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Virtusa Placement Paper


Analytical and Logical reasoning.

1)find the next number in the sequence
2)4 coins arrange them in 2 lines ,such that each line contains 3 coins

3)Find the odd one out

4)Find the odd one out



Answer: rth,nus

6)There are few ropes,which vary in size,length and thickness and all its characteristics.Each rope takes 12 minutes to burn irrespective of all its characteristics.
Find the number of ropes required,if the elapsed time is 9 minutes.

7)1,2,25,50,75,100 .With these numbers evaluate 81,each number can be used only once.

8)there are few huge,large and small boxes.Out of the 11 boxes I randomly select few of them,and then put in each of them 8 large boxes and select randomly few of these large boxes and put 8 small boxes in each of the selected large boxex.If 102 boxes are left empty on the table.Find the total number of boxes in the table.

Section 2:Writing Skills

Advantages of interlinking rivers in India,this article to be published in a journal to be read by computer professionals.Shud be only 1 page.

Section 3:Programming

1)Program to print all 4 digit perfect squares.Such that each digit in the perfect sqare is a even number.

2) print the following pyramid

2 3 
4 5 6
7 8 9 10
11 12 13 . ..

Input to the program is 13. 

3)Program which prints a substring of the give string.
A function which has a string, staring character and an ending character.
For example: madhuri
Starting character : a
Ending character: r
Output of the function shud be: adhur


Write a program ,a file which has the problem and a file which contains the solution to such cryptogorical problems.Find the value of each letter,no alphabet has the same value.Each alphabet has unique value.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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