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Infosys Placement Paper 40


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper -30 July 2006-Hyderabad

The following r the questions that i had got in my test. (not exactly framed but the ques meant the same, to my best knowledge)

1) There r 3 items, (i forgot their exact names)x,y,z. x per piece costs 4cents, 2 pieces of y costs 1 penny, 4 pieces of z costs a cent. find the cost of each.

2) There is a 5 digit number, the sum of the 1st n 2nd is 1 less than 3rd, 3rd is double the 4th n 4th is double the 5th.The product of 4th n 5th is the 3rd. Find the number (Ans:16842)

3) There r 2 persons. The age of one is half the other plus seven. 10 yrs later they married n, the age of bride is 30 n now one is 9/10th of the other. Find the age of the Groom?

4) A cube is painted red. It is then cut into 27 equal cubes with 6 lines. Find no. of cubes with
a) 3 sides painted
b) 1 side painted
c) 2 sides painted
d) no sides painted

5) An easy question from Shakuntala devi, i forgot.

6) There were some diamonds in the showroom. A thief saw n thought of stealing all but later he thought he'll steal 1/2 of them n took another 2.
The 2nd thief arrived n he took 1/2 of remaining n another 2, then 3rd thief arrived n took took 1/2 of remaining n another 2, then 4th thief arrived n took
1/2 of remaining n another 2, when the 5th thief arrived he found that only 1 diamond was left. So how many diamonds were actually there in the showroom?

7) There r 4 people let say A,B,C,D.There is only a single piece of Pizza in the kitchen. The 4 play a game in the other room n each goes out for some time n return. Later they find the pizza eaten. Each said the foll.
A:I did not eat the pizza.
B:D ate the pizza
C:Who me? Can't be
D:B is lying when he says that i ate the pizza.
Only 1 speaks the truth. Who ate the Pizza?

8) B & C initially speak English but when D joined Spanish, they also took up Spanish. The only common language between A, B and E is French. The only common language between C and E is Italian. Three people speak Portuguese. Most common language is Spanish. One person knows all 5 languages. One person knows 4. One person knows 3. One person 2. One person 1. Who speaks what ? (6 marks).

1. A Knows
i. English, Spanish, Portuguese
ii. French, English, Spanish
iii. French, Italian, Spanish.
2. E knows
i. French, Portuguese
ii. English, Spanish, Portuguese
iii. Italian, Spanish, French
3. B knows
i. Spanish, French
ii. English, French, Italian
iii. Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.

9) Two guys are tossing coin with a bet of $1 for each game. After some tosses., one guy earned $3 while the other won three times. How many games do they play.

10) It was something on Kaazi number.(confusing) But this is all i can recollect.
Wife said,"There are over a hundred in the party. If Kaazi woman were men and half of kaazi men were men then the remaining women would be twice the men." ..then Husband says "Sorry,..." Wife says "if there were men double that of woman and men half of the men who were Kaazi"
Find out the value of Kaazi(it is a number in some language)?
How many men were there in the party?

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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