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Infosys Placement Paper 118


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-8 Jan 2006
I gave Infosys test on 8th jan 06. This time paper questions are new .Only 2 or questions from previous year. Around 1200 students took test only 105 were short listed for interview.so start preparing hard
I attend interview on next morning , panel of 2 hr.
1 male M,1 female F, both were good n make u comfortable


M: tellme about ur self?
Me I prepared 2 page for it n spoke it completely
M: in that I spoke about my career objective as I see myself to be the team leader of the team after 5 yrs, so hr asked me what if u will remain in team after 6 rs?
Me: I told them I am hard worker n I believe in continious improvement n I think hard work never goes in vain I will be definitely become TL after 5 yrs.
F: asked what were doing from 6 months
Me: I told her that I was concentrated on c, sql,pl/sql ,I am also learning java n I am improving my communication skills, basically in communication skills I concentrated on improving my speaking skills rather than improving increasing my vocab
F: don't u think vocab is important
Me: Definetly mam vocab is important but I think the way speak represents ur personlaty therefore if a person have normal vocab can communicate effectively,I told her even in English reader never use typical words they use simple English. So I concentrated on the cpeaking skill,for this I usually watch dd1 enlish news n concentrate on the correct pronunciation
I also told her that I lost many interviews n I think the reason was that I speak very fast, n I worked on that in these 6 months.
F: from where u are learning java
Me:from a institute in jaipur
F:what all u had done for improving ur comm skills
Me: I started recording my voice I start hearing it ,this has helped me a lot in improving my speaking ability
M: what do u mean by continious improvement
Me: I told him bla blab la as I am from IEM , so I gave him management funda
F: u are a member of so many groups as in my resume I had shown that I am the technical leader of my dept online newsletter,also I was the editor ,n also I was the technical member of my college website team, also member of public speaking team
F:she asked me training program which I had done in my college
Me I told her it was meant for improving communication skill
F: what were ur responsibilities in public speaking club
Me: to encouge students to speak on stake as there are many who have stage fear so we motivated them give them a chance to speak , also tell them how to improve comm. Skills ,body language
F:Don't u have stage fear
Me : no mam
F: how u prepared urself for interview
Me: I solved shakuntala devi . N blab bla
f: do u read anything
me: yes mam I read newspaper n motivational books
f:which newspaper
me : sometimes times of India( I made the wrong statement here)
m: what about other times
me: sir as don't get so much time because I am working apart from that iam also working part time, n also learning java so I get very little time to read news paper,then I say hindu I read
m: who is the editor of hindu?
Me: I told him that I concentrate my self on articles so I don't know who is the editor
F:do u have any thing to ask
Me: infosys is driven by values c-life what c-life means
f: I didn't get u
me : I repeated the ques I think both of them don't know about that then male speak when u join infy u will get the idea of it
for written solve:
1 shakuntala devi
I solve both the parts of shakuntala devi n previous papers
Don't get nervous if u don't find the previous year quest repeated but if u solve the pervious papers then u will can easily clear written
Q1. about girl n brother . brother ask girl I gave chocolates what u had done with it girl replied " I had give 1/2 maore than 1/2 of thetotalto mother (from previous year)
Ans 7

Q2: I man got paramvir chakra in 1945 , he died when he was 1/39 of his birth year.In which year he was born
Soln: 1911

Q3: something life ,there are some birds sitting on a tree n the no of birds are as many as no of trees the value is b/w 2000 to 2100. find the no something like that (but logic is same)
Ans: 2000(check it)

Q4: logical reasoning question (8 marks)
5 people(Norway,germany,swedan,English,m..)5 houses (yellow,red,blue,..),5 animals(bird,zebra,cat,dog) 5 drinks(tea,milk,coffee,beer,water),5 cigratees based on that some questions were there

Q: Zebra belongs to whom
2 more questions on that one regarding who smoke .(some cigratte brand)

Q5 (from previous paper)
4 persons with different professions dentist,grocer,., some names(flan,..) have to find the profession of the persons ,dentist income twice to architect, grocer income twice of banker income
One more condition
Ans :Easy one

Q6: some atheletics questions some conditions were given regarding games won , easy one

Q7:hand shake problem, 11 persons shake hands , how many shakes will be there
Ans 55 times

Some more questions were there I cant recall now if I recall I will mail to the group

Guys remember one thing only hard with smartness can make u crack the infy written. Gre barrons is must for solving 8 marks questions

1 passage
One passage with blanks (u have to fill blanks with proper tenses n verb)
Some sentences were given u have to find the wrong one
One line is given u have to find the meaning of that from the options
Some fill in the blanks were there
English section was very easy anyone can do it
Concentrate on puzzles , show ur rough work neately
( Paper Submitted By :Rahul)

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