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Infosys Placement Paper 113


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 8 Jan 2006-Mumbai

I took an infosys aptitude test on 8th jan at mumbai and i got selected for interview also. i will like to share my experience.this is how the logoc paper was(dont remember all the questions exactly)
1.a clock strucks 6 times at 6'O clockand it takes 30 secs for that.how much time would it take to struck at 12'O clock? ans:66 secs

2.two types of tea(say) are sold at 5pnds and at 3 pnds per kg each.40 kg mixture of tea is sold at pnds 240 with the profit of 33n1/3%.how many kgs of 5pnds tea was sold? ans:30kg (average profit loss n mixture and allegations sum)

3.a train leaves from mumbai to patna n vice versa at 9 am everyday and reaches patna at 9:30 am after 3 days.a train left from mumbai to patna then how many trains did it come across while the journey?ans:5 trains (not sure)

4.there are as many trees in the garden as no of mangoes on each tree.if number of mangoes are between 2000 and 2100 then how many trees are there in the garden?ans: 45 trees

5.it was logic problem.something like 4 persons have some amount each andsome conditions were given.we had to find the profession of the each person from those conditions.(bit tricky problem but i got it right).

6. mr ajay singh got paramveer chakra award in 1948.his age when he died was one thirtyninth the year in which he was born then find the year in which he was born? ans: 1899

7.it was that famous problem.dane drinks tea n drinks malbero white (cigarate),english stays in the house next to the swedish and has pet cat,norwegian has dog and stays in the middle house and all that information was given about house no,drink cigarate (no straight forward)in about 15-20 sentences.this is one of the very toughest problem i couldnt solve it.

8.then some chocolate bars problem was given like i had some bars,i gave half the bars to my mother n half more to my father then half of the remaining n half more to my pet and i ended up with 1 bar with myself.how many bars did i have initially?(its not exact but was very much like this only)

9.then some logic problem was given .something like 4 persond A,B,C,D participate in sports and some conditions were given like who participates in which events and winner of some event participated in only two of the sports (given with sports names)n all.n u had to find winner of 4 sports(given with names).average logical reasoning problem.

10. i dont remember the 10th one.

i got seven right(surely)and 1 more half and guessed other two.

almost 600 ppl gave the exam(thats what i heard)and around 100 got selected for an interview.i expected the call and i got it for the 9th of jan 10'O clock in the morning.
i reached for an interview by 9:20 and they asked me to sit in the waiting room.there were 5 panels with 2 persons on each.on an average interviews were going for 20 -25 mins.i walked in for an interview at 10:30.there were 2 ladies sitting over there one around 33-34 and other of around 45years old.
we exchanged good morning n then she asked me about myself.
me:i am an honest optimistic and hardworking person and i try to persue my goals till the end i just dont like to give up.(she smiled a bit)
they were mainly asking with respect to my resume.
lady:ur hobbies r cricket and football? so have u been part of the college team?
me:yup i have represented the college football team.
then she asked me about my BE project and my role in that.i had prepared this question very well so i explained it properly.
lady:so any previous job experience?
me:no,actually i was getting job in couple of small companies but i wanted to start my career with bigger platform like infosys or such so i rejected those offers.
lady:so dont u think one should start from small opprtunities and move on towards bigger ones?so why didnt u take those?
me: see i think u should get a good industrial experience after doing engineering for 4 years and generally u dont get exposed to various aspects of industry in the small companies and u learn them only in bigger companies like infy and also u should work for atleast 2-3 years to get that experience so i dont think that there is any point in doing a job for 6-7 monthes n then leave it so i was waiting for the right opprtunity.(both the ladies looked impressed)
lady: so u read also?what books have u read recently?

me:i generally read daily news papers and if i get time then i like to read scientific books.like the one i read recently A LIFE IN THE NUTSHELL and A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME from stephen hawlkings.
lady:so what r they about?

me:actually they r about our universe and black holes n all,and the other 1 is bit like his autobiography like how did he do his journey after getting afftected by motor nuron desease at very early age,,its quite fascinating.
lady: so whom would u like to become for a 1 day if u r given a chance?
me: ummm well i will like to be someone like mr abdul kalam.

lady:why? and what r the qualities u know about him?
me:he is the no 1 scientist of our country and he is our president now.the fact i admire him a lot is even with so much of success and fame he is very simple human being and down to earth and always try to help poor ppl.

then she asked me to solve 1 st prob from the test n i explained it properly.the other lady gave me 1 more puzzle like write 1 using all ten digits.i approached it with addition and subtractionas 9-8+7-4-3.... n i got it somehow.(ladies looked pleased)actually after the interview i realised the simplest way to do is:9^0+8^0+7^0+6^0+5^0-4^0-3^0-2^0-1^0=1.
lady:if u r going on highway and all the 4 tyres get punctured and u lose all nuts also,u dont have spare nuts so what will u do?suppose u r on mumbai pune highway.
me:well i will use spare tyres and i will fix them up with something like nuts ,like..like.. like..

lady:common u said u r optimistic so u should find some way and suppose u have very imp meeting to attend then how will u get ur car done?
me:well mam then i will ask for lift ,out of ten atleast 1 will give me a lift n i will try to get myself at the nearest spot like lonavla n then take a volvo or something n wont bother for my car at that moment as i have to reach for the meeting 1st.
lady:so u have written that u like to explore new things in ur life.so what r they?
me: mam like i go for trecking rgularly

lady:n where did u go for very last time n when?
me:i went in june or july n i had gone for raigad fort.its very nice place n shivaji maharaj had his empier on the raigad.

lady:how did u go there?
me:we took ST from mumbai central for mahad n then took another ST for an hour or u can take a tamtam also.

lady:so if i want to go there n i dont have any knowledge of trecking then how will u plan it?
me:mam if u r coming then i will better hire sumo so no halts r requiredn i will ask u to take 2-3 sarees or whatever u r comfortable wearing with plus some medicines n firsr aid box n some water,u shouldnt carry too much of luggage for treck as it will create problems for u plus u get everything on raigad.(she actually asked me to specify every thing)

lady:ok so if u r group of 10 with old and young ppl n there is a risky pasage on treck for 5 mins then what will u do?where would u locate yourself in the group?
me:i will lead the group.i will go first so that i can give instructions to others which spot is slippery and where should u be carefull.also i will make groups of 2 with young n old person in each group so that young person can help old ppl while crossing the passage.

lady:ok thats it, any questions amita?
me:no mam.thank you.

it was approximately 25 mins interview and i think i did quite well in the interview. atlest ladies were happy on their faces and looked satisfied.
(Paper Submitted By : Amita)

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