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    Home » Placement Papers » Virtusa Placement Papers » Virtusa Placement Paper

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    Virtusa Placement Paper

    Virtusa Paper.

    section-A (5*2=10 marks)

    1.Pick out the Odd word out:


    3.101 , 101 ,107 ,119 ,137 ,_____

    section-B (4*5=20 m)

    1.Arrange the numbers 1 to 9 in any way to obtain the sum 100.
    a)Use nos 1 to 9 in the natural order of occurance.
    b)use all the 4 operators and parathesis.

    2.There are animals like goat,sheep and cow.one goat and seven sheeps eat as much as one 
    cow eats.Also, three goats and one cow eat as much as eleven sheeps.If there is some fodder 
    which is sufficient for a cow for three days,then for how many days will that fodder feed 
    the goat.

    3.There is a sphere.The volume of the sphere is (pi*theta).and the surface area 
    is (pi*gamma).where theta and gamma are five digit numbers.find the radius of the

    section -C (15 m)

    write a brief account on the measures to be taken to against the US law of stopping 
    outsourcing to India.

    section -D (4*10=40)

    writa a prg in any language:
    1. Wirte a function to accept a number 'n' and
    a)if n is negative then return -1.
    b)if n is postive and perfect number then return sqrt(n).
    c)if n is positive and not a perfect no. then return n(n+1)/2

    2.Write a prg to print in the format
    2 2
    3 3 3
    4 4 4 4
    5 5 5 5 5.

    3.double fn(double z,int y)
    double a =1.0;
    if (y%2==1)
    return a;
    what does the function do an how do you eliminate the shortcomings 
    of the function.

    4.Write a prg to generate the next number (ex:143=1^2+4^2+3^2=26)repeat this sequence
    tillyou get 1 or 4.

    B) (15 m)
    Write a prg to accept two time stamps in the given format HH:MM:SS
    using apropriate datatypes and find the difference between the time stamps in seconds.

    There were 3 sections:(In which they tested 4 skills) 

    Analytical&Logical skills 
    Programming skills 
    Writing skills 

    All the 4 skill tests are fully brain teasers. 

    The duration of the test was 2hours,and the L&A 
    Reasoning has a minimum cutoff u should clear that to 
    evaluate ur other sections. 

    The questions are as follows 
    (These are not in serial order and the information may 
    not be accurate, when specified) 

    SECTION 1 (Analytical and Logical) 

    1.1 2 3 2 5 6 7 8 3 find the next term in the series 

    2.How can u place 4 coins in 2 lines so that each line 
    should contain 3 coins 

    Ans:I wrote, it maynot be possible 

    3.Find the odd word 


    Ans:I think it is Delta, 
    Reason: as it has specific meaning(addition)and others 
    don't have such meaning,just used for representation 
    purpose.(i think so) 

    4.There was an addition given as follows 
    the solution is not encoding the entire problem but to 
    find coding for 3 alphabets 

    Key Steps: 

    5.There was a set of words given as follows 
    (I don't remember exactly but, all are the names of 
    planets in solar system with notation of each planet 
    using 3 letters) 
    The question was to find out the appropriate words in 
    the given blanks 


    6.How can u get 81 using the digits 2,3,25,50,75,100 
    only once using any of the arithmatic operators 

    Key Steps: 50+(100/75*3)+25+2 

    7.(This is a real sitter, takes a long time) 
    A man have some three types boxes viz Huge,Large,Small 
    He took 11 of huge boxes and put on a table.And at 
    random he has taken some of them and placed 8 large 
    boxes in each of the boxes.And after that he has 
    placed 8 small boxes in some large boxes at random.By 
    the end if he found 102 boxes empty, how many boxes 
    are there on the table? 

    Key Steps: 

    8.If u have a large number of Knights and a chess 
    board.The problem is to find the way of arranging the 
    Knights on the board so that no Knight attacks the 
    (He has given mathematical relations that represents 
    how a knight can move on the chess board as we know it 
    as 'L', i'm not giving such stuff) 

    Key Steps: 

    9.You are given a bunch of threads each having 
    differing length.No two thereads have same thickness 
    and no thread has same thickness all its length. But 
    it is certified that any thread when lit burns itself 
    in exactly 12 mins. 
    The question is you are asked to find an elapsed time 
    of 9 minuites.How can u find it out and how 
    manythreads do u want for this? 

