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De Shaw Placement Paper





This paper is containing the Aptitude and Programming parts.


(1)A man bought two horses for Rs.924 each and sold one horse for 
15% profit and the other for 15% loss.What is the net gain?
(2) Two pumps fill atank in 20 hrs. One pump fills the same
tank 10hrs. faster than the other pump. In what time the
other pump fills the tank?
(3) X men in Xhrs/day finish a work in x days. Y men in y hours
per day finish the work in 
(a) X**2/Y**2 (b)X**3/Y**2 (c) Y**2/X**2 (d) Y**3/X**2
(4)8 men + 2 boys finish a work in 16 days. 
2 men + 5 boys finish a work in 20 days. 8 men and 8 boys
finish the same work in how many days?
(5)A & B are two trains, travell from X & Y stations to Y & X
stations after crossing each other A takes 4 hrs.48 mins. to
reach Y station. B takes 3hrs.20 mins. to reach X station.
The speed A is 45kmph. Speed of B is ?
(6) 5 questions on series
(a) ab--bbc---ac----accc
(b) &(c) like this 5. 
(7)5 questions on alfabets.
(8) 10 questions on English Grammer.
(9) 20 questions on reasoning.

Section 1.
1. To display the contents of a executable file the following 
command can be used
(a) cat (b) od (c) vi (d) ed ans : b
2. Assume the current directory contains 10 files and does'nt
contain 'temp'. What will be the output of the follwing 
$ls > temp
$wc -l temp
(a) 9 (b) 10 (c) 11 (d) undefined. ans : b *c
3. If one wants the output of one command( command1) to be 
printed inthe printer as well as to be added to another file
(outfile) which one of the following is a currect command 
he can give?
(a) $command1 >>outfile|tee lpr
(b) $tee -a command1 | lpr
(c) $ command1 | tee outfile | lpr
(d) $ command | tee -a outfile |lpr ans : d
(4) In the shell program set -x will cause 
A. Execution of the commands in the background
B. Execution of the commands in verbose mode
C. Exit from the shell program.
D. Exit from the shell program after executing the next command
(5) ACL in UNIX refers to
A. Acces Control List
B. Action Control List
C. Application Command Language
D. Advanced C lanuage
ans a:
(6) The command echo*
A. will print * on the screen
B. will print contents of all the files in the current 
C. will list the files in the current directory
D. will print the contents of all shell variables
ans c:
(7) ls || date will
A. print the name of the files in the current directory
B. print today's date and time
C. (A) followed by (B)
D. none of the above
ans : a
(8) The built-in shell variable $$ refers to
A. printing numbers in dollar format
B. proces id_ of last command 
C. proces id_ of last background command issued
D. proces-id of current shell
ans :d 
(9) dd is mainly used for 
A. dealing with raw, unformated data, whatever the source
B. dealing with data dictionary
C. deleting a directory
D. none of the above
ans :d
(10) vis in UNIX is 
A. a command that takes only one input
B. a command for deleting strange or unwanted charectors that
may have crept into files.
C. points non-printable characters in understandable format
D. all of the above
(11) Which of the following is true regarding the UNIX
(i) Multiuser Operating System
(ii)Multitasking Operating System
(iii) Real timing Operating System
A. i only B. i and ii only C. i and ii and iii only
D. i and ii 
ans : a
(12) ln command is used to
A. link object codes into a executable code
B. give two names to the same file
C. set line numbers for the file
D. none of the above
ans : b
(13) nohup command is used for 
A. protecting the execution of programmes from aborting when 
hangup signal is received
B. changing the execution priority of the programes
C. not hanging up of the modem
D. disconnecting a node from the system
ans : a
(14) SCCS is a 
A. Tool for maintaining large programmes in a production 
B. Communication Protocol
C. Shell Programming Language
D. String processing utility
ans : a
(15) Which one of the following is true as long as UNIX is 
A. One can do programming in C only
B. It can support terminals capable of printing only uppercase
C. The text files are sorted as it is in MS-DOS
D. None of the above
ans: d
(16) Inside vi editor to replace the string 10/$$/92 with 
10/$$/92 globally the following command can be used
A. :1,$ s/\/10\/\$\/94/10\/\$\$\/92/g
B. :1,$ s/\/10\/\$\/94/10\/\$\/$92/
C. :s10/$$/92/10/$$/92/g
D. :1,$ s/\/10\/$\/94/10\/$$\/92/g
**** ans : d

