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Infosys Placement Paper 109


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 18 March 2006-Jaipur

Nearly more than 2000 Student of 2004-2005-2006 Batch student attended the selection process. Out of that 144 members are shortlisted in Ist Round.It was a very nice experience, but I didn't get through.
There are 2 Parts of Test, similar to previous Infosys papers
1. Logical Reasoning 10 puzzles 60 minutes 50 Marks
2. English Question 45 question 30minutes 45 Marks

As usual, repeated questions..

Here are the questions,

1. There are five persons in an office in the post of buyer, clerk, footwalker, manager,cashier.
Allen, Benett, Clark, Ewinger, Davis holds the post.
- Among the 5 two have their lunch time from 11:30- 12:30 and the rest have it in 12:30 -1:30
- Mrs Allen and Mrs Benett are sisters.
- Cashier and clerk share their lunch among themselves.
- Two Bachelors share their rooms.
- Davis and Ewinger doesn't face each other from the day Davis reported Ewinger to the Manager when he returned from lunch and found out that Ewinger has already left for lunch before time.
I m sure about the answers
Allen: Manager

2. There are two trains. One from New York to Washington and second from Washington to New York.
The total journey to a destination takes 5 hours. A train from New York to Washington leaves on hour at every hour The train from Washington to New York leaves an hour and on half an hour. How many trains will be passing if you are traveling from New York to Washington?
Answer: 19 trains (sure)

3. If sachin score 76more than ahzar , and azhar and robin scores sum is 94 and azhar scores 76 less than dravid and dravid score 26 more than robin . What was the total socre done in match.
Answer : 338 runs (sure)

4. Apples cherries bananas,grapes. 4 girls-robin,mandy,stacy,erica . 4 families
miller,jacob,flure,clark.Each girls uses 3 fruits in her salad.No body have same
- robin not a miller girl uses apples.
- miller and mandy uses apples and cherries.
- 3.clark uses cherries and grapes but flure uses only one of them.
- erica is not clark or flure.

Then 4 questions asked.

a. Guess robins family: (Options are not remember)
b. Which fruit not used by mandy?
c. Which combination by erica?
d.Which is robin fruit combination?
Answer : I didn't attempt that question.

5. After gathering 770 chestnuts, three girls divided them up so that amounts were in the same proportion as their ages. As often as mary took four chestnuts, nelli took three, and for every six that mary received, Susie took seven. How many chestnuts did each girl get?
Mary Nelli Susie
4 3 0+
6 3+ 7
8 6 7+
12 9 14
Mary's share : Nelli's share : Susie's share :: 12 : 9 : 14

Mary's share = 12/ ( 12 + 9 + 14 ) * 770 = (12 / 35) * 770 = 264 chestnuts.
Nelli's share = 9/ ( 12 + 9 + 14 ) * 770 = ( 9 / 35) * 770 = 198 chestnuts.
Susie's share = 14/ ( 12 + 9 + 14 ) * 770 = (12 / 35) * 770 = 298 chestnuts.
Ans :: 264, 198, 308 (sure).

6. A solicitor says to his friend that its one hour before the end of the summer"; when can we have our meeting?
Friend : we can meet 11 hours after the town clock has 10 seconds to strike.
Solicitor : doesn't it the town clock strikes with 1 second between
Friend : yes
So what is the time of their meeting? (6 marks)
Answer :: 9am (check answer)

7. A person has some money. He went for a shopping. He went to 5 shops and spend all the money
He spent Re 1 more than previous shop. Find out how money he had when he went for shopping?
Ans :: Rs. 62

8. Jack, Daug and Ann, 3 Chledren hadrunning race while returning from school. Mom asked who won the race. Then Jack replied, "I want tell u. I will give u clue.
* When Ann takes 28 steps. Daug take 24 steps, meantime I take 21 steps. Jack explained that his 6 steps equals Daug's 7 steps & Ann's 8 steps. Who won the Race?
Answer: DAUG.

Another question I don't remember

In the English section there were the following types of questions -

1. Reading comprehension ( A very large passage was given.)
2. Sentence completion.
3. Error detection in sentences.
4. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words ( Prepositions etc.)
5. On Tense and Narration change.
6. Meanings of phrases.

Edited by kishore1 - 18Jul2006 at 5:19am

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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