In Caritor there are four levels

1) Written test (in that you also have an small essay writing)
2) GD
3) Technical
4) HR interview

Written test consists of 3 sections
Mathematical (15 questions each 4 marks)
Logical (10 questions each 3 marks)
Verbal (10 questions each 1 mark)

sectional cut off is there.. totally 1 hr..
apart from that 1 hr they will give time for essay writing

1) 4 men and 3 women can do the work in 6 days. 5 men and 6 women can do the same work in 4 days. in how many days a single women can finish the same work.

2)in a room there are 3 type of animal mice, crow, and cockroach. totally there are 50 heads and 150 feets.and number of cockroach is twice as mice. totally how many number of cockroach are there
a) 10   b)15   c)18   d)9

3) f(x,y)= |x+y|  F(x,y)= -f(x,y) G(x,y)=-(F(x,y))
then which of the following is correct.
given like  g(x,y)>F(x,Y) etc..

4)if two person start from same place and same time and walk in opposite directions 3miles and both turn towards their left and walk 4 miles .
what is the distance between them.

5)a number divided by a divisor gives  the reminder 24.if twice of that number divided by the same divisor it gives reminder 11.
what is the divisor.

6)|r-6|=11; |2q-5|=12  find r & q

7)a cube of 3*3*3 id divided in to 1*1*1* and  is coloured in green two opposite sides and red in adjacent sides and blue in other side.
how many number of cubes are uncoloured.

8)9)sums like this if 1=$ and 0=* then what is  the value of  385/15    420*12

10)if the mean of x and y is 24  and z=12 w hat is the average of x,y,z.

1)one problem in relations like my father's son's brother's uncle's wife's daughter's  brother is whom to me like that.

2)one problem like mr a and b speaks  english and spanish
b and c can speak french and greek etc
a can speak how many languge and who knows lot of language like that..

3) a,b,c,d.e are working in a company. there are seated in a round table and in between there mrs a,mrs b etc are seated but not with their husbands.. mrs e is seated 3 seats away from mr b and she is to the right of mr a then who is to the left of mr a

4)a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h are in order then what is the letter two left of the letter which is 3 right of a letter which is 4 left of a letter which is 2 right of e.
what is the letter.

5) 6) question like data sufficiency
1 statement 1 alone
2  statement 2 alone
3 both
4 none

a cylinder is incribed in the cube.. and a cone  is pushed in to  the cylinder..find the volume of cylinder.
1 given surface area if cube
2 surface area of cone

7) one ordinar problem on ages as in rs agarwal.

it is the easiest section no meanings and opposites it consists of only grammer
1) sharmi is always late she never come___ time
a) at  b) with in c) on d) before

2)it is very nice .. before i came here i didnt see it _________
a) any where  b) anyone  c) every one   4) every where

3) she is very angry _____
A) isn't she  b) aren't they  c) didn't she

4)she is with me for a long time . she is my friend ____  1999
a) from  b) still c) until D) on

verbal section is like this only.. its very easy to clear apti in caritor. these are the  questions which i remember now..
concentrate on gd and tech interview thats more important than apti.

Good luck!!!!!
Ajay Kapoor