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    Home » Webmaster Resources » Search Engine Optimization Information

    Google, MSN, Yahoo Search Engine Optimization


    Search Engine Optimization Analysis - Attributes and Tags - their effects on major search engines
    Url (domain name)
    INFLUENCES: All search engines, DirectHit (did not recognize URLs with: (?), (=), (@), (&), (cgi-), (CGI-), or (javascript))
    Alt tag
    INFLUENCES:AltaVista, Google, Hotbot, Msn, Yahoo
    Comment tag
    Title attribute a href="..." title="..."
    Title tag
    INFLUENCES: Google (prioritizes - keyword proximity, keyword order, exact keyword form, first 70 characters -including spaces ) All search engines
    Meta Description
    INFLUENCES: Altavista, Aol, Excite, Fast, Google, Lycos, HotBot, iWon, Msn, Yahoo
    Meta Keywords
    INFLUENCES:Altavista, Fast, HotBot, iWon, Yahoo
    Keywords in Heading H1-H6
    INFLUENCES: All search engines
    Keywords in Body Text (beginning text has more impact)
    INFLUENCES: All search engines
    INFLUENCES: Altavista,Fast, Google, Hotbot, iWon, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo! Northern Light,
    Link Popularity
    INFLUENCES: Aol, Google (priority - called " PageRank" Check Page Rank), All search engines with varying degrees
    Popularity of Links
    INFLUENCES: Aol, Ask, Google, MSN, Teoma
    Text in Backwards/ External Links
    INFLUENCES: Aol, Google (Priority), AltaVista, Fast, Lycos Yahoo
    Neural Network / RankNet (Vectorization)
    Subject-Specific PopularitySM (link popularity + website theme of backward links)
    INFLUENCES: Ask, Teoma
    Themes of Website
    INFLUENCES:Ask, Google, Teoma
    Click Popularity
    INFLUENCES: Ask, Google, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo
    ( Google provides "The "Sponsored" search results for AskJeeves, Aol.
    ( Yahoo Marketing Services (formerly Overture, GoTo) provides "Sponsored" search results for AlltheWeb, AltaVista, IWon, Lycos, Msn, Yahoo.

    Search Engine Optimization Techniques Considered Spam by Search Engines

    • tiny text
    • meta refresh redirect tags
    • javascript redirects
    • invisible text (text same as background color)
    • excessive repetition of keywords
    • Very slow loading pages
    • using irrelevant keywords
    • submission of nearly identical web pages
    • Cloaking - the search engine and the end user does not view the same page
    • Link Spam Creations Software

    ( Inktomi provides search results for: About, AllTheWeb,AltaVisata, HotBot, Lycos, MSN Web Search Yahoo Marketing Services (formerly Overture, GoTo),Yahoo!.
    ( Google provides Web search results for: AOL, EarthLink, Go(Infoseek), IWon, Netscape, Yahoo! (images).
    ( Inktomi (Yahoo!) provides search results for: About, Altavista, HotBot, MSN Web Search (tweaked SERPs), Yahoo! (tweaked SERPs).
    ( Excite, Webcrawler are Meta Search Engines searching: Google, Fast, Ask Jeeves, Inktomi, About, Looksmart, Find What, Overture
    ( Looksmart provides Web search results for: About
    ( HotBot is a Meta Search Engine searching: Fast, Google, Inktomi, Teoma -optionally-).
    ( WiseNut provides search results (Web) for: LookSmart.
    ( Ask provides search results (Web) for: Lycos Teoma.
    ( Yahoo Owns: Overture, Inktomi, AllTheWeb, AltaVista)

    Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool
    term: search engines

    Searches done in November 2004
    Count Search Term

    Searches done in November 2005
     1178819  search engine marketing
     898004  google search engine
     803248  search engine
     185091  search engine submission
     109717  search engine placement
     95500  search engine optimization
     91584  search engine ranking
     89343  google search engine home page
     77640  search engine positioning
     48190  top search engine ranking
     33368  lyric search engine
     31668  search engine optimization company
     31450  search engine position
     29066  google search engine usa
     28103  internet search engine
     26621  pay per click search engine
     26082  higher search engine ranking
     25992  search engine optimization service
     22810  web search engine
     20492  yahoo search engine
     20466  job search engine
     20362  top search engine
     18649  ppc search engine
     17546  adult search engine
     15841  dog pile search engine
     15664  search engine promotion
     15299  search engine optimisation
     14049  ask jeeves search engine
     13860  improved search engine ranking
     12731  free people search engine
     10580  search engine advertising
     10430  search engine optimization specialist
     10327  search engine optimization firm
     10175  alta vista search engine
     9987  search engine placement services
     9745  engine google google search usa
     9554  search engine marketing company
     9482  meta search engine
     9207  free search engine
     9133  search engine marketing firm
     9130  free search engine submission
     9075  best search engine
     9005  image search engine
    Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    term: search engines
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    add my site to search engines 



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