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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 164

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Infosys Placement Paper 164


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper 4 - 07 aug 2005 PUNE

1. A lady's age is between 50 to 70 yrs. Her sons have as many sons as one has brothers. and the total number of her sons and grandsons equal her age. Tell her age. ( 3 Marks )
2. Catheral Tower is 200 feet high and is at a distance of 250 feet from Shark Tower which is 150 feet high. Two pigeons are sitting on each top of each tower. They fly instantly with the same speed at a grain lying on a floor in between the two towers. They both reach on the same time. Tell the distance from the foot of Catheral Tower where grain is lying. ( 6 Marks )
3. A Grass in a garden grows at a constant rate. 40 cows eat it at a regular rate for 40 days. 30 cows eat it for 60 days. How many days will the grass last if 20 cows were there. ( 3 Marks )
4. X X X X
+ Z Z Z Z
Find the values of X, Y, and Z. ( 6 Marks )
5.There is a five-digit no. following conditions were given about the same number.
-> There are two prime nos in that number.
-> No duplicates are there.
-> Digit 3 is the highest.
-> Digit 2 is the lowest.
-> Digit 5 is between digit 2 and digit 1 and is half of digit 4.
-> Digit 1 is one less than digit 3 and is greater than sum of digit 4 and digit 5.
Find the number.(Don't take 1 as prime no.) It was given there in the paper. ( 5 Marks )
6. A software engineer returns from America. As he is fat he decided to have evening walk daily. He started at 3pm. he walks along the road at 4km/hr for some time then he climbs a upward slope area at 3km/hr then downwards at the rate of 6km/hr. then back to the home through the same road at 4km/hr. what is the distance he covered in one way if he reaches back home at 9pm. ( 4 Marks )
7. There is a 1 Km long wire. It has been fixed around a wall of the building with the help of some poles between two telephone towers. It is noticed that if there is a increase of 1 2/3 m in the width of two poles then there is need of one less pole. how many poles were used.( 3 Marks )
8. A group of friends participate in a akating race during their luch time. conditions are
-> Louise was not last.
-> Denish was beaten by Jack and Louise in that order
-> Jim was not first.
-> Jack was beaten by Jim.
-> Andew beated Jim.
Who won the race ?( 4 Marks )
9. A, B, c, D are from different countries. They speak English, Italian, French and German. Only one language is spoken by more thantwo persons. Following conitions were given.
-> A speaks German but can converse with D who doesn't know a single word of German.
-> No person can speak both German and French together.
-> A and B can't converse with each other but they C can act as interpreter between them.
-> B, C, D don't have any common language between them.
-> Each person speaks two lanuages.
Find out the lanuages which each person speaks.( 8 Marks )
10. Four persons A, B, C and D are playing cards. They have one card in their hand. Each card has two different colours on each of its side. In total there are 2 red, 2 green, and 3 blue colours. They made following statements about their hidden colour of the card. and exactly two among them are lying.
A -> Blue or Green
B -> Neither Blue nor Green
C -> Blue or Yellow
D -> Blue or Yellow
The visible colours are Red, Green, Red and Blue respectively in that order. Tell the hidden colour of card for each of the person.(8 Marks )
1. 64 yrs ( 8 Sons and 56 grandsons )
2. 90 feet ( speed and time are same. so distance must b same. Pythagorus theorem)
3. 120 days
4. X - 9, Y - 1, Z - 8.
5. 71842 (there can be other numbers also. Like 70821 etc.) But i wrote 71842 over there )
6. 12 Kms
7. 24 Poles and distance between each pole is 40 m
8. Andre ( order will be Andrew Jim Louise Jack Denish ) But I am not sure but it must b Andre or Louise.
9. A -> German and Italian
B -> French and English
C -> French and Italian
D -> English and Italian
10. A -> Yellow (False)
B -> Yellow (True)
C -> Blue (True)
D -> Green (False)

About The Interview.....
Interview was on the following day in Infosys's, Pune office. It was totally HR Interview. They check on ur's confidence, Thinking, and team-management skills. they asked me following questions starting frm the first.
- How much do you expect in ur Analytical paper?
- How much do you expectin your English paper?
- Do you know how to drive a car?
- Do you know how many wheels are there in a car?
- do you know the number of nuts in a car?
- Suppose you are going all alone in your car on a highway and suddenly one tyre of your car got punctured and also you misplaces all the four nuts of that wheel. wat will you do?
- Have you done work in any team ?
- Do you read any book?
- Which one was the latest you have been through?(I said Alchemist)
- Tell ur something about the story of Alchemist.
- Tell us about ur strengths?
- tell us what hav you learnt after going through Alchemist.
- She said i think u do believe in Intutions ( i said i do)
- she asked tell us any incident about ur intution.
- then she asked suppose you are goin in your car with ur driver for a very imporant presentation and suddenly a tree fells on ur car. Driver got injured. what will you do in that situation? Will you take care of driver or will go for ur presentation as it is also very important.
- then she gave me a puzzle. there r 9 dots in 3x3 matrix. and you have connect them with the four lines without picking up the pen. ( from Shakuntla Devi's puzzle books )
Dats it Friends..........The key is stay cool and b confident...
All D Best...

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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