etc. 

21. Messages are transferred in some E71 code, where after 7 bits of data, 
1 bit of stopping data is to be transferred. what should be done. 
options were like 
a) send directly 
b) send after encoding 
22. There are three processes A, B, C. A sends data to B. B removes the 
header stores it and sends the data to C. C returns it to B. B receives the 
message, identifies the message and adds the header that was stored and 
sends to A.B receives the messages from C such that atmost 'm' messages 

are pending. 
Identify the best Data Structure. 

23. A question in compiler about the heap and stack allocation of memory. 

24. struct 

char a[3]; 
int b; 
char *cp; 

a) size of x is 7. 

d) cp takes the size of a pointer. 
(d ) is the ans.

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