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Home » Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Paper -07 APR 2007 - NOIDA

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Accenture Placement Paper -07 APR 2007 - NOIDA



Accenture conducted its placement session at JIIT, Noida on d 7th of April 2007. Im frm JIIT nd here I give u my entire experience. I ws selected out of d 600 ppl who gave it nd 137 wr recruited overall

Round 1: Non Technical Written (55 ques 60 mins)
Thr is no point tellin u d questions bcz it ws conducted by sm private placement consultancy bt basically dis is hw it ws..

a)Aptitude: damn easy .. hd abt 20 ques .. very easy is d word.. keep d speed .. leave d ques d moment u feel u wnt b able to do it .. jst attempt what u knw nd b confident

b)English: Again very simple .. 2 passages .. 1 ws on US shrimp imports .. dis ws a bit tough to comprehend .. d 2nd one ws on ATM's .. very easy

c)Reasoning: simple ques of + replaced wid /, - wid * then compute d value of say 2+3-7=2/3*7 .. bt remember dt thr were these 3 ques whr u were suppose to find d correct option out of 4 2+5*6 etc .. dnt attempt it .. it will b a waste of tym.. jst choose 1 option nd tick it blankly

d)4 probability ques .. easy ones as i ws told .. i cdnt solve thm

make sure u hv speed+accuracy .. d cutoff ws abt 45 correct attempts .. dnt go haywire ticking d same option in a line ..

Round 2: GD
my topic ws "is foreign education necessary fr success" .. thr were 10 ppl nd i ws d only 1 against d topic .. if u do so mk sure u hv d capability to defend urself .. 3 out of 10 wr selected bcz thr ws too mch of pandemonium .. in 1 grp all 10 were selected bcz dey all spoke 1 by one

Round 3: HR interview
well .. 1 .. plz do d talkin nd do it properly .. a lady interviewd me .. b at ur comfort .. i ws askd abt myself .. i did nt answer lyk d uasul dt these r my strenghts nd weaknesses etc .. she ws impressed .. again go unconventional only if u hv a power to defend it.it lasted abt 15 mins. almost 80% of d ppl who appeared wr thru wid d HR

Round 4: Technical interview
dis ws d elimination round so i will tell u my ques nd answer as well. my intervies started at 2 in d night nd continued fr 30 mins approx.thr were 2 interviewers (int = interviewer & me =me obviously)

int:so r u exhausted
me:absoultely sir .. any human wd be at 2 in d morning wn u hv been all awake since 8 in d morning .. im sure same goes fr u(plz dn lie dt ur all fresh wn its 2 in d morning .. dn lie actually .. dey will c thru u if u do)

int:oh yes evn im exhausted .. bt evn if its 2 in d morning i expect reasonable answers frm u
me:i will give it my best shot sir

int:so wts ur favourite subject?
me:sir tho i lyk microprocessors bt these days im all gaga ovr artificial intelligence (dis ws a gamble bcz nobody says AI .. ppl say C/C++/microprocessor .. bt d gamble worked bcz he ws impressed ..nd plz say only d subject ur very thorough wid .. lyk im very comfi wd AI/micro/C/C++)

int:so wts AI all abt
me:i explained all abt reasoning nd knowledge representation .. hard nd soft AI .. dempster sheffer theory nd bayes theorm

int:so cn we shift to C nd C++
me:sure sir

int:wt r global nd local variables
me:local variables r only valid within d delimiters within which they r decleared.global variables r accessbile to all function below which the above which d global varible hs been decleared

int:wts a macro
me:i explained

int:wts a router
me:i explained

int:hw does a router select d shortest path of communication
me:its an intelligent device nd hs a router algorithm in it which selectes d shortest path

int:wts d difference b/w circuit switching nd packet switching
me:i cdnt recollect so i told him dt i cdnt .. he moved on wid a smile

int:askd me to write a program in assembly langaugue to find d factorial of a number
me:dts tough .. bt i did it never the less ...he ws impressed.

int:write a program in C to accept names nd roll numbers of students as long as d user wnts
me:d catch here is "as long as d user wnts" .. initially i did it fr 50 loops ... thn he askd me d mistake nd i told him its nt indefinite .. thn he askd me to correct it .. i did it using malloc ..

int:is thr anything else u wnt to ask us
me:is thr anything i need to do since im frm ECE so dt im at par wid cs guys

int:im impressed. nice ques. u stdy DBMS/RDBMS/Java nd gt accquainted wid oracle 10g
me:thanks sir gdnyt

the result ws decleared d nxt day nd i gt thru ... wow all d bst to everybdy .. its easy .. u wll gt thru

Saurabh moitra

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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