(17) The ed command without any argument
A. will print the current working directory
B. will make the home directory as current directory
C. will ask for the directory to be used as the current 
D. will go to the previous directory
(18) nice command is used 
A. to increase/decrease execution priority of a command
B. to compress a file
C. to run a programme at latter time
D. to set the key board responce slower
ans : a
(19) What will be the output of the following command sequence
$ x='I am x'
$echo $x
A. I am x B. Blank line C. x D. None of the above
ans :b
(20) The command tr a-z 0-9 < x
A. converts all the digits to lowercase alphabets
B. converts all the lowercase alphabets to digits
C. will give syntax error
D. none of the above
ans :d


1)study the following program

#define MAX(x,y) ((x)>(y)?(x):(y)
printf("maximum is %d",MAX(++x,++y));
the outpput of the programis
a)maximum is 7 (b)maximum is 5 (c)maximum is 6
d)none of the above 
2)given the following definitions
int *p,*q,r;
int values[30];
what will be the value of r ?
a)address of q minus p
b)number of elements in the array
c)(value pointed by q)+1-(value pointed by p)
d)none of the above
3)what will the output of the program?
//print the sum of the series 1/5+1/4+....
static int =5;
int sum=0;
printf("sum of the series is %d",sum);
a)it will print the sum of the series 1/5+1/4+....+1/1
b)it will produce a compolation error
c)it will produce a runtime error
d)none of the above

4)study the following program
int swap(int,int);
printf("numbers are %d\t%d",newvar ,oldvar);
int swap(intolval,int neval)
int temval=olval;
the output of the program is
a)numbers are 80-80
b)numbers are 80 80
c)numbers are -80 80
d)numbers are -80 -80

main ()
int *! = 10 , *j=20;

A) Replace i = i*j; as i = (int) ((int) i * (int)j);
B) No error
C) Replacei= i*j;as i = (int*) ((int)i*(int)j);
D) Replace i+i*j ; as i = (int) i* (int)j;

6 Study the following program 
enum mode = {green,red,orange,blue ,white};
main ()
green = green +!;
printf("%d,%d",green,red );


The output of the program will be :-

A) 1,1 B) 0,1 C) No output, error in compilation 
d) None of the above

7 Study th following statements.

#define DELAYTIME 1000
volatile extern int k;

for (i=0;i<DELAYTIME;i++);

A) Volatile is meaningless for the variable k
B) Volatile is meaningful for the variable k since k is external
and can change
C) Volatile is meaningless for the variable k since k is loop invariant 
D) None of the above.

8 Study the following program :

char buff[] = "this is a test";
int i, *ptr;
ptr = (int*)buff;
for (i=0;*ptr; i++);

The following will be the output

A) This is a test B) It'll print junk C) Compilation error
D) None of the above

9 Select the explanation for the following declaration
itn (*(*ptr)(int)) (void)
A) ptr is apointer pointing to a integer function that takes an 
intvalues returns an integer which will points to a function with
no argument.
B) ptr is pointer to function that takes an int value returns a pointer
to a function with ano argument which returns a integer 
c) This is not a valid C statement.
D) None of the above.

10 Study the following program

# include <stdio.h>
char *c[] ={

HAR **cp[] = {c+3,c+2,c+1,c};
char ***cpp = cp;
printf("%s", **cpp);
printf("%s"< *--*++cpp+3);
printf("%s", *cpp[-2]+3);


The output of this program is 

C) SEARCHEPILEDIT D) None of the above

11 What is the size of ptr1 and ptr2.

struct x {
int j;
char k[100];
unsigned i;
int *ptr1:
struct X *ptr2;

A) Same depending on the model used B) 2,104
C) 2, Undefined for memory is not allocated D) 2,4

12 If

i = i * 16;
Which of the following is a better approach to do the operation
A) Multiply i by 16 and keep it B) Shift left by 4 bits
C) Add i 16 times D) None of the above

13 What is the output of the following program 

int i = 0;
switc(i) {
case 0 : i++;
case 1 : i++2;
case2 : ++i;

output of the program :-
A) 1 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5

14 In the following , where means

where = tell(fd);
A) End of file. B) Head of file C) Cannot be defined
D) In between head and end of file.

