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Home » Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Papers » Accenture Placement Paper

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Accenture Placement Paper



Acenture Technical Questions

  1.   pointer to structure.

  2.   static variable and difference b/w(const char *p,char const *p,const char* const p).

  3    pass by value & reference.

  4.  string library functions(syntax).     
  5.  Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp() function. 

  6.  Write a program to concatenate two strings. 

  7.  Write a program to interchange 2 variables without using the third one. 

  8.   Write programs for String Reversal & Palindrome check .

  9.  Write a program to find the Factorial of a number. 

 10. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series.          
11.  Searching and sorting alogorithms with complexities.


I  have attended the Week-End Accenture interview in Hyd. (I am afraid, its not for freshers). I was
    interviewed for about an hour or so.Here are the various questions:-This interview was conducted 
    for 1 year or more exp. guys in C++.

  1.  Firstly he asked me about the project and i was thoroughly grilled.

  2. Then he asked to list the various types of storage classes and asked me to explain the scope & lifetime of each one..
    (Auto,Static,Register,Extern,and also mutable(only used for classes) )

  3. Right shift/Left shift + 1's complement concepts then asked me to give the output of this:
     i = 10;
     int j = i >> 10;

  4. Then, difference b/w
      char *str = "Hello";
      char arr[] = "Hello";
    he started asking whether following statements get complied or not;
      arr++; // ERROR..its like a pointer constant
     *(arr + 1) = 's';
      cout<<arr; // o/p: Hello

  5. struct Date
        int yr;
        int day;
        int month;
       } date1,date2;

     date1.yr = 2004;
     date1.day = 4;
     date1.month = 12;

    now how will you initialize date2 (without member by member assignment)
    ans: date2 = date1;

    diff. b/w c++ structures & c structures

  6. Explain Primary Memory, Secondary Memory, Virtual Memory...etc etc..??

  7. What happens when you run a programme.. he meant what all the basic steps that O/S would take??

  8. Virtual functions/ Abstract classes/ Pointer functions

  9. Asked me to write a recursive factorial prog.

  10. Then he gave me a prob. of inheritance. Asked me how u would invoke a base class member function using derived class pointer( that func is not a virtual func. && no virtual Base class inheritance)




New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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