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Accenture Placement Paper 01 APRIL 2005, CHENNAI


I am very glad to be placed in a pretigious company like Accenture that too as a freshers(2005).

I went to the off-campus held at Jeppiar Engg. college, Chennai on Apr 1st and 2nd. I took the written test in the first batch and then after that GD. then I waited till evening but they atlast asked us to come the next day(tomorrow-Apr 2nd) by 8:45 a.m.

The co-ordinators came by 9:00 and took the attendence and shuffled the profiles.Unfortunately my resume was called in the last panel by 3:00p.m even though I was supposed to be selected at the firt batch itself.During afternoon they allowed the other college(not in the list thro' the request made by their college placement officer and some l(astly )directly.So better try to walk in directly.but see to that if u r coming from out-of stations.Then I felt something good will happen in my case as everyone coming out of the panel nodded their face saying that they all will be selected. I gained more hopes even though I was put in the last panel. Then finally I received the Offer letter on the same day itself wherein I was asked to go to B'lore for training(3-4 months) then I will be put to chennai itself.

So friend I feel that They all look at ur Confidence level and communication and way of speech.I lost in more than 20 companies in different level (writtten itself, some in tech and sime in HR round).but they were all experiences for me as how to ans and how not to ans/behave.I use to rome here and there and give my resumes to whatever companies I see on my way and regularly/daily I use to check my mails and post my resumes and prepare for the invites made by the companies.But this one I was very cool that I haven't read a single word(except the company profile) as I thought"Whats going to happen anyway they won't ask the same ques we hae read /practiced from the books and materials v have)But still they all gave me confidence.So Friends Don't worry.

Surely "Every dog as its day"Keep on walking and searching.Don't lose hope is the moral of everyone's story.I feel great that I can share somethink with u friends.All the best for everything that comes on ur way.

I got placed in Accenture on the 27th Apr 2006 through campuss.

There were 263 of us who attented the aptitude test @ 13.00 on 27th Apr of which 25 were selected.

Aptitude was very simple. It consisted of 4 parts: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal, Logical Reasoning and finally Essay writing.

QA consisted of mostly questions involving venn diagrams like:
- 20 people speak french, 25 speak english, total no of people-60,5 spoke neither french nor english...how many spoke both?...similar ones...
- if $ represents * , * represents +, + represents - , find 6$5*6+12...
Not the same questions..only the pattern is important...

Verbal and logical reasoning were straight forward...consisted of simple synonyms and fill in the passage with articles...very easy ones..

Essay writing...Topic given was: Govt's stand on Reservation Policies
in educational institutions...

Next round was GD: Topic: Salman Khan's Arrest was it justified...
They mainly see ur communication skills...Make sure u talk something clearly and confidently..

Next round was HR: Questions like Y Accenture..and similar ones were asked...A no. of technical questions from C and C++ were also asked in HR.

Final round was Technical: I was asked to explain about the filestructures project which we had in 5th sem.. Many questions from C ,C++ and Software engg were also asked.(Though we have SE only this sem).. The questions were not screwing..They were direct...They mainly see if ur basics are strong..
After the technical round, we were addressed by the HR team of Accenture who announced the final results.

All the best 2 all of u.. May all of u get the best placements.

got placed in Accenture through the walk-in held in Jepiyar College, Chennai on April 1st and 2nd.
I am a 2005 pass-out with an aggregate of just 71 %. Nearly 5000 people had attended.
First, only students of the 20 Colleges which had already registered were allowed to go inside;
Without any hopes of writing test, we simply waited there from morning 7.30 to noon 12. At 12, they called us inside.

First round was Aptitude Test; It was easy. It consisted of three sections : verbal, analytical and mental ability.
Second round was GD. Many were eliminated in this round. After GD, they asked me to come on next dat i,e April 2nd

Third round was HR interview.. They asked about one of my projects; They didnt go deep into it.
Then general HR questions like introduction about myself, about my family, how do I c myself after 5 years,
Y Accenture, willingness to relocate, my positive qualities etc..

HR round was cool..But, still many were eliminated. They observed so many other factors like the format and
meaning of our mail IDs, dress code, way of communication etc...

Final round was the Technical Interview. The interviewer asked me one or two basic questions in O.S., RDBMS,
pointers and about my project. He then asked me to write a program and told me to explain its working in detail.
Technical Interview was easy. Only those candidates who couldn'tt write the program were eliminated.

Just 5 minutes, after the Technical Interview they informed me that I have been selected.
They asked me to wait for sometime and gave us the offer letter immediately. Joining on 17th April.

I am very much thankful to this wonderful group. I wish everyone all the best and I conclude saying one thing

"Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success" - Abdul Kalam

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