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Home » Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Paper 10

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Accenture Placement Paper


this is the whole pattern of paper .also hr and tech. questions included . all the best

the pattern was :
15 C questions---easy
15 C++ ---tough
15 DBMS---medium
15 verbal reasnoing
15 logical ---
set theorey is importnat --6 questions overall
mental application

ACCENTURE Latest IT Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 7 2005

and comparisons on them like which of them r similar and how many r not simmilar
also ---3 questions
2. if +is replaced by - ,- by * ,* by / ....sort of then they will give a arithmetic expression .
solve it using rules of precednce after subsitituion .... ----2 questions
3 .if $ represents 1 and 0 is reprented by * then they as u
find product of 12*56*14 and represent in binary wiht above symbols
example 4 would be rep. as $** . ---5 questions
4. four realtionships based -----3 questions
5. simple symonms ----
6. prefer RS agarwal verbal and non verbal to barrons GRE and important topics from rs agarwal.
actually in accenture there was no aptitude ....
7. english was easy
passage. ..easy way for passage solving is read questions first than read passage .so that u can find the answers easily.
hr round
tell me about urself
ur family background
ur long and short term goals
where do u see urself 5 yrs from now
talk for 2 minutes on any topic---to test ur communication skills.
best is talk about thier company....they will be impressed about the reasearch u have done and it shows the interest in their comapny and ur work
techinal round
ur background
os questions ..
dbms features ....and questions ,normalization
differences between c++ and java
java features
oops features ,virtual polymorphisim ,freind function and syntax, types of polymorphism .
SDLC lifecycle and important phase as per u
testing stages and types---unit testing ,module testing ,sub systems testing,integration testing and acceptance testing.
types of inheritance
project :
if u have mentioned project they will grill u on this .so be prepared for this ...
be cool and confident .
speak clear ,slow and loud .

This is regarding accenture test pattern... They had changed the pattern of the test. Now they had tied up with meritrac for conducting tests...so its diffent from previous pattrns

There is no technical questions for the written test. The test consists of 3 sections

1) Aptitude(maths) mainly of ven diagrams, then ques like a man walks east for 1 km then turns left ..etc like that and ques like A man facing towards west turns 45 degre clockwise then again 180 degree clockwise then turns 270 degree anti clock wise now at wat direction does he faces to.. like that..

2) Mental ability : ques like *stand for -, /stands for + etc.. a hand ful of such ques nd ques in which three 8 digit numbers are given and to find out they are same or not .etcc..And Questions like .A company want to select people for job... the criteria for selection is given and based on that 4 questions were given we have to choose whether he must be selected or not like that..

3) Verbal reasoning: fill up the blanks with missing words, replacing the word in a sentence with appropriate words of same meaning from given list and 2 passages with questions based on this

After written tests those who are selected will have GD( before, accenture didnt had GD), Then HR and Technical

The test will be simple... just brush up and go prepare well for other Rounds also especially HR.. please get as much as company info you get and be cool.. its only way to pass that round. And for technical be prepare for a Nice set of Questions especially from basics in C, C++,Datastructures, DBMS etccc as usuall in all tech interviews

so prepare well and go..


New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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