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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 134

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Infosys Placement Paper 134


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS Latest Fresher Placement Question Paper 28

1. BE * BE = ACB.

A, B, C, E are non zero numbers. Find B, E.

Ans: B=1 E=9.

2. A, B, C, D, E are having numerical values. There are some conditions given:-

a) A=C <===> B!=E
b) Difference between A and C as same as difference between C and B as same as difference between A and D.
c) C < A and C > D,

Then Find A, B, C, D, E.

3. There are six cards, in which, it has two king cards. All cards are turned down and two cards are opened.

a) What is the possibility to get at least one king?
b) What is the possibility to get two kings?

INFOSYS Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 28

4. A person went to a shop and asked for change for 1.15 paise, but he said that he could not only give change for one rupee but also for 50p, 25p, 10p and 5p. What were the coins he had?

Ans: 1-->50p 4--->10p 1--->25p.

5. There are 3 nurses and they work altogether only once in a week. No nurse is called to work for 3 consecutive days. Nurse 1 is off on tueseday, thursday and sunday. Nurse 2 is off on saturday. Nurse 3 is off on thursday, sunday. No two nurses are off more than once a week.

Find the day on which all the 3 nurses were on work.

6. There are 5 persons A, B, C, D, E and each is wearing a block or white cap on his head. A person can see the caps of the remaining 4 but can't see his own cap. A person wearing white says true and who wears black says false.

i) A says I see 3 whites and 1 black.
ii) B says I see 4 blacks.
iii) E says I see 4 whites.
iv) C says I see 3 blacks and 1 white.

Now Find the caps weared by A, B, C, D and E.

7. There are two women, Kavitha and Shamili and two males Shyam and Aravind, who are musicians. Out of these four one is a Pianist, one Flutist, Violinist and Drummer.

i) Across Aravind beats Pianist.
ii) Across Shyam is not a Flutist.
iii) Kavitha's left is a Pianist.
iv) Shamili's left is not a Drummer.
v> Flutist and Drummer are married.

8. 1/3 rd of the contents of a container evaporated on the 1st day. 3/4 th of the remaining contents of the container evaporated the second day. What part of the contents of the container are left at the end of the second day?

9. A man covered 28 steps in 30 seconds but he decided to move fast and covered 34 steps in 18 seconds. How many steps are there on the escalator when stationary?

10. All fair skinned, rich, handsome, muscular, lean and employed are tall men.

1) All lean men are muscular.
2) No fairskinned person who is not rich is handsome.
3) Some muscular men are handsome.
4) All handsome are fairskinned.
5) No person who is neither fair skinned nor muscular is employed.


New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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