Selection round consists of 4 rounds.
1. Written
2. GD
3. Tech
4. HR

1. Written
it is very tough one. It consists of 3 sections each has its own cut of. 35 questions totally there are
1. q. a    15 q's of 4 marks
2  English   10q's of 1mark
3  Logical reasoning  10 q's of 3 mark        
no negative marking.  60 min  35 q's .

2.  GD
it is very general & debatable topics they r going 2 give. i have got the topic globalisation.

3. Tech is also not easy but ok. they ask only wat u have specified in the resume.

4. HR is very cool. our hr is a nice person.
they ask
tell me about u
u r family
, u r  strengths, improvements, r u ready to relocate etc........

I have selected to Caritor..... at HR they informed that i have made top in written...

Arunkumar A M