Im B.E ECE graduate 2006 passout. I attended off campus conducted by Anna University in Karur at VSB Eng. coll. I'm placed under Apps. mgmt. category. I must thank theis site papers for my success.

There re 4 rounds held for us
1. Written Test:
Study R.S Agarwal and infy questions, verbal and numbers reasoning,thats enough.

The English section is pretty easy and the company mostly shortlists as many as possible at the end of this round. Go thro previous papers to get an idea. Mostly the questions re repeated. They also conducted essay round in this written and all are easy general topics like VISION 2020, EMPHASIS ON IT GOOD OR BAD.

2. GD:
This is very easy. just express ur view pts. Don try to dominate. Give others a chance. Put positive body language. I was in group of 12 and 6 were selected for Tech round. The topics again here were general.

3. Tech round:
Here they ask basic HR questions like Tel abt ur self, Why caritor,etc. and tech they'l ask C, if u dont know C then u must know CPP, JAVA
or .NET. Electronics students prepare the basics in electronics as well. Mech students must be good in any of the language specified above. mostly for them they wont ask their core. Then important, Be Thorough in ur major project, Mini project.

4. HR:
This is very very easy..... Just relax in this round....Nothing tough... Very easy.

Note: While they select a candidate at end of each round they take into account of ur academic and previous rounds performance. go thro candidate exp. also as its largely helpful from 2nd round onwards.

About 1800 attended, 500 selected from apti, 240 selected from gd,130 from tech and finally 65 placed.