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  • Kill Statement
       1648 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The Kill statement deletes files. The required pathname argument must be absolute and include the dr... (description truncated) Read More
  • MkDatabase Function
       1474 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The MkDatabase statement creates an empty Microsoft Access database. The required argument pathname ... (description truncated) Read More
  • MkDir Statement
       1562 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The MkDir statement creates a new directory or folder. The required path argument must be absolute a... (description truncated) Read More
  • MkFile Statement
       1248 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The MkFile statement creates a file on the server. The MkFile statement has one required argument, p... (description truncated) Read More
  • RmDir Statement
       1514 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The RmDir statement deletes a directory or folder. The required path argument must be absolute and i... (description truncated) Read More
  • Search Function
       1371 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The Search function recursively searches all files on a hard drive for a specific phrase from a spec... (description truncated) Read More
  • SetAttr Statement
       1508 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The SetAttr statement sets the attributes of a file or folder. There are two required arguments, p... (description truncated) Read More
  • Title Function
       1534 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The Title function returns a string representing the title of a web page. It specifically scans a we... (description truncated) Read More
  • WriteLog Statement
       1450 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    The WriteLog statement writes a line of text into a log file. The WriteLog statement automatically i... (description truncated) Read More
  • When was a file last modified?
       1466 Hits Since Jan 1, 2004
    Checks when this file was last modified.
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