If you r preparing for Accenture u must be thorough about the company. Read up and do ur research well. This will help you in your HR and technical interview. Associate al that u know about the company with your branch of Engineering. dont miss the ppt of the company coz it'l help u in the above

For my batch there were 4 rounds
1. written test or ULKAT score (for karnataka)
2. group discussion
3. HR interview
4. Technical interview

The written test is easy. The group discussion was good for us coz our team was well in unison. dont argue. dont be loud. speak up only relevant points. in my batch 1 group was arguing and so they got dismissed. be confident and calm. GD wil be for 15mins and 15 ppl in a batch. This is a huge elimination round and u should keep in mind to talk ur share befor time runs out. for our batch the HR proffessional asked us to decide on a topic ourselves in 15 secs or else he would give us a tough one. So soon as ur group is formed discuss this. some other topics are capital punishment etc. Next, is the HR interview for about 10mins. here they wil ask you to introduce urself and also ask you why you want to join Accenture? if u answer this question satisfactorily, your interview wil end there, further general questions will follow. this round is basically to test ur communicative skills and personality.

Next is the technical interview. This is what u hv to watch out for. This round goes on for about 20 to 30 mins and here everything you know is put to test. It is basically a HR + tech interview. here talk more about ur strong subjects.

be confident, calm, read up wel about accenture and all the best!