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Home » Placement Papers » Caritor Placement Papers » Caritor Placement Paper 15

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Caritor Placement Paper Feb 2007



New Page 1

1.aptitude(30 minutes,30 questions)
there would be five options, out of which one word would belong to the same categorie as
the remaining words.
*logical reasoning(like GRE, but easy)
1.what would be the next figure in the sequence
*quantitative aptitude
*time and work(easy)
*allegation and mixture
a's concentration is 10%,b's 20%,c's 30%.the liquids are mixed in the ratio 1:2:3.
the resultant concentration of the mixture is 23%.find each concentration.
(I am not sure about the numbers)
*time and distance in a 100m race 'a' is ahead of 'b' by 10feets.if the speed of b is
increased by 3m/s she is ahead of 'a' by 10feets in 120m race. find the speed of 'a'.
*data interpretation
(questions were asked from the above models for me)

2.c or c++(it's your choice to choose one,30 minutes,30 questions)
it was bit tough
*function pointer
struct emp
Int a;
char b;
struct mn
double c;
struct emp d;
} q;

ans:11(check it)
*char a="kamal";
char p*="anand";
a)compilation error
b)runtime error
c)work properly
*char a[]={10,20,20,30};
char *p;
int b;
*if there is a global variable defined in another file is it
necessary to define it again in the current program.

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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