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Infosys Placement Paper 69


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper -16 July 2006-Mumbai

I am Alok. I got infosys test call on 11 july and the test was on 16 july I passed the apti. and on 17 I was having my interview. The interviw was simple mostly HR and 2 puzzles.I got call on 31 July and selected in infosys

1) A dice has faces 1 against 6, 3 against 5 and 2 against 4 always. How many such combinations of faces are possible in a dice?

2) There were 2 systems A n B. 14 degrees in A is equivalent to 36 in System B and 133 in A is equivalent to 87 in B. now what is the Temperature where they both r equal?

3) A man walks at 4 kmph on level ground. At 3kmph to climb hill, 6kmph for downhill and back 4kmph on level ground. He started at 3 pm and came at 9pm. What is the distance covered on one way?

4) A friend comes to other and says can u do me a favour pick letters randomly from the stack such that all the letters that u pick are 5% of the total letters. The other friend while sorting just picked up letter number one, missed one, picked up another letter, missed two picked one letter, missed three, picked another letter, and so on...till he picked last letter to his amazement he found that the picked up letters were 5% of the total letters in the stack. How many letters did he pick?

5) There is a peculiar island where people speak a strange language called 'Kubi'. The men always speak truth and a women never say two 2 consecutive truth or false statements, that is, if she says truth statement once then she says false statement next and vice versa. The boys and girls also do the same. One day I asked a child "Are you a boy or girl?" and the child replied in Kubi. Since I didn't know the language,
I asked the child's parents what it means. One of the parents said "The child says, I am a boy" and the other said that "The child is a girl. Kubi lied".
a) Is the child a boy or a girl
b) Which parent answered first?

6) There were two clock one is getting slow by two minutes/hr and another one is gaining 1 minute every hour and exactly after how many hours there two clock has a 1hr difference. So how long clock runs?

7) If a cube is cut into 100 pieces then how many cubes must be connected so that all the cubes are connected (some what like that)

8) Fill the missing no in the series 6 marks
a) 1,2,3,5,8,16,---
b) 1,2, 3, 8, .., 224

9) If horse runs half his distance with 12 miles per hour with no load, after that it carries some load and speed reduced to 4 miles per hour. What his average speed?

10) A jeweler makes a window display. He has 7 gems of which he display 6 at a time. 3 on left pane and 3 on right with following conditions.
The Gems are armanet, diamond, sapphire, garnet, opal, and ruby.
Armanet should alwaz be displayed on right.
diamond alwaz on right
Ruby should not be displayed with diamond or garnet
Emerald and sapphire should be alwaz displayed together.
i. What are the possible combinations for left pane?
a) armanet,garnet,opal
b) armanet,ruby,garnet
c) diamond,emerald,sapphire
d) armanet,emerald,garnet
ii. What are the possible combinations for the right pane?
a) Diamond,garnet,opal
b) Diamond,ruby,opal
c) Armanet,emerald,sapphire
d) Diamond,garnet,ruby
iii. If diamond, opal.. in right pane what is the possible combntn in left pane. 4 or 5 options
iv. If 2 other gems in one pane, possible combi in the other. I don't remember exactly But ans for the whole question was like

1) Ans : 24
Keeping 1 and 6 fixed, we can have two combinations of 6 and 3, and two of 2 and 4 that means four. And interchanging 1 and 6 we can have two more combinations that means with one pair 8 combinations are there : 4*2=8. Similarly with other two also 8 combos. So in all 8*3=24 combos are possible


2) Ans:52.5
from Que we find the relation A=((7/3)B-70)
put A=B
A=((7/3)A-70 solving we get A=52.5

3) Ans:12 km
Solution: Let plain road = x km
And hill road = y km
x/4 + y/3 + y/6 + x/4 = 6
x/2 + y/2 = 6
? x + y =12


4) Ans: 39
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ....
1 2 3 4 ......
let the no. of cards picked be n
as shown above, he will pick cards. Now the sum of cards will be n(n+1)/2 in the upper series as he picks up 5% cards of total cards so
According to given condition, ( n(n+1)/2)*(5/100) = n
So onfiltered=39.
(5% of total cards)

5) Ans: i) girl
ii) mother
6) Ans: 20 hrs
From the condition given above the difference between two clock in one hour is 3 min. so for one hour difference i.e. 60 min. difference the clock should run for 60/3=20hrs

7) Ans: 99

8) Ans a)231 2^2-1^2=3, 3^2-2^2=5 similarly 16^2- 8^2=231 b) 27

9) Ans 6

10) Ans
1. a)
2. a)
3. b)
4. e)

Interview Experience
they asked me about my self, my strength and weakness. y I want to join infosys?
2 puzzles were also asked
1) how 4 trees can be placed equidistant from each other
simple! in the pyramid form three trees in the triangles and one up on the hill as shown in fig.
I was not able to solve another puzzle. Its present in shakuntla devi more puzzles Q. 26 pg. 19
they also asked me who is chairman of infosys (Mr. Naaryan murthy) and CEO (Mr. Nandan nilekani)
turn over of infosys in june 2006

(Paper Submitted by : Alok Mishra)

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