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Home » Placement Papers » i2 Placement Papers »i2 Placement Paper 1

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i2 Placement Paper 1



i2 Technologies     

Q1.Convert 0.9375 to binary
    a) 0.0111 
    b) 0.1011 
    c) 0.1111 
    d) none
Ans. (c)

Q2.( 1a00 * 10b )/ 1010 = 100 
    a) a=0, b=0 
    b)a=0, b=1 
    c) none
Ans. (b)

Q3. In 32 bit memory machine 24 bits for mantissa and 8 bits for exponent. To increase the range of floating point.
    a) more than 32 bit is to be there.
    b) increase 1 bit for mantissa and decrease 1 bit for exponent
    c) increase 1 bit for exponent and decrease one bit for mantissa

Q4.In C,  "X ? Y : Z "  is equal to
    a) if (X==0) Y ;else Z
    b) if (X!=0) Y ;else Z
    c) if (X==0) Y ; Z
Ans. (b)

Q5. From the following program
           int foo(int a, int b)
              if (a&b) return 1;
              return 0;

    a) if either a or b are zero returns always 0
    b) if both a & b are non zero returns always 1
    c) if both a and b are negative returns 0

Q6. The  following function gives some error. What changes have to be made
            void ( int a,int b)
                    int t; t=a; a=b; b=t;
    a) define void as int and write return t
    b) change everywhere a to *a and b to *b

Q7. Which of the following is incorrect
        a) if a and b are defined as int arrays then (a==b) can never be true
        b) parameters are passed to functions only by values
        c) defining functions in nested loops

Q8.  include<stdio.h>
        void swap(int*,int*);
                int arr[8]={36,8,97,0,161,164,3,9}
                for (int i=0; i<7; i++)
                for (int j=i+1; j<8;j++)
                if(arr[i]<arr[j]) swap(&arr[i],&arr[j]);
        void swap(int*x,int*y)
                int temp; static int cnt=0;
                temp= *x;
    What is cnt equal to

a) 7 
b) 15 
c) 1 
d) none of these

Q9.      int main()
                    FILE *fp;
                    fp=fopen ("test.dat","w");
                    fprintf (fp, "world");
                    return 0;

If text.dat file is already present after compiling and execution how many bytes does the file occupy ?

a) 0 bytes 
b) 5 bytes 
c) 11 bytes 
d) data is insufficient

Q10.    f1(int*x,intflag)
            int *y;
                    case 0: 
                    case 1:
                    case 2:
                i=f1(x,0); j=f1(x,1);
                printf("%d %d %d ",i,j,*x);
What is the output?

a) 8 8 8 
b) 5 8 8 
c) 8 5 8 
d) none of these

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