I got placed in Caritor.  There are mainly 4 rounds.

3.HR tech.
4.HR personal

Round I : Aptitude has three sections
1. Quantitative ability
2. English
3. Logical reasoning.

Quantitative ability mainly ques are like rs agarwal.

1. A can do the job
in 6 days.B can do the job in 4 days, C can do the job in 7 days.A was helped by B and C on every third day.then how long it takes to fnsh the work.

2. A train is started at 6.30 moving from howrah to ahmedabad through banaras which is 100 km away.Another train from Ahmedabad starting at 7.00 moves towards banaras. A man notices that these train are going to collide at 7.30. How much time is left for him to avoid head to head collision.

3. two children visit their grandma for holiday. they decided to play everyday either in morning or evening.they played for 24 days. While sending them back to their parents grandma reported that they played for 22 morning and 20 evening. then how long did they stayed in their grandma house.

4. how many keystrokes has to be made to type 1 to 1000

5. there was 3 proposals.75% supported proposal I, II & III while 50% supported proposal I, 25% supported proposal II and 30% supported proposal III. find the no. of % supported atleast one proposal.

6. There are two cans. one has water and the other milk. if 1 litre of milk is taken and added to water and after mixing well if one litre of mixture is added to milk. then in can 1
1 water is more than milk
2.water is less than milk.
the values in above ques may not be proper.....

The topics in rs agarwal are:time and work, time and distance, alligation and mixture, problem on trains, ratio and propotion..

English section is easy........

Logical reasoning like infy pattern..............

Round II : GD topics are
1.shld cell phones be banned in campus......
2.love marriage or arranged marriage.......
3.nuclear family or joint family........
4.education system in India....

How u communicate is very important. Chance is given for every one. Those who have not spoken are asked to conclude.

Round III : HR Tech
First they will ask u wht is ur area of interest and most probably ques and asked frm tht.....
I told C, C++.
Ques: wht is scope resolution operator..
Inheritance......virtual function........interface......
Ques from OS, DBMS, Software Engg.,C pgm..

Round IV
This is not elimination round..........
1.tell me something abt urself...
2.why caritor
3.don't u want to do higher studies......
general ques...easy..