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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » » Caritor Placement Paper

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Caritor Placement Paper


Some questions may not have correct values... This paper will tell you the model of the caritor paper as on may 2006

1. Mr.White finishes a work in 6 days, Mr.Brown in 8 d's & Mr.Black in 12 d's. If
Mr.White works 8 d's, Mr.Brown for 6 d's then how many d's does Mr.Black needs to work to complete awork which is 3 times the specified one ?
ans: 11 d's

2. If x% of y is y% of ___
ans: x

3. If x/y = 4 then what % of x is 2x-y __
ans: 175%

4. In a bag of balls all green are blue and all blue are red then which is true?
a)some green are red
b)some green are blue
c)all red are blue
d)all blue are green

i)either aor b ii)both a & b iii)c & d iv)none

5. Fill the series
a)25 b)16 c)4 d)8

6. The avg score of a cricketer of ten matches is 38.9, if the avg for the first six matches is 42, find the avg for the last four matches...

7. The batting avg for 40 inngs of a cricket player is 50 runs. his
highest score exceed his lowest score by 172 runs. if these two inngs are
excluded ,the avg of the 38 inngs is 48 runs..the highest score of the player is

8. If a 15.2 degree is viewed in 3X magnifier glass, what will be the angle through the mag. glass....
ANS 15.2 degree

9. If 10 monkeys take 10 mins to eat 10 banana , then time taken for 5 monkeys to 5 banana is ...
ANS 5 mins.

10. If the upstream of water is 20km/hr and downstream is 30km/hr, then the speed of the boat in the water moving upwards...
ANS 25km/hr

11. At a party where men were accompanied by their dogs, there were a total of 72 legs and 25 heads. How many men and how many dogs were present at the party?
Ans. 14 men and 11 dogs.

12. The unit's digit in the product of 274*318*577*313 is:
Ans: 2

13. One-third of the boys and one-half of the girls of a college participated in a social work project. If the number of participating students is 300 out of which hundred are boys, what is the total number of students in college?
Ans: 700

14. If a/3 = b/4 =c/7 , then (a=b=c)/c) is equal to
Ans: 2

15. An equilateral triangle of area X and a square of area Y have equal perimeters. Then
Ans: X is less than Y

16. 461 + 462 + 463 + 464 is divisible by:
Ans: 10

17. 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it?
Ans: 40

18. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio 4:3. If 5 litres of water is added to the mixture, the ratio becomes 4:5. Find the quantity of alcohol in the given mixture.

Ans: 10 litres

19. A train 240m long passed a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 650m long?
Ans: 89 sec

20. A man can row upstream at 8 kmph and downstream at 13 kmph. The speed of the stream is:
Ans: 2.5 kmph

21. Insert the missing number: 7, 26, 63, 124, 215, 342,....
Ans: 511

22. The difference between the ages of two persons is 10 years. Fifteen years ago, the elder one is twice as old as the younger one. The present age of the elder person is:
Answer: 35 years

23. The least five digit number which is exactly divisible by 12, 18 and 15 is:
Answer: 10080

24. A square and an equilateral triangle have equal perimeters. If the diagonal of the square is 12 v2 cm, then the area of the triangle is:
Answer: 64v3 sq.cm

25. How would an angle of 60 degrees appear when viewed through a magnifying glass?
Answer: No change

26. A ball is dropped from a height of 12m. Everytime it hits the ground, it rebounds to half of the height from which it fell. What is the total distance it traveled before coming to rest?

27. What is the value of (x-a)*(x-b)* (x-c).......(x-z)?

28. Which of the following can be a product of two 3-digit numbers **3 and **8?
A. 991014 B.1000014 C.9124 D.9999994

29. How many numbers between 600 and 800 begin with or end with 5?

30. What is the units digit of the number (1347)^129?

31. Find the least number which when divided by 20, 25, 35, and 40 leave remainders 14, 19, 29 and 34 respectively?

32. Hamlet A has a population of 68000, which is decreasing at the rate of 1200 per year. Hamlet B has a population of 42000, which is increasing at the rate of 800 per year. In how many years will the population of the two hamlets be equal?

33. Nadal bought a racquet and spent Rs. 110 on its repairs. He sold it to Federer at 20% profit, who sold it to Nalbandian at a loss of 10%, who in turn sold it for Rs.1188 at a profit of 10%. What is the amount for which Nadal bought the racquet?

34. 15 litres of a mixture contains 20% alcohol and the rest water. If 3 litres of water be mixed with it, the percentage of alcohol in the new mixture would be ........?

35. Ronaldo and Adriano can do a job together in 7 days. Ronaldo is 1.75 times as efficient as Adriano. How many days will Adriano alone take to finish the job?

36. Two pipes A & B can fill a tank in 24 & 32 mins respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, after how much time B should be closed so that the tank is full in 18 mins?

37. If two trains of lengths 100m and 80m are moving in the same direction at 80kmph and 60kmph, then what is the time taken by the faster train to cross the slower train?

Questions 14-17 based on following:
In a marathon race, A, B, C, D, E, F participated. E finished ahead of F. There were two people between B and F. A finished ahead of C. D finished ahead of B. A finished just behind E.
38. How many people finished between D and C?

39. If A and C swapped their final positions, how many would have finished ahead of A?

40. Who finished two places behind A?

41. If E's finish was cancelled because of a failed dope test, what would be A's new rank?

42. If the letters of the word "ALONSO" were permuted in all possible ways and arranged in alphabetical order and numbered, what would the position of the first permutation beginning with S be?

43. If the diagonal of a square was equal to the side of an equilateral triangle, what is the ratio of their areas?

44. What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when the time is 8:40?

45. If log 2 = 0.301103, how many digits are present in 4^50?


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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