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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » INFOSYS PATTERN & Infosys Paper ON 19th MAY AT ANDHRAPRADESH

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Hi Frnds.....
I m Jyothsna, pursuing my B.tech 3rd year in computers....I was selected for INFOSYS that was conducted on 19th may at GMRIT colg, Rajam (near  Vizag)...It was an off campus for us...total thr were 5 colleges for competition....Now let me share my experiences n the selection procedure of the placement....First of all let me tell u about how the process goes on.... first v had a ppt at 10:30a.m. n thn thy asked us to go to our respective examination halls.....thr v were given an application form...plz frnds be careful while filling it....before going to interview plz calculate ur total marks n ur aggregate percentage n hav ur ID card with u n also two photographs with u...don't approximate ur percentage...plz put whtever percent u actually have...this process shud be completed within 1/2 hr time....

And the next process is written test...Let me tel u about the pattern,
TEST PAPER PATTERN: We will have two sections in written test pattern. viz:
1.Apptitude n Reasoning

1.Apptitude n Reasoning: In this section the time alloted is 45mins for 30 questions.It consists of,
* 5 ques based on the data given (In our paper we had the data given about colours tht painted on a six sided cube n ques based on the data)
* 5 ques based on Odd fig out.(A bit easy)
* 5 ques on Data Sufficiency.
* 5 ques on Data Interpretation.(Learn abt. Bar charts,Pie charts,line graphs,etc...)
* 5 ques based on an anlytical problem.(Here v have to corelate the given facts with the help of a table n in our paper it was a bit difficult)
* 5 ques based on 9 rules of Syllogism.(plz learn the 9 rules of syllogism from R.S.Agarwal perfectly so tht u can answer thm very easily)

The way i have answered was...first i answered data related ques i.e,abt the cube colours n thn syllogism ques,next odd fig out n thn data sufficiency next data interpretation n at last analytical problem....In this way I was able to answer most of the questions....

2.English: In this section the time alloted is 35mins for 40 ques. It consists of,
* 10 ques on Comprehension passages(v will have two long passages given n 5 ques each based on each passage.plz don't start with this...)
*10 ques based on Correction of sentences(don't start with this also)
* 7 ques based on correcting the underlined phrase.
* 7 ques based on filling with an appropriate word.(Better to start with this)
* 6 ques based on paragraph n inferences(easy)

On the whole,the paper is not tht much hard to tackle but our reading speed n understanding power plays an important role...Let me tel how I have ansewered it in time...first i started with filling the appropriate word,next correcting underlined phrases n thn paragraph inferences n thn correction of sentences....n thn i was left with 10 mins...now i read the questions n the options given for comprehension n thn i searched for the answers in the given passage....so in this way I was able to answer most of the ques given...in this way i was able to answer my paper within time...whenever u feel a ques is a bit difficult plz leave it n go for the next one...don't waste even a single second...

Our test was completed by 1:20 n our results were announced at 5:30p.m n thn v had our HR interview immediately....a total of 51 members out of 150,were selected from our colg after the written test. Now let me share my HR interview experience....

HR Interview:
There was time after announcing the written test results...so I was a bit tensed but not much (bcoz i was already selected for another company) n whn i entered the room, I wished the interviewer with a pleasant smile n he too n asked me to take the seat...first he started with technical quetions based on Microprocessors n thn on Operating Systems...i was able to answer most of thm....all the questions were based on purely basics of the subject...next he asked me to choose a general topic n speak on it...I hav choosen Child Labour as my topic n I was able to perform well bcoz i always participate in debate n elocution competitions....thn he gave me a paper whr a situation was given n i shud find the place whr actually the problem arised n thn how could i help to solve it whn i was in tht position....i gave him two solutions but he want something else more...i was unable to give another solution but he made me to tel tht solution by giving me the hints....and at l last he asked me whether u hav any queries...i asked him abt wht exacctly is Global Delivery Model(GDM) tht is followed by Infosys...n thn how is the performance appraisal done in the company n the last ques is whether i hav any chance of doing my MBA in future...he answered to all the ques n i said thnk u n thn he said thnk u n u can leave......I was not fully satisfied with wht i answered but I was satisfied with my body language bcoz i was smiling pleasantly throughtout  my interview.....this is an important thingh to remember...even if u r tensed be cool n perform well....At last the final results were announced at 9:30 p.m. n when my name was read I felt really happy...21 members of my colg were selected.....First of all thnx a lot to all the members who contributed their papers which helped me a lot for Infosys selection....and hope my paper will help many more students....

All The Best for the future Infosycions....Hope everyone will be selected.....

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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