I am Nikhil Singhal from Vidyalankar IoT and I was selected in Accenture in Mumbai, held at Don Bosco IoT. The instructions about cutoff, no negative marking, sections etc. can be seen from other's review.

Aptitude test was very much of the same pattern which I downloaded from this portal, and I am very thankfull to portal and all those students who have contributed the papers.

As you will see, the apti is quiet easy. There were similar questions on $,* as I studied in the downloaded paper. These questions initially look very odd, but only thing we need to do is to obtain the binary code of the given decimal number and replace 1 by $ and 0 by *. I think these questions helped me to increase the score above cutoff.

GD was a piece of cake. Simply make sure that you speak what is logical. In 15-20 minutes time I contributed 2 excellent points and was selected. Some of those who keep murmuring and just agreeing with others were rejected. The moderator checks your knowledge and team work.
Technical Interview was for namesake only. IT and COMPS people were questiond on C C++, and other non-IT were hardly asked anything. Don't take any kind of tension for technical interview. They were keen to know that whether I was ready for relocating or not.

HR interview was actually DANGEROUS. It was actually 'STRESS INTERVIEW'. They were testing whether a person can handle stress properly. Out of 15 stdents from my class who were selected for HR, only 4 made through HR interview. So you can understand the seriousness. The key to success is your positive attitude, your confidence and your ability to handle stress. And the questions they ask vary person to person. There is no way to prepare for it. The best solution is to be relaxed and rest while waiting for interview. I was able to get a 10-15 mimutes gap sitting in a corner!!