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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 108

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Infosys Placement Paper 108


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 28 March 2006-Hyderabad

All the questions are from previous papers..
The questions are not in order and I don't remember the marks for each question.

1. In a Race Davis beats Jim.Jack is not the last .Samantha loses to both Jack and Lucia in the order.Jim beats Jack.Who Won the race?.(4 marks)

2. In a game of cricket azahar scored 28 less than dravid.and sachin scored 72 more than Azahar.the total runs made by Azahar and robin are 94.robin scored 26 more than zadeja.dravid scored 26 more than robin. What is the score?
Ans: 338
Z: x
R: x+26
D: x+52
A: x-24
S: x+72-24

3. Given that:
- A & B, communicate through English
- A & B have common language with E as Spanish
- Common language for B & E is French
- A, C & E can speak Italian.
- D&E have common language as Portuguese.
- Portuguese is known by at least 3 persons.
- There is only one person who knows all the 5 languages
- Only one who knows 4 languages
- Only one who knows 3 languages
- Only one who knows 2 languages
- Only one who knows exactly one language
Choose the correct option in each of the following:
A Knows:
I. English, Spanish, Italian
ii. French, English, Spanish
iii. French, Italian, Spanish
iv. Spanish, Portuguese, French
B Knows:
I. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy
ii. French, English, Spanish, Portuguese
iii. French, Italian, Spanish, English
iv. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, English
C Knows:
I. English
ii. Italian
iii. Spanish
iv. Portuguese
E Knows:
I. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian
ii. Spanish, Portuguese, French, English
iii. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English
vi. Spanish, French, Italian, English
Answer: A ? I
B ? IV
C ? ii
D ? I

4. 2 temperature systems A & B 14 in A = 36 in B 133 in A =87 in B at what temp both will be equal Ans 52.5

3,10,7,8,_,12,9,16 Ans.11
I don't remember the other one

6.A red painted cube which is cut across by 6 straight lines (probably it is 9) and into 125 cubes. onthis there were 5 questions
a)3 red coloured faced cubes
a)2 red coloured faced cubes
c)1 red coloured faced cubes
d)0 red coloured faced cubes

7. A cyclist is cycling in a circular path. he is at some point on the path, at that point 1/5th of the cyclists infront of him and 5/6th back to him gives the total number of clyclists participating in the race. What is the total number of cyclists?

8. There are seven paintings T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z of which five has to be selected for an exhibition. Following are the conditions
(i) If T is selected, X cannot be selected
(ii) If U is selected, Y must be selected
(iii) If V is selected, X must be selected 8 Marks
Four questions following this.

a) Which one of the following is an acceptable combination for inclusion in the exhibition
A) T,U,V,X,Y B) T,U,V,Y,Z C) T,W,X,Y,Z D) U,V,W,Y,Z E) U,V,X,Z,Y

b) If painting T is chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibition which one of the following cannot be chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibit?
A) U B) V C) W D) Y E) Z

c) Which one of the following substitutions can the artist always make without violating restrictions affecting the combination of paintings given that the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned second was, originally going to be chosen?

A. T replaces V B. U replaces Y C. V replaces X
D. W replaces Y E. W replaces Z

d) If the artist chooses painting V to be included among the paintings in the exhibit, which one of the following must be true of that combination of paintings?

A. T is not chosen B. Y is not chosen C. U is chosen
D. W is chosen E. Z is chosen

1. a) E
b) B
c) E
d) A

9.A problem on age..very easy..from previous papers..

10.a girl went to shop spent half of the remaining +5 and remaining +5...etc..i don't remember the whole question..its very easy..

English test:

1.Reading comprehension
2. pick the sentence which is incorrect
3.choose the appropriate word.
4.choose the right verb..
5.Fill the blanks with right word.

English test is all also very easy no need to worry about it, just go through GRE barrons..
I got through the test..the interview was fine..awaiting results.. hoping for the best..just pray for me..

(Paper Submitted By : Prasant)

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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