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Infosys Placement Paper 117


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper- Jan 2006

I passed with an above average aggregate. I had my first interview in a relative s company in Chennai-post of software trainee-programmer in C and C++. But it was under recommendation that I was called to attend the test. So did not accept their offer. I applied for Infy, CTS and TCS and many more MNCs. I attended caritor off campus and lost in final round.
On 27th Dec., I got the long awaited Infy call letter for test on jan 8th which I attended yesterday. I prepared very sincerely for a 9-10 days. Finishing Shak.Devi book, George book and Ravi Narula, I went through loads of puzzles from brain vista and old papers. I was through with 2004,2004 and 2005 papers.
45/1254 were short listed. Due to stiff competition, I lost in the test. I did a 8 correct.

I am not giving the answer, try yourself that's the best way to solve puzzles.

1.(2 marks)
A clock strikes 6'o clock 6 times with an interval of 10 sec. between last and first strike. How much time would be taken by the clock to strike 12'0 clock midnight?
(an easy q. which u can see in Shak.Devi book-1)

2.(4 marks)
In a grocery shop, the master prepares tea granules by mixing 5 bits/pound and 3bits/pound components. He prepared tea mixture (with some proportion. I forgot but I remember he made 240 pounds) and made a 33 and half % profit. How many 5 bits/pound component he used? (simple one)

3.(3 marks)
There are many trees in a certain wood.(this s the reverse of wood in tree. it was given like tht to confuse you).The owner observes that there are as many birds in each tree as there are trees in the wood. He also knows that total number of birds is 2000-2100. Find the number of trees in the wood?
(i.e.,Bird in each tree=total no. of trees)

4.(3 marks)
A girl has x chocolate bars. She gives half of what she has to mother, a half to dad(beware its1/2 or 0.5), gives half more to dog and has one herself. Whts X?
Ans. 7..( check the proportion I have given. am not sure of the q. so, I have given the answer)

5.(6 marks)
An Army official got param vir charka in 1948.The year he died is 139th of the year he was born. when was he born?(Ths is in some of the book with different humbers..check )

6.(4 marks)
In a party attended by 11 persons, each clinch their glass with every other. How many glass clinches?( very easy one imagine being asked in Infy)

7.(6 marks)
SLOW COACH EXPRESS problem from Ravi Narula chapter10=q.4 ans.7 trains

8.(6 marks)There are 4 persons and 4 professions- drugist, architect, barber and chemist. ones salary is twice of other and similar statements like this. you are asked to find the profession of each person.

9.(8 marks)
It was a very complex problem. Different country people live in diff. Color houses who drinks diff., beverages and who have diff., pets and smoke different brand cigars. Nearly 15 statements given
The English lives in green house.
The person who smokes blend lives next to yellow house.
Norway people have cats.etc.. we had to answer 3 q.s

1.who has zebra?
2.who lives in the white house?
3.Who smokes Blend?
10.(8 marks) 6 (Elfum,Eskum,..persons compete in games. 4 of them are allowed to play 3 games each. Distance run, axe throw, 2 other competition.

Certain statements given like:
1.the one who wins distance run participates in one more game.Etc.
We have to find who is the winner of the 4 games?

9th and 10th problems took time. So, gals and guys work Barron's GRE-pattern of such q and get practiced with TABLE METHOD. George.K.Summers alone wont help in such problems.
I have 2 more MNC tests in the coming two months. I have not lost hope or confidence after I lost in caritor and infy. Today I am again starting preparation with more determination for up coming tests.

(submitted by:Ashok)

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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