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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » CARITOR Placement Papers » CARITOR PAPER- ON 25 June 2007 BRCM CET Bahal

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Hi Friends...... 
Whole procedure consisted of 4 rounds

1) Written test

2) Group Discussion

3) Technical

4) HR Interview

This is Priti Punia , pre-final year (CSE) student. By God�s grace and with the help of my special frnd I cracked CARITOR�s test and finally we all got the appointment letters just on the eve of the same day.


The Written (Apti) paper had 3 sections:

(1)Mathematical (2) English (3) Logical (*) No Tech Section

Mathematical section had 15 questions .Some were very easy like 3-4 questions were of the same type like.

Que) If 7 cats take 7 minutes to eat 7 mice then how much time wud 50 cats take to eat 100 mice?

Ans) Simple cats are 50 but mice has become doubled so double wud b the time dat is 14 minutes.

Que) If we see a circle �with a triangle in it whose one angle is 60 degree� with a magnifier which doubles up initial ratio then angle wud b of how much degree?

Ans) It doubles up every thing so if angle inc so does the circle so angle wud remain of 60 degree.

Que) If 7 ppl want to cross a bridge and only one torch is there for all and only 3 at a time can move parallel at one time, and all seven move with a different speed and when 3 walk we have to take the speed of the slowest so in how much time will all the seven will cross the bridge?

As for instance if Sachin Tendulkar is moving with speed 1,Rahul Dravid is moving with 3,Sunil Gavaskar with 5,kaif witk6,Ricky Pointing with 7,Shoiab Akhtar with 8,Inzmam  Hulak with 10,and 3 r moving at a time like combination is of Sachin Tend , Rahul Dravid and Inzamam Hulk then speed wud b counted 10,So wat wud b the sum of slowest speed  all wil take to cross the Bridge?

Que) One boy is taking some amount (around 70 cents) with which he has to buy lollypops, He bought around 90,In the way he met some bullies(means bad boys in the street) and he has to divide them equally among them and if that doesn�t happen in whole number they don�t mind to crack the lollypop in one thirds, or two fourths even. The boy also saves 20 lollypops for his dad, 15 for his mom, how much money he saved?(I don�t remember the exact values of amount and lollypops now but the ques was like this)

Que) A series was given next num was to be found out��..

         0 , 741 , 843 , 23455 , 44355 , ?

(I don�t remember exactly except it started from 0 and 4-5 digits were include)

Que) And some were like that of the Shankutla Devi�s coins and notes ques.

B)English Section:

All ques were so easy if there is any word which exists which is easier than easy then I should use that only. Any one can attempt it very comfortably. I got 8 out of 10.

C)Logical Section:

Que1) One ques was based on Probability (simple one).

Que2) another simple que was on time and distance from RS Aggarwal.

Que3) Que based on work, like 2 ppl are doing work in 12 days another in 8 days, so how much time wud the second person took to work? Simple one.

Que4) One que was based on finding 4 consecutive integers some conditions were given �.

Que5) Wat is no which when divided by 4 gives the same result as subtracted from 4.

Que6) Que was like 8ppl sitting on a table and arrangements were given who is sitting on whose left and right then likewise husband of the host lady was to be told.

Que7) Another que was based on blood relation.

2)GD Round:

Each panel was of 10 students�

This is the main Elimination round. They just look for the way u speak, ur Accent, the content. Don�t take it as a debate, take it only as a Group Disscussion.


b) SHOULD Mobiles be banned??



After I was  asked How I was feeling and asked to take the seat��.

Que1) Introduce urself  Priti��..(Donot  mention ur family and negative pts until asked)

Que2) So hav u studied VHDL?

Ans ) yes sir v hav given exam just in dis semester.So he nomore asked about VHDL.

Que3) Wat is DBMS?

Que4) Wat is RDBMS?

Que5) Wat is Primary key?

Que6) Why v need it?

Que7) Wat is Data Structure?

Que8) Wat is NORMALIZATION?Why v need it?

Ans)   Sir I don�t remember exact definition ,�..  no no just tell me the concept(he said)

Que9) Diffrenciate b/w Structures and unions?

Que10) Diffrenciate b/w Calloc and malloc?

Que11)Tell me a little bit about Pointers.

Que12)Then he gave me a pgm to reverse my name without using the reverse function.

Note: It wud be better if u draw a logical fig before u direct write down the pgm�like storage In arrays�.

**It was all cool�the interviewer was very nice ..not at all rude and strict..

4)HR Round:

Que)So Priti Introduce urself.

Que)He checked out my resume and asked where my father works.

Que)What is the full form of BSNL (from where I took training?)

Que)About my family background like what my brother is doing.

Que)If me & my family are having any problem in leaving my hometown and working in Bangalore.

Thank you very much and we will be announcing the result after an hour.

Thank you sir and have a nice day.

Que)Some were also given puzzles like Water-jug Problem like 2 jugs are there one of 5 liter and another of 4 liter and the condition is no mid marking is there on both the jugs like 1 liter ,2 liter etc rather direct 5 liter  and on another direct 4 liter and Wat the student is to b done he has to fill the 5 liter jug with 4 liter. They just look 4 the approach of the student��

Another que from Electronics student was: What is Semiconductor?

Que)Some were also asked about their Projects during HR too.

So ALL THE VERY BEST!!!!! See u in CARITOR���.!!!!


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