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Infosys Placement Paper 74


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper - 16 July 2006-Chennai

I attended Infy test on 16 Jul 2006 in St Michael's Academy, Adayar, Chennai. 1500 candidates participated and only 120 were short listed. Most of the questions were repeated. I got 9 puzzles correct but I was not short listed..
Questions were not in order.

1) There are two systems A and B. 14 degrees in A is equivalent to 36 in system B. 133 in A is equivalent to 87 in B. What is the temperature at which they both are equal?
2) Same Jewel problem i.e., Garnet, Opal, Ruby etc ( 8 Marks)

3) A man travels to his office at 10kms/hr. On his return journey he travels the same distance at the speed of 15kms/hr as the road was empty. What was the average speed? ( 3 Marks)

4) There were two clock one is getting slow by two minutes/hr and another one is gaining 1 minute every hour and exactly after how many hours there two clock has a 1hr difference. (4 Marks)

5) Find the next term of the series:
a) 1,2,3,8,_,224 ( 6 Marks)

6) There is a die. In how many ways can u arrange 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the faces of the die such that 1&6, 2&5 and 4&3 always remain on opposite faces.

7) There is a peculiar island where people speak a strange language called 'Kubi'. The men always speak truth and a women never say two 2 consecutive truth or false statements, that is, if she says truth statement once then she says false statement next and vice versa. The boys and girls always lie. One day I asked a child "Are you a boy or girl ?" and the child replied in Kubi. Since I didn't know the language, I asked the child's parents what it means. One of the parents said "The child says, "I am a boy" and the other said that "The child is a girl. He lied".
a) Is the child a boy or a girl?
b) Which parent answered first? (8 Marks)

8) A was man asked to do a work regarding an object. Percentage given is 5%. He took the 1st object and left next 2 objects. He took 2nd object & left next 3 objects and so on (Like this its given) ( 6 Marks) Sorry I couldn't remember

9) 100 Pipe Cisterns are given and v have to attach one after the other. What is the minimum probability to attach?

10) I don't remember. Sorry 4 tat.

English was also so easy.

My advice 4 infy test is prepare infy question papers of 2004, 2005, & 2006.
2004 is optional. But 2005 & 2006 r compulsory. Shakuntala Devi's 2 books r enough. But u should know the way of logic. Also u have to do the rough work in detail and neat. I attended very well. But I don't know why I was not short listed. Out of 10 9 is correct. I am going to attend Tech Mahindra this Sat. Atleast on this I hav to get through. Pls pray for me friends. All the best.

(Paper Submitted By : Ram Kumar)

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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