15 Assuming that you are using IBM PC ,you have to a file of 128 intergers into a character array of 256 characters . Which statement you use ?

char buf[256];
int word[128]'
int i;
i varies from 0 to 255 in steps of 2

a) word[i]=buf[i+1]*0x100 + buf[i];
b) word[i]=buf[i]*0x100 +buf[i+1];
c) word[i/2] = buf[i] *0x100 + buf[i+1];
d) word[i/2]=buf[i+1]*0x100 +buf[i];

16 If i=5, what is the output for printf( " %d %d %d", ++i,i,i++);

a) 5,6,7 b) 6,6,7 c) 7,6,5 d) 6,5,6

17 For the following code how many times the printf function is executed 

int i,j ;


a)121 b) 11 c) 10 d) None of the above

18 What is the output generated for the following code
#define square (a) (a*a)

a) 81 b) 4 C) 29 D) None of the above

19 For the following statement find the values generated for p and q?

int p = 0, q =1;
p = q++;
p = ++q;
p = q--;
p = --q;

The value of p and q are:-
a) 1,1 b) 0,0 c) 3,2 D) 1,2

20 What is the output generated by the following program ?
int a , count;
int func(int);
for (count = 1 ;count <=5;++count)
a = func(count);
printf("%d", a);
int func(int x)
int y;

A) 1234567 b) 2516941 C) 9162514 D) 1491625

Dear Sarma,
The follwing qustions were given in the exam conducted by them in KGP.IIT.

1. Helmet:Head::?
ans: Breakplate:chest
2. Writer:Pen::? ans:Carpenter:Saw
3. cargo:lorry::?
4. In one shocking instance of ________________ research, one of the 
nations influential researchers in the field of genetics reported on 
experiments that were never carried out and published deliberately
_________ scinetific papers on existed work.
ans: Fradulent- deceptive
5. We need more men of culture eligitent we have too many ____ among us
ans: philistines
6. Hide-bound choose nearest antonym
ans: Open minded
7. She has been in her Bonnet She cantell ______
8.If x-2y=2;2x+y=4 which of the following is right
9. If 2men and 7boys can do a work in 16days.3men and 8boys cand do in
12 days 8menand 8boys ?
10. Aperson wants 30% discount. But shopper gave 20% and 12%succesively
discount then the person gets
11. The distance between A and B stations is 110 km. apart on a st.line.
One train starts at A at 7am. and travels towards B at 20kmph. Another
starts at B at 8am.and travels towards A at a speed of 25kmph. AT
what time they will meet?
12. 2,2,6,52.5,157.5,630 find the wrong number
ans:replace 52.5 by 45
13. 02,12,28,722,152,312,632 find thef wrong number
ans. replace 28 by 32
14. Air resistance is proportional to square of the velocity at a speed
of 3kmph. the resistance is 0.000045 gm/cm. An aeroplance is 
travelling at a speed of 250 kmph. What is the air resistance offered 
in kg/mit
15. A person gives 10% discount and he revenues 10% in bargaining. The
printed price is 330. What is actual price?
16. For what period of time for 1800 at 5% interest will give interest
of 390% 
17. 10 years back thef father age is 7 times of his son. After 2 years
twice the age of the father is equal to 5 times of the son. What are
their ages?
18. Train travels 100km. in first 2hrs. and 200 km. in 3hrs. and 150
km. in 2.5hrs. What is the avg. speex?
19. A number when divided by 342 gives remainder 47 When the same 
number is divided by 19,what would be the remainder ?
20. A and B can do work in 6 days. B alone can do in 16 days. After
3 days of combined work B left. In how many days further A completes
remaining work?
ans:24/5 days
21. In a parking place there are 36 vehicles. After first one scooter
is there. AFter 2nd car two scooters, after 34d car and so on....
How many scooters are there in second half of the row?
22. How many times do the hands of clock concide in a day?
23. Fraction and simplification one problem is there. The exact answer
is 7/13.(this damn correct)
24. The least/greatest 4 digit numbers which when divided by 15,27,35,
42 leaves in each case a remainder 7 is
ans: 1897,9457
25. All fans are vans. No vans are fans
ans :
26.All young scientists are optimistic. All optimists are open minded.
27. Assertion: Comets belong to the solar family.
REason: Comets burst into pieces and revolve around the sun
ans; Both A&R are true but R is not

Correct the sentence questions 4.

8 figures are there. Among these for 4 problems you have to find
the next figure. for remaing you have find odd figure.(ALL ARE 


five people in a family named A,B,C,D,E.
probable answers confirm by reading the question carefully.
ans: A,B -sons
doctor C -daughter
officer D - daughter in law ie. wife of B

using this you have to solve five questions. that is very easy
if you confirm the above. 

ie. don't confuse with the sentance who learns music. he clearly 
mension that daughter in law is offcier. he also mension that A is 
brother in law of officer. And C is a doctor.

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