    Key Steps: 

    (I think most of the questions are covered here. But 
    there may be a couple of questions left which i can't 
    remember in this Analytical and logical reasoning, OK) 

    SECTION 2 (Writing) 

    The topic to Write was on "Connecting the rivers in 

    SECTION 3 

    You can write the programs in this section using any 
    programing language 


    1.There was a pyramid given as follows 

    2 3 
    4 5 6 
    7 8 9 10 
    11 12 13 ... 

    The three dots are given as a part of the 
    The above pyramid is to be printed when input number 
    13 is given. 
    Write a program to print the above pyramid. 

    2.Write a function which returns a substring in the 
    string 'Sigma' (character given)which starts with 
    'Alpha' and ends with 'Thita' 

    3.You have a job in which you have to take time stamps 
    and store them. 
    So Write a datastructure that can minimize the storage 
    requirements of Year,Month,Date,Hour,Minuite. 

    4.Write a program to find the four digited numbers, 
    which are perfect squares, and all the digits in that 
    number are even. 

    (i think there is another program given which i don't 


    The types of problems such as prob #4 from the section 
    1, (SATURN+URANUS=PLANETS) are called cryptorithms or 
    Where an alphabet is assigned a code so that the 
    problem is to be solved using given summation. 
    Write a program to solve such questions, which prints 
    the letter and its corresponding digit that satisfies 
    the given addition. 

    This is the paper for virtusa 
    about 450 of us attende the At out of which 43 
    cleared for the GD. 
    then they had interviews - very less technical n 
    more of communication skills. 
    out of 43 only 22 cleared went for interview. 
    Finally 11 were shortlisted only 2 from r college 
    others from nearby colleges. 
    once u have cleared the AT the selection is very 

    in the AT they r only tesitng ur approach so give 
    proper reasons for the answers. questions r easy.some 
    questions i remember r 

    1.A 4 kg cuboid is reduced to 1/4th of its original 
    dimension.what will be the new weight? 
    ans: 62.5 gm 

    2.A bank pays 4% simple interest compunded annually.x 
    deposits 100$ at the beginning of each yr then what 
    will be the amount at the end of the 5th yr. 
    ans: 563(not sure) 

    3. what will be the growth of a tree whose current 
    height is 60 inches with a growth rate of 10%, at the 
    end of 3 years.the value rounded upwards. 
    ans: 81(not sure) 

    4. a frog lying in a 30 feet well climbs at the rate 
    of 3ft/hr but slips 2ft each time.how many hours 
    will it take for the frog to climb out. 
    a)26 hrs 
    b)27 hrs 
    c)28 hrs 
    d)29 hrs 
    ans: 28 (i think) 

    5. a water lily grows at a rapid rate filling the pond 
    in 20 days.how many days will it take to fill the 
    pond if we start with 2 such lilies with same growth 
    ans: 19 days 

    6. 20 people go trekking uphill.30% get frostbite n 
    leave the 1st day.of the remaining 2 get sprain n 
    giveup.of the remaining only half of them make it to 
    the top.how amny reached the top. 
    ans: 6 

    7. given a liquid n two containers of 400ml n 600 ml 
    respectively can u measure 500ml.if yes explain. 

    8. candy bars r distributed to children 3 to each 
    except the one at the end who got 2.if only 2 were 
    given to each then 8 candy bars were left.what was the 
    original no of candy bars. 

    9. many rules r given n the valid statement is asked. 
    ans: the last option. 

    10. many designs r given n the next possible one is 
    chosen.very easy to do with little imagination. 

    11. numbers in a sequence n encrypting letters also 
    was there. 

    C section-3 questions were given but better to attend 

    1.when a user inputs values, if it is even perform a 
    divide by 2, else perform n*n-1 and store them in a 
    sequence.the output must be the largest power of 2 in 
    the given sequence. 

    2.write a prog to generate pythagorian triads of the 
    form a^2+b^2=c^2.eg3,4,6. 
    the sequence should not repeat by changing the order 
    of the numbers like 4,3,6. 

    3.a prog is given n we have to check if legal or not. 
    if not correct it or describe its working.the prog 
    looked like a fibonacci generating sequence.

    New Click here to Download 2016 Latest placement papers of this company New


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