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Home » Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Paper -Chaitanya Engineering College, Visakhapatnam - 29 June 2007

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Accenture Placement Paper - Chaitanya Engineering College, Visakhapatnam - 29 June 2007



Hi friends, my name is Avinash from chaitanya engg college. I attended the pool campus conducted by Accenture at chaitanya engg college. The selection process lasted for three days.Around 1500 students attended the selection process and i thank GOD because im one of them. The selection process consists of FOUR rounds.

The rounds are:-
Written test
Group Discussion
H.R and
Tech interview

Written test:-
The written is for 60 min.

  1. Verbal Section(1-20)
  2. Aptitude(21-40)
  3. Analytical Section(41-55) and
  4. Essay                              

Verbal Section:-
The verbal section is very very easy. It consists of 20 questions. The first 10 ques consists of articles, prepositions,meaning of the underlined word in the given sentence and two passages of 5 ques each. These passages medium in size. U can do these passages if u manage ur time in other sections. Answer these passages at the last. keep in mind, the cutoff is very high. So to sustain u have attempt for passages otherwise u should be perfect in other sections. U should be perfect in atleast 40 of ur attempted ques.

It consists of 20 ques. This section is also easy. We have given problems on venn diagrams(around 6 ques), blood relations(1 ques), series completion(2 ques), Data sufficiency(5 ques) and 5 ques on the problems like " 1 is represented as '$' and 0 is represented as '*' then  222 is represented as?"( just represent 222 in binary form and replace 1 as '$' and 0 as'*' , this is easy but a little time consuming, u can do 3 out of 5 within 1.3 minutes, so do it as fast as possible) .

Analytical Section:-
This is the most easiest part of  the whole test paper. it consists of 3 sections. The 1st section consists of 5 ques like
Given  directions : A: all the three are alike
                            B: first and second are alike
                            C:first and third are alike
                            D  All the three are different

question: 157.2344352345          157.2343245345         157.2344352345     answer   :  C
question : aabbcddeff                aabbcdefff                  aabbcdddef     answer: D

The next 5 ques consists of problems like
And questions like  if  + stands for -,* stands for /, - stands for + ,/ stands for * then solve 5*6/5-20*20. Around 5 questions were given on this.Very easy but time taking. U can easily answer 3 ques easily but the remaining 2 ques are alittle bit time consuming. Just apply the bodmas rule for these type of problems.

The next 5 ques consists of decision making. Just prepare decision making problems from R.S.Agarwal(verbal nonverbal and reasoning). its easy. we have given 55 min to solve the above and another 5 min to write an eassy. The topic is "Career Growth in IT Industry".

Remember that the test consists of 2 sets. The test was cunducted for two batches. In the 1st batch around 113 are selected out of 800 candidates and in the 2nd batch around 225 are selected out of 700 candidates. Im in the 2nd batch.

Group Discussion:-
It is the main elemination round. In our batch around 14 people resided and only 4 members were selected. In other batch around 11 were selected out of 13 people. If u perform well u will definetly be selected. just perform well and raise good points while u r speaking. Don't make unnecessary arguments in G.D, it will lead to rejection. My topic is "Effect of advertaisments on INDIANS".

It is very easy round , almost everybody who has good communication skills will be selected. It lasted around 15 min for me. Some of my H.R ques are

  1. Tell me abt urself.
  2. Why Accenture .
  3. Wht do u know abt Accenture.
  4. Tell me the top 3 IT companies in INDIA.
  5. Who is ur role model.
  6. Do u have any offers in ur hand.
  7. How many companies have u attended.
  8. Tell me something which u haven't mentioned in ur resume.
  9. Why should we hire u.
  10. Give eg. of ur strengths.
  11. Why have u choosen E.C.E instead of C.S.E
  12. Which is the best branch in ur opinion

He is just looking for the confidence in u.

Tech Round
This is very tough round. It lasted around 45 min for me. many of them were rejected in this round. U should be perfect in ur technical to qualify in this round. If the h.r u r facing is not related to ur branch then he is asking  just asking the general h.r ques. It all depends on ur luck.

But i got my h.r from my related branch i.e; E.C.E. and i was asked very tough ques. My tech int is a combination of both h.r and technical. Some of my ques are:-

  1. Tell me abt ur self.
  2. Draw the block diagram of usart(8251).
  3. Interface a memory to 8086.
  4. Explain F.M and A.M.
  5. Wht r the data transmission techniques.
  6. Explain nyquest rate, interval, sampling.
  7. why r we using pointers. and many other ques. so, prepare well for ur technical int, it is the toughest. prepare almost all of ur tech subjects.

Effective communication skills and your confidence levels wud fetch u more points.. Prepare well.Perform well.Hope to meet u there.

Around 50 odd people r selected in Accenture and im one of them. they have given offer letter and a pen after our selection.

So, my friends prepare well, keep confidence in urself, u will definitely be selected. Try hard and place urself in an excellent growing outsourcing company in the world. So, wht r u waiting my friends just go and grab ur future in Accenture.


New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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